Teasers for Bloodlines Ablaze Volume 3

Teasers for Bloodlines Ablaze Volume 3 were released! Ahhh, Nara-sensei’s art is always so beautiful! That cover! Yakou-sensei’s message says: “They finally! Finally! Get together! I’d appreciate your support! Bloodlines of the Regicider – Yakou Hana”

There’s also a peek at the close up:

Noah’s arms look all bloodied!? What is he going to do?? Ahh, I can’t wait to read it!

Release News for the Bloodlines Ablaze Series

The publisher put up a bit of information regarding the next volume of Bloodlines Ablaze! It is called Joou Koroshi no Ketsuzoku (Bloodlines of the Queen Killer), and the print version will be out November 30th! The ebook will be out 2 weeks later, so I’ll have the summary out in mid-December! Stay tuned for more information~ Cover art gets posted about 2 to 3 weeks before the release.

With a title like that, it sure sounds dramatic.