Release: Bloodlines Ablaze – Vol. 1 Ch. 0

Volume 1: Bloodlines Ablaze

Today’s release is a brand-new series from Yakou Hana-sensei called Bloodlines Ablaze! It’s a fantasy series with magic and action, so very different from the Yes/No series. This first release is an introduction of the characters with art by Nara Chiharu-sensei. Her art is gorgeous! I hope you enjoy the new series.

So far only one volume is released in Japan, and the second volume is slated for the end of April. I’ve titled the volumes Bloodlines Ablaze and Bloodlines Astorm, respectively, which makes for snappier titles, but alternate translations could be Bloodlines of Raging Inferno and Bloodlines of Flowering Storm. It makes me wonder if there may be a bigger focus on Oscar in Volume 2? Maybe? I can’t wait to read it!

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