Release: Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 4 Extra 4

Volume 4: Connect It Together

Sakae works on things for the show at Shitara’s apartment.

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February 22nd is Shin’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Nacchan! To celebrate, the BLFes twitter posted a rough that they did of Shin, even though he didn’t appear in the movie! He’s so cute!!❤❤❤

Btw, his birthday is also on Neko no Hi (Cat Day because 2/22 ≈ nyan nyan nyan)❤🐱❤🐱❤

Release: Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 4 Ch. 16

Volume 4: Connect It Together

Sakae wakes up from his nap on the floor.

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I watched the Yes ka no No ka Hanbun ka movie stream that has live reaction and commentary from Morikawa Toshiyuki and Hayama Shouta. It was a little hard to hear due to the commentary, but it’s quite faithful to the book! It doesn’t contain the 2nd story in Volume 1, Both For You, as I suspected. My favorite parts are chibi Kei ranting and grumbling off to the side, hehe, and when he gets excited about food. And we get to see the flip animation!!! So cute!!! I just wish that it was longer so they could slow down the pace a little and let us savor some of the moments better. The love scene isn’t my favorite to begin with, and the animation didn’t help sell it better, so if you were already iffy on the dubcon nature of it, it’s something not to get your hopes up about. But overall, I enjoyed the movie. 🐮❤🍰 Also the final Tatsuki and Asou cameos at the end were really nice touches~

I watched the stream here. It’s available until December 31st. It takes international credit cards and Paypal, and there’s English support if you need it, but the entire stream is in Japanese—just so you’re aware! But you don’t need a VPN to watch it! It’s also available for stream and download through the M Card service, but you will need to purchase the physical card for the URL and access code, but I’m not sure if it will be region locked and require a VPN to watch it. It doesn’t appear to be in stock right now if you want the Ushio/Kei version of the card (standard or deluxe versions).