Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 4 Extra 2

Extra 2: I’ll Buy You a Juice

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“Shitara-san! Since it’s summer, please tell us a scary story!”

“Hey! Cut it out, Minagawa!”

“That came out from the blue.”

“You seem like you’d know some stories scary enough to make people wet themselves.”

“Why’s that? Well, whatever. Let’s see… How about I tell you the story about a reporter in the News department.”

“Ooh! Something that’s close to home! I like it~ Just like HonKowa~”1

“So that reporter threw everything into his work. He would work late into the night, always working overtime. He worked so much that he even ignored the repeated warnings from his boss and the HR department, and in the end, HR ordered his transfer.”


“He was transferred to the Administration department where overtime was quite rare. So he quietly did his work from 9 to 6, and then one day, something absolutely horrifying happened to him…”

“Then what!? Then what!?”

“As a result of his excessive work hours from the previous year, the taxes took a huge hit to his income, and he took home less than 100,000 yen that year.”2


“Huh? Ya went for that kind o’ scary story…?”

“Well, apparently he had some savings though because he didn’t have the time to spend any of the money that he had earned before.”

“The story was different from what I imagined, but it felt all too real~! But uh, is that story about Souma-san? Not the News department, but when he was moved from Entertainment Production to the Contents Division.”

“I’m afraid to inform you that he was already in a managerial position when he was with Entertainment Production, so it’s not possible for him to receive unlimited overtime pay.”

“Oh, I see. So he still gets no overtime…”

“That’s right. If you convert our salaries to an hourly wage, both Sakae and I make less than you do, Tatsuki. So be kind to us.”

“No way, no way. You can’t trick me~ I know you gotta get huge bonuses…”

“With this company?  You have to be dreaming. There’s nothing of the sort.”


“Oi, Minagawa came up to me out of the blue and asked if he should buy me a juice. What the hell is up with that?”

“Tatsuki’s such a good kid~ I was just complaining how managers make no money. We are compensated less, but we have to deal with more people due to our positions.”

“Don’t fill his head with unnecessary thoughts. We’re not so hard up that we can’t even feed ourselves.”

“If we start to feel the squeeze, maybe we should get a part-time job. Since they gave everyone the OK.”

“At a convenience store? Good luck with that then.”

“You have a severe lack of imagination. As long as we don’t associate ourselves with the network, it’s so much easier to utilize the skills that we’ve acquired here.”

“Fine, so a YouTuber? Just don’t get arrested. You’ll be an embarrassment.”

“I think it’s more of an advantage to look like you’re an amateur on YouTube. If we’re to tackle something in the video space on a normal commercial basis… Oh, I know. I think I might want to watch an adult video that you direct.”

“So go watch The Naked Director. Anyway, why am I the one working here?”

“I want to watch it though~ Really really want to watch it~ If you go broke, will you do it for me?”

“Rather than work that pain in the ass job, I’d rather charge you when we do it. 10,000 yen a pop.”3

“…Okay? That’s fine.”

“You just calculated how many times you could do it based on your savings, didn’t you? You’re disgusting.”

“We’re just shooting the breeze here. You could have added another zero to the number. You’re so modest, Sakae. Since you’re such a good kid, should I buy you a juice?”

“Pass. You can bring me your transfer request instead.”

Aww, but you’re really a good kid though. What are you saying if you just get all down about it afterwards?

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

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Translation Notes

  1. HonKowa refers to the Japanese TV drama Hontou ni Atta Kowai Hanashi (Scary Tales that Really Happened).
  2. 100,000 yen – Approx. $1,000 USD.
  3. 10,000 yen – Approx. $100 USD.

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