Bloodlines Ablaze – Vol. 1 Ch. 9 Part 5

Chapter 9: I Think, Therefore I Am (5)

Mahoro had felt a pure happiness at the heat of Noah’s feelings, that he would use his own body to protect Mahoro. But the inside of his heart was complicated. Noah wanted to help someone like him who was a nobody. He didn’t want to get Noah involved in his problems. Mahoro knew that Noah was strong, but Siegfried was someone who had created an organization to try to cause an insurrection. He didn’t hesitate to kill people, and Mahoro didn’t know what he would do to Noah.

But I can no longer return to Lord Sieg.

Mahoro was resolved in his decision, and he clenched both of his hands into fists.

Mahoro had felt years and years worth of gratitude and devotion to Siegfried, but if Mahoro were to go to him, Siegfried would only use Mahoro’s power to hurt even more people. He never wanted to see another person die again. He never wanted to feel that terrified and devastated.

This is the least that I can do to atone for all of the deaths that I had caused…

Mahoro closed his eyes and pressed his fists to his forehead.

Suddenly the door flew open without a knock, and Mahoro looked over at it in surprise. Noah entered the room again and closed the door.

He barged over to Mahoro and grabbed his arms. “Actually, let me have you.”

Mahoro gaped his mouth open, and Noah kicked off his shoes and climbed onto the bed.

“I finally have you back. I’d be mad to sleep alone by myself. Come here, Mahoro.”

Noah pulled Mahoro over to the centre of the bed and leaned over him. Mahoro wasn’t able to follow the sudden developments, and Noah proceeded to pull off Mahoro’s shoes and tossed them to a corner of the room.

“What is this?”

Noah noticed the metal bangle that acted as a transmitter around Mahoro’s ankle, and he frowned.

“I don’t like it. How dare they make you wear this. Should I break it for you?” Noah touched Mahoro’s ankle.

Mahoro frantically said, “No, you can’t,” to stop him, and Noah clicked his tongue unhappily.


Noah drew his face closer and sealed Mahoro’s lips. Mahoro closed his eyes in reflex and sank into the bedclothes. Noah pressed his lips more deeply, moistening them and sucking on them hard. Mahoro stiffened his body as Noah’s hand tugged his dress shirt from out his trousers.

“You don’t hate this, right?” Noah whispered in between kisses. 

Mahoro’s cheeks flushed red as he cracked open his eyes. Noah’s hand slipped under the dress shirt to touch his skin. The long fingers brushed against his belly, and Mahoro thought that Noah could probably hear his heart racing.

“I… don’t hate this,” Mahoro murmured, his face entirely red.

He didn’t hate that Noah was touching him. It felt nice to be kissed too, and Noah’s body was warm. Mahoro wasn’t sure if he liked Noah, but right now he didn’t want to refuse him.

“Then okay.”

Noah chuckled softly and started to unbutton Mahoro’s dress shirt. Mahoro tried to do it himself, but Noah gently stopped him.

“I’m in the mood to open up a treasure chest, so just stay still.”

When Noah undid all of the buttons, he opened up the shirt to expose Mahoro’s skin. He lifted the corners of his lips and leaned down.

Mahoro shrieked a little. Noah’s lips had landed on his chest. He showered his skin with kisses, enjoying Mahoro’s body. Mahoro was tense as he withstood the feeling of lips covering every inch of his skin. Noah’s hair brushed and tickled him. Every time the lips pressed down to touch him, his heart rate increased.

Noah’s lips touched a nipple, and Mahoro asked in a high-pitched voice, “T-There too…?”

Noah chuckled and took the nipple into his mouth. He traced it with the tip of his tongue and made noises as he sucked on it. It felt weird; somehow it made his hips squirm. Mahoro was a man and so his chest was flat, but Noah meticulously caressed him there.

Noah sucked on one nipple and played with the other one with his fingers. Mahoro became embarrassed and whimpered. He wondered why Noah kept touching him there. Mahoro moved his hips, wanting Noah to end his ministrations, and Noah moved his hand down over his trousers.

Mahoro caught his breath as Noah groped him. Noah rubbed him hard over his trousers, and Mahoro’s face became hot.

“I’m taking these off.”

Mahoro stiffened with his face all red, and Noah placed his hand on Mahoro’s belt. Noah had said that he never slept with a man before. He wouldn’t be disappointed after seeing him naked, would he?

“Um… Um…”

Mahoro tried to suggest that he turn over face down so that his privates would not be seen, but Noah casually pulled down his trousers along with his underpants. Mahoro turned red to his ears with his lower body exposed to Noah. He had said that he didn’t hate this, but he felt hopelessly embarrassed, and he wanted to stop.

Noah stared intently at the hair nestled at the base of Mahoro’s cock and said with wonder, “Amazing. So you’re white here too?”

Mahoro covered his crotch with his hand and tried to escape from under Noah. “L-Let’s not do this!”

He didn’t think that it would be this embarrassing to be naked in front of Noah. When Mahoro tried to slip away, Noah’s arms pulled him back by his waist.

“How can I stop now? Are you messing with me? You really are white all over. Oh, what’s this? A marshmallow…?”

As Mahoro flailed and struggled, Noah pulled the rest of his trousers off and sank his teeth into a buttock.

Mahoro shouted hysterically when Noah bit at his arse. Noah started sucking on the flesh and slipped the underwear off that was caught at his knees.

“Fuck, it doesn’t feel like I’m doing it with a man. You’re not a woman, but your body is pale and smooth, and everywhere I nibble, it tastes amazing.”

Noah restrained Mahoro, trailing his lips over a thigh as Mahoro desperately tried to escape. Mahoro had nothing he could use to hide his lower body, and he trembled with his cheeks flushed. Noah devoted himself to licking Mahoro all over his body. His lips moved to where Mahoro’s legs met his torso, and he even took his balls into his mouth.

“Noah… Noah…”

Mahoro twisted up the sheets as he turned red and turned green. Noah’s arms firmly held his hips into place, and there was no way for Mahoro to move. In the meanwhile, Noah filled his mouth with Mahoro’s cock.

“W-Wha… Ah…”

With the warmth of Noah’s mouth, Mahoro could no longer bear it any longer, and he covered his face with his hands. Noah’s tongue licked the underside of the head. Electric currents seemed to run to his brain with Noah’s mouth directly on him, and his cock hardened. Noah slipped a finger to the foreskin and played with the tip of the head with his tongue.

“No, don’t… Please stop that… It’s dirty.”

Was it okay to put such a thing in one’s mouth? Mahoro trembled with shame from the deed. This was different from what he had imagined. He had thought that he could lay with Noah if that was what he had wanted, but he hadn’t expected to be the only one touched and caressed like this. The sound of his heart had been roaring in his ears for a while now.

“I’m fine if it’s your body. I can’t believe it… I’m hard just from licking you.”

Noah exhaled deeply as he licked Mahoro’s cock all over. Mahoro removed his hands from his face and saw Noah sit up. Noah’s cheeks were faintly red, and his breathing was rough. He undid the buttons of his shirt, appearing overheated.

“It’s hot in this room, although the heater isn’t on…”

Noah removed his jacket and his dress shirt, throwing them to the floor. Mahoro was captivated by the sight of Noah’s exposed upper body. Noah’s face was incredibly beautiful, but his chest and stomach were well-defined with muscle. It was no wonder that when Mahoro struggled, he couldn’t even budge him. Noah was firmly toned and muscled.

“This is the first time that I’ve had such arousing sex… I’m so hard that it hurts.”

Noah tied his hair with an elastic band and started to remove his trousers. Mahoro was flustered when he saw the tent in Noah’s underwear and averted his eyes. It was large, much bigger than his own, and he suddenly felt scared. Noah was a man, and he wanted to ravish him.

“Show me all of your body too.”

Noah was fully naked, and he tossed the shirt that Mahoro had been wearing on the floor. He embraced Mahoro from behind and sucked at the back of his neck and the top of his shoulders, his stiff cock pressed against Mahoro’s arse. Mahoro felt his whole body burning, and he pressed his forehead into the sheets.

Noah rubbed Mahoro’s chest with his hand. “Your heartbeat is racing so fast. I’m so turned on.” He nibbled on an earlobe and played with his nipples, rubbing his cock lazily against him, making Mahoro pant and gasp. Noah was hard, but Mahoro was too. His cock had curved up in arc for some time now. Mahoro had thought that he had a fairly low sex drive—he hardly ever masturbated—but his body had been fevered since Noah had touched him.

Mahoro tried to get some words out, breathing hard. “W-What… should I do…?”

He couldn’t judge if he felt good, or if he was scared, or even if he felt hot or cold. The core of his body was so hot that he couldn’t stop trembling.

“Can you do something about your trembling?” Noah said as he stroked Mahoro’s cock. His hips twitched and shook, and Mahoro curled into a ball on his side. His body wouldn’t listen to him. He could feel Noah’s heat against his back, but his body continued to shake.

Noah tugged on an earlobe and whispered, “It’s like I’m tormenting a small animal, and it makes me feel guilty. Mahoro, turn and face me.”

Mahoro stiffly turned his head back to look at Noah, and Noah’s lips pressed in to kiss him.

“Nnh… nghh, nhh…”

Noah tangled their tongues together to kiss Mahoro. Mahoro desperately tried to accept it when a finger suddenly touched the little pucker of his arse.

“Nnnnh… Mmph… Eek, ah… “

Mahoro was shocked to have a finger inserted into him in the midst of their fevered kiss. Noah’s finger pressed in further to bury itself deep inside.

“W-Why are you… there…? I-It’s too dirty.”

Mahoro gasped in surprise with teary eyes. He had thought that it was dirty when Noah licked his cock, but that place was even more so.

Noah licked the corner of Mahoro’s lips and said, “You really know nothing, do you…? Just so you know, I’ll be thrusting my dick inside of you here.”

His words had been so unexpected that Mahoro’s head went blank. Would it fit there…? It was dirty and too small; and it would definitely hurt.

“I don’t think that I can do it. It’s too much for me… Noah, I want to change my mind…”

Mahoro was flustered and wanted to get away, but Noah sealed his mouth up. After suppressing Mahoro’s means to voice his refusal, Noah pushed his finger up against his inner walls. Mahoro felt ill at the sensation of a finger probing inside him, and tears welled up in his eyes. He wanted to escape from this place, but Noah pressed his weight down on him so that he couldn’t.

“Does it not feel good here?”

After thoroughly playing with him inside, Noah’s finger rubbed hard against a certain part inside of him, and Mahoro immediately lost all strength in his body, his breath hitching.

“No… What…?”

Noah saw Mahoro’s bewildered reaction, and he started concentrating his efforts there. At first it was a gradual heat, but then it grew into something clear and distinct.

Mahoro moaned sweetly, feeling pleasure every time the finger pressed up against him. His mind was unable to keep up with his body’s reaction, and he kept blinking, and then Noah sat up and lifted Mahoro’s hips, the rest of his body faced down on the sheets.

“I’ve figured out your sensitive spot. I’ll make it feel good for you.”

Noah pulled out a bottle from somewhere and dribbled a thick liquid to his hole. With just his arse sticking up in the air, Noah started playing with his hole with wet fingers. Two fingers entered him and slicked the place that had made Mahoro moan earlier.

“No… ah… ahhh, ahh…”

Noah rubbed him deep inside, and Mahoro’s cock became increasingly harder. It stole his breath away, and his hips started twitching on its own. Noah’s fingers spread him wider apart, nudged the little spot inside him, and his entire body felt hot, and he kept making weird sounds. He didn’t know what was happening, but pleasure deepened throughout his body.

“It gives me such a thrill to see your pale body turn red.”

Noah chuckled as he wrapped his other hand to the front and started stroking Mahoro’s cock. Precome spilled from the tip, and his voice became higher and higher. Mahoro couldn’t believe that he could let out such a voice.

“I’m adding another finger,” Noah said, making good on his declaration. With three fingers deep inside of him, there was nothing he could do to settle his breathing. His body was opened up; he was going limp, and his breathing was too loud for his ears.

“There you go.”

Mahoro couldn’t overcome the waves that swept him away, and he came with Noah’s hand on his cock, splattering it with white fluid as his hips quivered.

Mahoro huffed wearily as he tried to apologise, and Noah sucked on the back of his neck.

“So you can come when I play with your arse,” Noah whispered, pushing his fingers in deeper. “I think you should be fine then.”

Mahoro was still out of breath, dampening the sheets as he huffed like a wild beast. He wanted to lie down, but Noah’s hands kept his arse in the air. How long was he going to play with him there? The pressure felt too much, and he wanted him to stop.

“You’re pretty stretched out now… You can still keep going, right?” Noah said, rubbing him deep inside. Mahoro’s cock had softened, but it hardened again with the touches inside him. He didn’t think that it felt good, but his cock maintained its hardness. It felt strange. And his voice had become husky again.

“Are you ready? I’m at my limit here.”

Noah finally pulled his fingers from Mahoro’s arse, and Mahoro sank into the sheets in relief. His trembling had somehow stopped, but he had no strength to do anything, like his whole body had turned into jelly.

“Hold your legs up.”

Noah turned Mahoro onto his back and lifted his legs to his chest. When Mahoro grasped on to them, Noah leaned down over him.

“I’m putting it in.”

Noah exhaled a fevered breath and pressed the tip of his hard cock to Mahoro’s hole. He slowly lowered his weight onto Mahoro as he went to push his cock inside—


“What the—?”

Mahoro and Noah uttered their voices at the same time.

Something like a magical barrier had appeared between their bodies, and Noah pulled back from Mahoro in an instant. Mahoro was stunned from the sensation like something had been deflected from him. He didn’t understand what had happened. Noah appeared equally astonished, frozen from the shock.

“What was that just now? It felt like an invisible wall pushed me back.”

Noah reached his hand out to touch Mahoro and looked around the room warily. Mahoro desperately tried to catch his breath and sat up in the bed.

“I don’t want to believe it, but is that your chastity device? Let me try it again.”

Noah tried to cautiously put his cock into Mahoro again, and the same magical barrier appeared once more, forcing Noah to fall backwards on the bed.

“…Oi, what is the meaning of this?”

Noah got back up abruptly; he was quietly and deeply upset.

“I-I don’t know… I’ve never done this before…”

Mahoro wrapped his arms around his knees helplessly. Noah had said something about a chastity device, but Mahoro had no memory of anything like that having been placed on him.

“I know, it was all Siegfried’s doing. So he put this magic on you so that you wouldn’t be defiled by another man? What’s my libido supposed to do about this? I’m not such an adult that I can keep my cool in this situation. I’ll never forgive that bastard Siegfried for this.”

Apparently Noah thought that Siegfried had cast the magic on Mahoro’s body, but Mahoro had no memory of it. He didn’t even understand what had happened, but he pulled the sheets up to cover his body. Noah must have found it difficult to be flung away during the heat of his arousal, but Mahoro couldn’t contain his own ache either.

“Question: If you’re going to eat someone’s heart without killing them, what do you do?” Noah said with a deep sigh.

Mahoro was unable to answer the question, and his mouth flapped open and closed.

Noah gave his hair a quick ruffle and appeared to have collected himself as he asked, “…But I am able to put my fingers in, hmm?”

Noah had used his fingers to play with Mahoro’s hole thoroughly, and the magic barrier had not appeared.

“We’ll have to postpone it for now. It doesn’t look like it will trigger as long as I don’t put my dick in.”

Noah placed Mahoro face down on the sheets, draping himself over Mahoro’s back to rub his cock in between his arse cheeks.

“Sorry. Stay with me until I come.”

Noah nibbled on an earlobe and moved his hips. The large thickness slid repeatedly from Mahoro’s hole to between his legs. When Mahoro squeezed his thighs together, he heard a breath wrecked with pleasure as the hips pumped forward. Noah breathed roughly against his earlobe, and Mahoro pressed his cheek into the sheets and moaned sweetly. Noah’s cock could reach his own cock, and he even felt the pleasure.


Mahoro rocked his hips without thinking. It made him horribly embarrassed that the movement forced Noah’s cock to slip forward between his thighs, but it also aroused him. Noah wrapped his arms around Mahoro’s hips as he panted and reached for Mahoro’s cock to stroke it.

“Nnnh… nnggh, nhh… Noah… Aah…”

His voice came out broken with pleasure as he rocked his hips and felt Noah’s hand on his cock. Their gasps overlapped, and it made his body even hotter.

“Ahh… I’m about to come…” Noah said with laboured breaths, pumping his hips with short, quick movements. 

Mahoro huffed as he threw his hips back. Noah’s thrusts got faster, and Mahoro felt like Noah was actually thrusting into him.

“Ahhh… ah, ah, ah.”

Mahoro’s face looked intoxicated as the movements got more and more intense. His cock strained in Noah’s hand, and the wet noises that they made filled him with shame.

“Nghh, I’m… coming…” Noah grunted out, stroking Mahoro’s cock roughly. 

An intense wave of pleasure attacked Mahoro, making his hips jerk and tremble, and as Noah rubbed the little hole at the tip, Mahoro came, unable to hold back any more. At the same time, Noah shot cloudy white fluid all over Mahoro’s arse.

Mahoro lay limply on the sheets as he tried to catch his breath. Noah draped over Mahoro’s back, his breathing wild like an animal as his cock continued to pulse. Noah sucked at the back of Mahoro’s neck and earlobe, their bodies pressed sticky and warm.

“Ahh… That felt good…” Noah exhaled deeply and turned Mahoro’s face for a kiss. It was a hot passionate one that licked and sucked on his lips, and he wasn’t even allowed to breathe.

“Let me touch you more like this.”

Noah groped Mahoro’s chest and plucked at his nipples. Every time Noah played with them, his hips would jerk on their own. His body had become strange. He would tremble every time Noah played with the different parts of his body.


Noah took Mahoro’s wet, dripping cock in hand and started stroking it again. He had never come so many times in a row before. Mahoro was dazed, completely under Noah’s mercy.

Noah took his time worshipping Mahoro’s body. He couldn’t put it in, but instead he opened, touched, and licked Mahoro everywhere. They had kissed so much, Mahoro couldn’t remember how many times they had done it. When had he fallen asleep? Mahoro woke up to the sunlight through the window and found Noah sucking at the back of his neck.

“Unnhh… Noah…”

Mahoro leaned his sluggish body back. He didn’t remember when he was moved to this room, but it was much larger than the guest room. He had fallen asleep naked in what was likely Noah’s bedroom. From behind him, Noah wrapped his arms around Mahoro, his body swathed in a blanket.

“Good morning.”

Mahoro rolled over, and Noah sucked at his lips. He gasped breathlessly at the passionate kiss first thing in the morning. His body felt heavy and sticky. He thought about the acts that they did last night and became incredibly embarrassed. When their eyes met, he blushed red to his ears. Mahoro never knew that sex was an act that divulged so much of themselves to each other.

“…I wanted to be inside you,” Noah muttered with a whisper. 

Mahoro apologised immediately, but Noah said, “I’m kidding,” and grabbed Mahoro’s arse as he laughed. Large hands kneaded him there, and Mahoro moaned sweetly, remembering how Noah had played with him there all night. He never knew that he could feel so aroused deep inside his arse.

“Let’s bathe together. I’ll wash you.”

Noah stripped away the blanket, and fully naked, he tugged at Mahoro’s arm. Seeing the perfectly proportioned body in the bright light, his embarrassment came back to him, and Mahoro had to look away. Noah seemed to be unflustered. Perhaps he was accustomed to being seen naked, but Mahoro was different. He didn’t want his weak-looking body to be seen, and he searched for something to cover himself up.

“What are you doing?”

Mahoro tried to wrap the sheets around his body, but Noah lifted him into his arms. There were three doors to the bedroom, and one of them led to a bathroom. Noah showed no sign that Mahoro’s weight even bothered him and carried him to the bathroom.

“Noah, um…”

The bathroom was made of marble, and steam rose from the hot water that filled the bathtub with cabriole legs. Noah carried Mahoro over and lowered him into the water. Mahoro sat down, the hot water reaching his waist, and he smiled.

“I can do this myself, um…”

Mahoro told Noah that he could wash his own body himself, but in a good mood, Noah went and lathered Mahoro’s body with soap anyway. With Noah’s hands washing his body, Mahoro couldn’t help but remember the acts from yesterday. And naturally he hardened between his legs, and his breath became hot.

“You know, you look utterly adorable to me. Is it an illness?”

Noah held Mahoro from behind, rubbing his nipples with soapy hands. When Noah pinched them, Mahoro almost shrieked but he was able to hold his voice back.

“Nhh… nngh… nnh, yes… I think it’s an illness.”

Mahoro cast his eyes down, and Noah laughed.

“I see, so it’s an illness. Then there’s no helping it.”

Noah pressed in close as he groped Mahoro’s arse. A fingertip slipped inside him, and Mahoro lifted his hips unconsciously. It felt like hot water would go up inside, and it scared him. Noah pushed his finger deeper inside the still soft and pliant channel. Mahoro pulled away again, but Noah pulled him back a little forcibly.

“It doesn’t hurt, right? Don’t run away,” Noah said like an order, sucking at the back of Mahoro’s neck.

Noah rubbed Mahoro inside over and over again, and Mahoro desperately kept himself from shouting. He pitched forward and begged with teary eyes, “Take it out,” and Noah finally pulled his finger out.


Mahoro timidly turned his head back, and Noah hugged him close with a terribly happy look on his face.

Noah pecked Mahoro’s lips and whispered, “Last night made me incredibly happy. I just hope that it was the same for you too.”

Mahoro felt dazed as Noah kissed him. He could not fathom why such a beautiful person would want to do these things with him. The kiss was sweet, and the words of love made Mahoro feel unsettled. He then discovered the bruise-like marks that had been left on his shoulder and upper arm, and he stiffened. For a moment he thought that he had been bitten by insects, but he immediately realised that they were love bites that Noah had left.

“Hmm, yeah, you’re covered in them.”

Noah chuckled wryly as he watched Mahoro check his entire body. The back of his neck, his collarbones, his upper arms, his thighs, his stomach, even his arse—apparently Noah had devoured him tirelessly without Mahoro noticing it.

“You’re so pale that they really stand out. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure that your clothes will cover your neck. We have guests coming today after all.”

Noah poured hot water over Mahoro’s shoulders with a meaningful look in his eyes. Mahoro tilted his head quizzically. Guests…?

“I’ll let you come before we get out. Get on your knees,” Noah said, enjoying himself as he wrapped his hand around to the front. 

Mahoro was hard from all the touching and groping that Noah had done. He got to his knees as prompted and held his breath as Noah gently stroked him.

Mahoro moaned, rocking his hips with his hands on the edge of the bathtub. Noah used his hand to play with the underside of the head and the tip of his cock. Mahoro was thinking how embarrassed he was to be panting like this in a brightly lit place when Noah’s other hand slid between the cheeks of his arse.

“Noo… ahh.”

Noah’s fingers pushed inside him again, and Mahoro trembled on his knees. Noah started grazing the spot inside him that made him aroused, concentrating his touch there.

“Nooo, Noah… Don’t keep touching there…”

Mahoro didn’t want Noah playing with his arse any more and grabbed Noah’s hand to stop him. Noah stopped moving the hand on Mahoro’s cock but continued his ministrations inside.

“It feels good here, doesn’t it? Why don’t you like it?” Noah asked, looking amused as he ground into Mahoro with his fingers.

Mahoro turned bright red and shook his head. It felt good, but when Noah played with him there for too long, it made him feel weird, and he didn’t like it.

“Noo… Ah, ah, please stop that.”

Mahoro wriggled his hips and went to stand up, and Noah stood up in the tub with him, burying his fingers deeper. Mahoro clutched Noah and shook his head unhappily.

“No, I won’t stop. You’re already feeling so good from it.”

Even though Mahoro didn’t want it, Noah used his fingers to push up on his inner walls. Unbelievably, Mahoro started leaking precome even without Noah stroking his cock.

“Nooo… Ah… No, I’ll come…”

His body became hotter and hotter, which scared Mahoro, and he clung to Noah. Noah held Mahoro close and watched him intently.

“Damn, I want to put it in… I want to fill you up fat and thick, and pound you into a complete mess.” Noah breathed hot against Mahoro’s ear and resumed stroking his cock.

Mahoro pictured the area that Noah was ravishing, and his belly burned. He wasn’t this indecent of a person, but with the hand on his cock, his sensitivity soared, and all of his limbs trembled.

“Ah, ahhh…!!”

His shouts echoed throughout the bathroom. Mahoro shot milky thick fluid into Noah’s hand and slumped against him. Noah finally pulled his fingers from Mahoro’s arse, and Mahoro couldn’t believe that he could feel so good from something there. His body had become strange in just a single night.

“You are adorable.”

Noah washed away the mess with hot water and kissed Mahoro many times over. Mahoro wasn’t able to stand on his own and clung to Noah for a while.

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