Illustrations from Bloodlines Ablaze Volume 3

You can get a peek of some illustrations from Joougoroshi no Ketsuzoku! Toranoana’s twitter has a photo of their special display here:

The first two chapters are available for preview over at Pixiv, and there are two illustrations there too! The first chapter is from Leon’s POV, and it’s about his family and his friendship with one of the Queen’s grandsons, Alfred. Leon and Alfred are shown in the illustration in the chapter. Alfred has been interested in Crimson Island, and Leon has been writing to him for the past 3 years about what he’s observed there.

The second chapter is from Noah’s POV, and he’s following the location that Mahoro’s tracker has left behind. He recounts his feelings about Oscar and how he knew instinctively that he couldn’t trust him.

We also meet up with Nicol again!

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    1. It’s a flashback to when Noah goes to see Mahoro but finds that he’s gone. He realizes that Oscar abducted him, his choker breaks, and he loses control of his Gift. Leon is with him and tries to calm him down.

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