Off Air – Vol. 2 Story 3.2 Update

Today’s release is the second part from “sugar me.” It follows directly from Part 1.

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The trailer for the Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka movie is here and I love it so freaking much! Kei!! Ushio!! Owari!! They’re moving and talking!!😭😭😭 Such a Prince!!! The accent dictionary!!

Off Air – Story 9 Update

This is the final epilogue for “Where Home Is” and the last story in Volume 1 of Off Air!

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I’ve been thinking about some of the changes that might happen to “Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka” when they animate it, especially when it comes to the name of the network Asahi TV. There is a real TV Asahi, but I wonder if the name is too similar and it forces them change it. The kanji is completely different, so it’s easier to get away with in print, but I do wonder about the anime.

But I’m totally looking forward to seeing Ushio’s short films and Kei’s “black history” as a fledgling announcer. 😂 I really want to see them animated!

Off Air – Story 8 Update

The next side story is a high school AU of Ushio and Kei!

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Ichiho-sensei had a meet and greet over the weekend, and she had a lot fun doodles that she got from Takemiya-sensei. The design for the mascot Asazou is finally revealed!

It’s an adorable baby elephant! NGL, I totally imagined something like an old man version of Anpanman, because the ‘zou’ naming is so old-fashioned and his face is round like the morning sun. 😂 But yeah, ‘zou’ also can mean elephant.

All the participants also got a booklet and postcard with a sketch of Kei and Ushio walking to the convenience store together at night. Apparently the sketch was an idea for the Off Air 2 cover, but they were able to use it here for the goodies. The short story in the booklet will be made available in a doujinshi at the end of the year.

Off Air – Story 6.5 Update

This next part wraps up the ficlet section of Off Air Volume 1! It’s so fun to see Kei, Ushio, and Tatsuki goofing around.

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I finished reading through my copy of Off Air 2~ Although most of the stories can be read if you’ve read through Volume 3 and Off Air, there are a few stories that reference events and spoilers in the spinoffs. In light of this new information, I think I will prioritize releasing the spinoffs first and release stories from Off Air 2 whenever I have extra time to work on them. Depending on how spoilerish the new story in December is, I may put both on hold to work on the new story. Anyway, stay tuned~