Off Air – Vol. 2 Extra 12

Extra 12: Awake or Asleep or Even Half of Each

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“Um, Tsuzuki-san, this is for you… Um, today is Valentine’s Day, and I thought that it would be nice… I looked around at all the Valentine’s gifts that were on display at the department stores, but I wasn’t sure what you would like. I just hope that it suits your tastes. Yes, it was incredible. The stores were crowded with women, and there were so many options to choose from that it made my head spin. Um, me? No, I’ve only received them from the production staff or the women announcers in my department. Well, basically, they’re the so-called obligation chocolate. Nowadays, Valentine’s is no longer the type of event where people place their serious feelings into the chocolates that they give… Um, yes, it’s just something casual… Um? Y-you want to accept it with more serious feelings? Um, it’s fine as long as you’re fine with it, Tsuzuki-san… Yes, um, well, like I said—”


He woke up to a dull impact to his abdomen. Kei had elbowed him right in the ribs. Kei was faced up in his sleep, and his peaceful slumbering face was the very picture of defenselessness. Most likely he had accidentally hit him when he turned over in his sleep. Therefore, Kei had done nothing wrong, however…

“Hey, how are you going to make this up to me?”

It had been an incredibly good dream, and he had just gotten to the incredibly good part, but did Kei have to pick that particular timing just to interrupt him? But even if he complained, that peaceful face made no reaction.


Ushio propped his elbows on the pillow and lifted himself up a little, prodding Kei lightly in the cheek. Maybe because Kei gave his facial muscles a workout during the day, but his cheeks were very soft even though there was no flab to them. 

“Oiii, it’s your fault that you woke me up. Play with me.”

He poked the cheek several times, but there was still no reaction. How defenseless. Or how careless, rather. Once Kei woke up and stepped one foot outside of this apartment, he always had his guard up until he returned home again. That was why it made Ushio happy and relieved that Kei could abandon everything wholeheartedly in his sleep like this. However, Ushio was still under the effects from the dream that made his heart race, and so to him, it felt like there was a sign in front of him that said, Please feel free to help yourself to anything you’d like. Well, no, he knew with his head that it wasn’t the case. More or less.

“…Hey, take responsibility for this a little.”

Ushio softly brushed his lips against Kei’s. They had a completely different softness from his cheeks, and Ushio never got tired of them no matter how much he tasted of them. Ushio stroked Kei’s hair as he pressed soft kisses to his lips over and over again, but Kei remained sound asleep, and Ushio’s sense of mischief gradually turned into a serious arousal.

Shit, I was pretty sure that I didn’t have this kind of kink.

“Kei,” Ushio whispered, slipping a hand under the sweatshirt to touch bare skin. He stroked up from Kei’s waist to his chest. When he rubbed an aroused little nub with his fingertips and nibbled at the lips at the same time, Kei let out a soft moan from the back of his throat.

“…Are you awake?”


When Ushio teased the nipple harder, the voice became clearer, but apparently he still wasn’t completely awake. Ushio finally climbed on top of Kei, rolled up the sweatshirt, and pushed his tongue into Kei’s mouth. Ushio had a small concern that Kei would bite him in reflex, but fortunately Kei accepted the invasion despite his half-asleep state, responding to Ushio’s tongue with movements that were more sluggish than usual. The awkwardness aroused him.


“Kei, want to do it?” Ushio asked.

The playful teasing turned into a heavy caress, and Kei lightly shook his head with his eyes still closed.

“Nhhh— No…”



“Why not? Doesn’t it feel good?”

Ushio groped the smooth skin like he owned the body underneath him and attempted to steer Kei into his trap, but Kei gave a sleepy-sounding “No” again. 

“But I want you to say yes though~”


“Hmm? What is it?”

Ushio asked the question with the tips of their noses touching. Kei’s eyelids quivered slightly as he answered, “But the meat… will be overcooked…”

“What kind of dream is that supposed to be?”

You sure are a genius at spoiling the mood.

Ushio laughed out loud without thinking, and Kei finally woke up. With Ushio right before his eyes and the disheveled state of his clothing, he had a good idea of what Ushio had been doing and yelled, “What the hell are you doing, you bastard!?”

It had taken quite a bit of time for Kei to boot up, but he sure was quick after he got up and running.

“Hey, I have a lot of things that I want to say, but I want you to get one thing straight—this isn’t my fault.”

“Why the hell not!?”

As they ate breakfast together, Ushio told Kei about the dream that he had, and Kei snorted at him.

“You’re such a sucker,” he mocked. “Seriously? What’s with the premeditated tricks? The chocolates were carefully researched and handpicked beforehand, but there has to be a pretend act about how hard it was to buy them? Gag me.”

“You’re talking about yourself, you know.”

“That’s not me, damn it! And you! Don’t fall for such an obvious little act! You seem like you’d be suckered into believing that a lukewarm cup of cafe au lait was hot with some breaths pretending to blow it cool.”

“Hmm? Why don’t you try it for me then?”

“I said that it’s not me! And hey, not only did you take my meat away from me, you even attacked me in my sleep! You’re freaking awful, you damn degenerate!”

Kunieda-san left for work in a rage and shouted, “Go sleep by yourself in your stupid hammock,” as he went out the door. The fictitious boyfriend versus the fictitious food—it was a good match-up between their utter ridiculousness. Ushio LINE’ed Kei with the message, “I’ll make you a nice steak tonight, so forgive me.”

Should I buy chocolate while I’m out buying the beef? Nah, it’s all the same color anyway. And when you cut into a steak, it’s all red and juicy inside, which is much more appealing than chocolate. 

The message was marked as read without a reply, but Kei would probably send a late-night message that said, On my way home now. So that Ushio wouldn’t get the timing wrong for preparing the steak. So that it wouldn’t be overcooked.

I’ll make your dream a reality, and after that, it’s my turn.

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

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