Off Air – Story 6.1 Update

Skipping Story 5 for now because it deals with Volume 2 of the main series.

Story 6 is a collection of ficlets published in blogs and bonus papers, and this first part contains the stories released with Volume 1. This is the last bit of the side stories for now, and I’ll start releasing chapters from Volume 2 with the next update!

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Off Air – Story 4.1 Update

This is the Christmas side story found in the first half of the doujinshi “No Need For Anything Else.” It directly follows the previous side story “This Little Light of Mine.” Expect a lot of flirty banter, a little bit of wistfulness, a good dose of fluff, and delicious, delicious smut.

This is also a long post, clocking in at 13,000+ words.

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Off Air – Story 2 Update

This is a quieter piece where we get a glimpse into Kei’s and Ushio’s day off. It takes place after Volume 1 Chapter 8, but it might be quite late in the year around November/December, given the references to the stove and cleaning it for winter.

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Off Air – Story 1 Update

This is a side story of Yes, No, or Maybe Half? told from Ushio’s point of view. It occurs some time after Volume 1 Chapter 8, and it can be viewed as a companion piece to the bedroom scene in Chapter 9. And yes, we’re starting the side stories off with NSFW.

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P.S. The navigation links are fixed now, so if you missed Chapter 13, Extra 1, or Extra 2 from the last update, you should double check.

Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 1 Ch. 13 Update

Upset and hurting after his fight with Ushio, Kei tries to resolve the problem with Tatsuki first. However, Tatsuki seems to be more determined to get through Kei’s defenses than usual. And he seems to have a proposition for Kei…?

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And this is the last chapter of Volume 1 of Yes, No, or Maybe Half. Don’t miss the extras that follow this chapter!

There is a side story collection called Off Air ~Yes, No, or Maybe Half?~ There are a number of stories that take place between Volume 1 and Volume 2. Do you prefer that I release the Off Air stories so that they come out in chronological order in the series? Or do you prefer that I prioritize Volume 2? FYI, Volume 2 starts 6 months after the end of Volume 1. Also, the side stories include Kei taking Ushio to his hometown to meet his parents. (Ahhhh, this side story is so good!) However, it’s also good if you want to wait so that some of the side story fluff can help ease the angst in the main series. :p Let me know what you think in the comments or the poll.


What releases should I prioritize?

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  • Volume 2 chapters first please! (28%, 5 Votes)

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