Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 3 Extra 2

Extra 2: fill me up

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He would never forget the rage he felt when that bag was tossed down in front of him.

“Return this to Souma.”

Inside the plastic resealable bag, like it held evidence from a crime scene, was a cell phone.

Shitara stood up from his desk and asked, “…What is the meaning of this?”

The News Director clearly gave him the stink eye and said, “It’s Souma’s cell phone. He left it behind.”

“I would appreciate it if you could explain what happened in detail.”

“…We had an inquiry about the incident. And during the process, we asked if we could see his cell phone history. That was all there was to it. But he decided to leave it behind and stormed off instead.”

“Perhaps you are out of your mind?”

It wasn’t sarcasm or anything. He truly felt it deep inside, so he decided to say it.

“Oi, Shitara.”

“Is Souma a suspect? On what grounds? Just because he was friends with Oku, you decide to invade a person’s privacy even though you’re not even the police? In the first place, did I not say that I would attend the inquiry too? I received no notice about it whatsoever.”

“Because obviously you would cover for him if you attended.”

The News Director raised his voice with discomfort and displeasure on full display.

“When the producer has such a defiant attitude, it’s only natural the protege is just as brazen too! You better watch your words yourself— Well, but I guess you might not be around for much longer though.”

Shitara didn’t care that the guy had just publically insinuated in front of the other staff the possibility of his demotion (it was probably his fate anyway). But he couldn’t forgive these assholes who only thought about their own self-preservation and how they could shift the responsibility onto someone else. He couldn’t forgive them for what they did to Sakae. They didn’t even have any talent themselves except to leech off the genius of others like Sakae.

Shitara didn’t hand the cell phone back. He used the excuse that he was busy and tossed it into Sakae’s locker. He wanted to ball up the plastic bag that it was in and hurl it onto the floor of the hallway, but he just dropped it under the sign that said Plastics, and it fluttered down silently.

“I can’t let Kunieda sign this thing.”

This time he was somehow able to make it in time. The lineup of faces had completely changed from back then, but there was little difference in their thought processes as executives. Hmm, or maybe when people became executives their thinking patterns just suddenly shifted that way? It was often said that the role was what created the person.

Shitara balled up the written pledge that had been foisted on Kei and walked out of the conference room clutching it. Footsteps followed him from behind.

There was a rage that was inside him. A furious rage. He was relieved that his emotions from that time had not faded or waned; his rage was at full gauge, just as fresh and pure as it was back then.

I’m still angry and bitter at that kind of treatment even now, and it continues to push me forward.


But the one who was here was not Sakae.


Shitara made a smile on his face in the short time that it took to turn around to look at Kei. If only he had made it in time back then. Even if it didn’t change a single thing.

The wad of paper that he threw into the trash bin fell with a heavier response than the time from before.

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

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  1. God, this tie in with Yes/No Volume 3! You can totally feel Shitara’s commitment to protecting his people, and how much his experience in the past only makes him double down on his beliefs and actions. Shitaraaaaa. 😭😭😭

  2. thank you for the chapter :’)

    what a damn train wreck of emotions condensed in this extra… The last line killed me…
    made me want to read the whole thing now tha I know everyone’s backstorys/personalities…

    1. It really gives the scene more depth, doesn’t it? I love how Sensei pulls this different threads of the story together to infuse it even more meaning. I love it. ❤

  3. “This time he was somehow able to make it in time.” Awwwww Shitara really up until now he’s still thinking about it. I know he’s just saying he values other people’s work more but I can’t help but think that internally he’s just a good person despite everything, he’s just more leaning into rational thinking.. He cares for Kei.. was this the time when the commotion for running in candidacy rumours floated? Huhu Shitara is really cool deym.. will the next extras cover his POV.. i love shitara’s pov haha deym..

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

    1. I remember the line where Shin thinks that Shitara will leave Tatsuki behind if he doesn’t step up, but yeah, he’s very goal-driven, and I think that even if he decides that someone doesn’t belong on his team, he’ll probably make sure that they’re taken care of elsewhere.

      Yes, this was when the rumors about Kei’s candidacy was floating around.

      Hmm, this is the last of Shitara’s POV, I think, until the doujinshi gets reprinted in Off Air.

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