Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 3 Ch. 28 Update

Kei hosts an awards ceremony for commercial TV broadcasters. It’s boring and no one’s paying attention to him, but somehow a surprise guest to the ceremony can command the entire room with his speech, and it frustrates and bothers Kei…

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Also amazing news!!!! A new story for the Yes/No series was just announced!!! It will serialize in the Winter 2020 issue of Shousetsu Dear Plus, on sale December 20. Takemiya-sensei is returning with illustrations. I am so happy! First Off Air 2 news, and now a new story! I will absolutely be purchasing the magazine! It makes no mention about a spinoff, so my best guess is that it’s about Kei and Ushio, but the wording has enough wiggle room to allow for other possibilities, so it’s not 100% certainty that it will be them.

Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 3 Ch. 26 Update

Kei is ambushed outside of his apartment building by a newspaper reporter. This seems to be a start of a story that puts Kei himself in the news?

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P.S. Thank you everyone who commented, rated, reviewed, and/or recommended the series!

Asou and Shitara get some screen time in this chapter and here’s a non-spoilerish tidbit from one of the spinoff doujinshi.

Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 3 Ch. 25 Update

Volume 3: Where Home Is

How did you enjoy the side stories for Volume 2 from Off Air? Volume 3 is titled “Where Home Is” and it is the final volume for the “Yes, No, or Maybe Half?” main series. I hope you enjoy the ride. If you like this series so far, please consider recommending it or leaving a rating or review for it on Novel Updates! There aren’t very many people reading it, and it would be great if more people discovered how funny, warm, and triumphant this series is. If you already have, then thank you!

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Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 2 Ch. 24 Update

Kei returns to work after his summer vacation. There seems to be a big commotion in the announcer department?

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And that concludes Volume 2 of Yes, No, or Maybe Half! How did you enjoy this volume? I cheered and cried so much for Kei. I really love him a lot.

Stay tuned for extras from this volume and related side stories from Off Air. Volume 3 will start posting after I finish the Volume 2 side stories from Off Air.

Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 2 Ch. 23 Update

Kei feels like he’s been in a dream state, not even realizing nearly a week has passed. He’s just getting his bearings as Ushio pulls him into his arms…

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Off Air Volume 2 is announced for a release this October! This is great news~! There will also be a special new story just for the release!

FYI, I’m posting detailed spoilers for Ichiho-sensei’s Kiss series over at NUF if you’re interested in reading more of her works.

Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 2 Ch. 22 Update

Time is running out as Kei’s vacation nears its end. Ushio has to pull out desperate measures.

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This is a compact mirror design drawn by Takemiya-sensei. It was used for souvenir goods at Ichiho-sensei’s meet-and-greets.

Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 2 Ch. 21 Update

Nishikido helps Ushio bring Kei back to his guestroom at the inn. Kei wakes up, and Nishikido leaves thinking everything is normal, however…?

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This kewpie-style Kunieda-san was drawn by Takemiya-sensei to countdown the release of Volume 3!