Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 3 Ch. 28 Update

Kei hosts an awards ceremony for commercial TV broadcasters. It’s boring and no one’s paying attention to him, but somehow a surprise guest to the ceremony can command the entire room with his speech, and it frustrates and bothers Kei…

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Also amazing news!!!! A new story for the Yes/No series was just announced!!! It will serialize in the Winter 2020 issue of Shousetsu Dear Plus, on sale December 20. Takemiya-sensei is returning with illustrations. I am so happy! First Off Air 2 news, and now a new story! I will absolutely be purchasing the magazine! It makes no mention about a spinoff, so my best guess is that it’s about Kei and Ushio, but the wording has enough wiggle room to allow for other possibilities, so it’s not 100% certainty that it will be them.

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