Release: Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 4 Ch. 8

Volume 4: Connect It Together

Sakae gets Shin to connect him to Megumi.

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The other cast members was announced for the Yes ka No ka movie!

Minagawa Tatsuki: Eguchi Takuya
Shitara Sousuke: Satou Takuya
Asou Keiichi: Morikawa Toshiyuki

So they’re keeping the same seiyuu for Tatsuki and Asou as the 2nd Drama CD, but they made a change for Shitara. I wonder why they didn’t get SatoTaku for the 2nd CD. I love his voice so much!

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    1. Yeah, Kimura Ryouhei was Tatsuki in the first CD, and I really liked him in it! But I also like Eguchi a lot, so I’m looking forward to hear how he plays Tatsuki~

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