Release: Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 1 Ch. 4

Shin has his first day as the floor manager for The News.

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Congrats to Ichiho-sensei for having 4 novels chosen in the honto x ChillChill’s Top 100 Immortal BL Novels!

Yes ka No ka Hanbun Ka placed 1st in the Happy Love category, and Yuki yo Ringo no Ka no Gotoku placed 1st in Heart-racing Love category. Kiss and Futtara Dosshaburi also have mentions in the Tearjerker category.

There seems to be complaints with the list though, lol, because the novels don’t seem to fit the categories very well. I’ve read a number of the novels, and they do seem kinda random. Like Utsukushii Kare for 1st in the Tearjerker category. Very random. I remember laughing through the entire 2nd half of the book because of the twist in that story. I wouldn’t call Futtara Dosshaburi a tearjerker either. It’s more the Mature Love category, imo.

Anyway, it’s all a ploy to get people to buy books from honto… which I fell hook, line, and sinker for. When there’s the prospect of new short stories from Ichiho-sensei and others, I just have to get them~

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