Release: Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 4 Ch. 16

Volume 4: Connect It Together

Sakae wakes up from his nap on the floor.

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I watched the Yes ka no No ka Hanbun ka movie stream that has live reaction and commentary from Morikawa Toshiyuki and Hayama Shouta. It was a little hard to hear due to the commentary, but it’s quite faithful to the book! It doesn’t contain the 2nd story in Volume 1, Both For You, as I suspected. My favorite parts are chibi Kei ranting and grumbling off to the side, hehe, and when he gets excited about food. And we get to see the flip animation!!! So cute!!! I just wish that it was longer so they could slow down the pace a little and let us savor some of the moments better. The love scene isn’t my favorite to begin with, and the animation didn’t help sell it better, so if you were already iffy on the dubcon nature of it, it’s something not to get your hopes up about. But overall, I enjoyed the movie. 🐮❤🍰 Also the final Tatsuki and Asou cameos at the end were really nice touches~

I watched the stream here. It’s available until December 31st. It takes international credit cards and Paypal, and there’s English support if you need it, but the entire stream is in Japanese—just so you’re aware! But you don’t need a VPN to watch it! It’s also available for stream and download through the M Card service, but you will need to purchase the physical card for the URL and access code, but I’m not sure if it will be region locked and require a VPN to watch it. It doesn’t appear to be in stock right now if you want the Ushio/Kei version of the card (standard or deluxe versions).

Release: Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 4 Ch. 15

Volume 4: Connect It Together

Sakae, Shitara, and Motoi arrive in Hiroshima.

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Have you seen all the tweets and sneak peeks at the Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka movie??? There’s a six-minute preview and an ending song preview! God, Kei and Ushio are so cute! Especially as Kei curses at people internally in chibi form! And Abe Atsushi has such a wonderful singing voice.

I also love all the sketches and gifs that they’re posting!

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Release: Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 4 Ch. 14

Volume 4: Connect It Together

Sakae gets a request to deliver a special lecture as a keynote speaker.

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Tsunaide and OFF AIR 2 together have placed #1 in the Novels category of the Kono BL ga Yabai! 2021 Rankings! Congratulations, Ichiho-sensei! I am so happy for all the accolades for this series.

Release: Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 4 Ch. 13

Volume 4: Connect It Together

Sakae comforts Shitara.

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Ichiho-sensei tweeted a sketch of Asou that Takemiya-sensei drew for her! Wow, I did not expect him to be so sexy! Hot damn! ヾ(•ω•`)o Is this a hint that we might get his story sometime???

Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka is Getting a Manga Adaptation!

Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka is getting a manga release! The artist will be Yukimura, and it will be serialized in Cheri+ magazine in the July 2021 issue (on sale May 30th). Such exciting news!!! I’m so happy for Ichiho-sensei!

Illustrations from Bloodlines Ablaze Volume 3

You can get a peek of some illustrations from Joougoroshi no Ketsuzoku! Toranoana’s twitter has a photo of their special display here:

The first two chapters are available for preview over at Pixiv, and there are two illustrations there too! The first chapter is from Leon’s POV, and it’s about his family and his friendship with one of the Queen’s grandsons, Alfred. Leon and Alfred are shown in the illustration in the chapter. Alfred has been interested in Crimson Island, and Leon has been writing to him for the past 3 years about what he’s observed there.

The second chapter is from Noah’s POV, and he’s following the location that Mahoro’s tracker has left behind. He recounts his feelings about Oscar and how he knew instinctively that he couldn’t trust him.

We also meet up with Nicol again!