Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 4 Ch. 13

Chapter 13: Open It Up (13)

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

Sakae took a shower and walked over to the bedroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist. There he saw Shitara on the bed with his body slightly twisted towards the headboard, gazing at a photo taped on the wall. It was of Shitara and Sakae taken more than 10 years ago. The subdued red-orange light from the side of the bed seemed to elongate his shadow, and the vague darkness of it made Sakae feel uneasy. That was why he called out, “Oi,” so roughly.

“What are you spacing out for? If we’re not going to do it, then I’m going to sleep.”

“Oh, sorry. Let’s do it, let’s do it. Come here.”

Shitara sat Sakae down next to him on the bed and wrapped an arm loosely around his shoulders. The mood was very different from the ‘Let’s do it, let’s do it,’ even though Shitara had been to one to say that he wanted this. But Sakae didn’t shove him off and just let him do as he pleased, and Shitara leaned his head against him and whispered a few words.

“You can’t laugh at something that’s not amusing.”

They were words that Sakae had said long before the photo on the wall was taken.

“And you can’t say anything that you don’t think— I think that side of you has saved me all this time.”

“What are you talking about?”

“About me.”

Shitara had once said that it was easier to smile—that it was much harder for someone to say what they truly thought. He probably still thought so even now.

“At first I thought that you were an interesting guy, Sakae. You were still in your second year at the network, and I figured that you were fearless because you didn’t know any better—that the childish pride of yours would fold like a house of cards.” 

“Did you really think that?”

It pissed him off.

“I didn’t want it to happen, so I decided that I would do whatever I could to prevent it. I wanted you to stay the way that you were—with all of your arrogance and brashness. And in return, you responded to all of my selfishness. So thank you.”

Sakae wanted to say, It wasn’t like I responded to your damn requests, but he decided against it. 

“If I had folded, you probably would have lost all interest in me. Like—that’s it? How boring. You’re the type to think, ‘If you’re going to fold halfway, then just get completely destroyed. Beyond all recovery.’ Heh.”

“You’re making me out to be a monster.”

“If you’re not going to deny it, then be more aware of it.”

“I like you, Sakae.”

That’s not a damn answer.

“Do you like me?”

It was the first time that Shitara asked him that question, and Sakae was a little surprised as he answered, “No.”

“You could have at least thought about it for a second.”

“There’s nothing to think about… But I do think that we go together, I guess.”

That Sakae suited this man, and this man suited Sakae. They were both self-centered and difficult to please, and yet despite these traits, they only saw each other.

“I see.”

Sakae felt like the arm around his shoulders suddenly became very warm.

“That makes me happy.”

Apparently his engine was finally warmed up. Shitara offered up his tongue, which was already burning hot, and sealed up Sakae’s lips. Sakae nipped at the tongue playfully, and it thrust deeper into his mouth, as if to say, Bite me more, and joined them into a tango. He should have had full control here, but before he noticed it, somehow his tongue no longer listened to him, and it decided to indulge in the dance with its partner instead. By the time he experienced this illusion, each of their body temperatures had skyrocketed.

“Shit,” Shitara whispered, using his fingers to play with Sakae’s ears as he took a break from tangling their tongues together. “I want to put it in already.”

“So put it in then.”

“I can’t just do it like that.”

The sigh tickled his lips at point-blank range.

“You’re supposed to refuse here.”

“You’re the one who asked me to comfort you with my body.”

And Sakae was the one who agreed to it, so Shitara should have just done whatever he wanted to comfort himself. Shitara pulled away a little and stared into Sakae’s eyes. Sakae couldn’t read what Shitara was thinking behind those eyes tinged with a hint of gray. But Shitara spoke up instead.

“You always seem to stump me,” he said. “You hate it when people try to get close to you, but then you’ll turn yourself upside down like a container and surrender everything to me.”

It was too much of a hassle to think about the allotment of every little detail, and there was nothing to be stingy about here either. In the first place, Sakae was sure that there was only one person weird enough to want to get close to him and understand what he was thinking. But it was too much trouble to emit so many words, and instead Sakae asked, “You got a problem with that?”

“Of course not.”

Shitara brushed a light kiss to his lips and laid Sakae down on the sheets.

“Spread your legs for me.”

Sakae removed the towel from his waist and did as he was told. Shitara didn’t dive down between his legs; instead he lay down close next to him and opened up a small packet of lube. He liberally coated his fingers and lightly stroked Sakae’s cock before searching for a place much deeper.


His lower entrance clenched closed at the cold sensation, and the lube-covered fingertip seemed to chase after it as it pushed its way in. His hole was still of course much too tight regardless of Sakae’s feelings that he could just do it like this. Even with one finger inside, the surrounding muscles and walls were stiff, and it felt like his heartbeat creaked in response. Shitara pumped the finger shallowly in and out of him, and every time he pulled out, he would carefully caress the skin there. The sensation made Sakae want to squirm, but at the same time, he felt a smoldering fire that frustrated him like a matchstick that scraped against him slow and sluggish. The fire slowly melted Sakae from the inside and eased the pumping motion of the foreign extremity.


It wasn’t that Sakae wanted to kick something, but his heels started skimming over the sheets. As Shitara slowly stretched him open, he sealed up his lips, caressing soft flesh and tongue, and the sensations all over came together as one. A finger traced his lips while a tongue teased him from the inside.

The oppression and the pleasure made him fiercely aware of his own body, and yet at the same time, Sakae felt an uneasiness like he was gradually losing himself. He would probably never experience the contradiction of these two extremes if he slept with anyone else.

It should have scared him, but it made him happy.

Similar noises—from the saliva heated between their mouths and the lube heated from Sakae’s skin—reverberated in the air. Even when more fingers were added inside of him, wet and slick, it didn’t make him tense or nervous. The pit of his stomach became more impatient rather, wanting the arousal that it knew was coming.


His inner walls squeezed down hard. Shitara hadn’t touched it directly, but he had certainly grazed the flash point deeper inside his body. It made Sakae want to check on it from the outside, so he reached for his cock and started to work it.

“Want some help?”

“Shut up.”

“It was just a heartfelt suggestion.”

And that was why Sakae didn’t want it. He bit at Shitara’s lips as he jerked himself off. As the arousal of his cock soared, he became more vividly aware of Shitara’s fingers currently fucking him—and of his hole that they fucked. He had no idea which stimulus was stronger than the other. Did his lust demand that he come, or did it demand that he be penetrated now? Shitara nibbled at Sakae’s ear, inserting the tip of his tongue inside along with low murmurs.

“…This is a nice view.”

“Nnn, ahh.”

Shitara caught an earlobe and worried it between his teeth. It made Sakae lose all strength in his legs, but the erection in his hand swelled even larger, and the pulse throbbed even faster. He felt like it even carried over to his inner walls. Fingers pumped in and out of him to the same rhythm and sent plenty of excitement to Sakae’s blood vessels.


The lust that pushed up from inside of his body made the tip of his cock leak clear fluid. His hand movements escalated at his own wetness, but what made him want to burst was the fingers that teased his body down below. It was certainly a lot to have three fingers filling him up, but his hole was slicked up with lube, and it sucked them up like it was nobody’s business.

“Nnngh, aah.”

The tinder swelled hot inside his body, and it was likely to consume him from the inside. Shitara prodded at the frustratingly isolated place, and it produced a continuous throbbing that made Sakae’s hips quiver. Shitara came to peer at his face without any reservations, so when Sakae glared at him and turned his face away, Shitara nipped at the ear that had become defenseless again.

“Ahh, stop… that…ngh.”

“Hmm? What do you want me to stop exactly?”

Sakae couldn’t answer him, so he used his free hand to tug Shitara’s ear hard.

“Ow ow ow— Hey.”

The fingers inside of him twisted into the spot thick with lust and arousal and sent Sakae into a spiral.

“Wahh… Ahhh…!”

“Hey, I can’t really control my hand if you do something like that.”

“Fuck you.”

“Well, maybe it’s part of the process?”


His weakness was revealed without any disguise, and the incessant lust ate at him from the inside. His arousal was filled to bursting; it surged through the core of his cock and tried to get out.

“Ah, aahh.”

Pleasure and chills devoid of heat wracked every inch of his body. But his body temperature dropped only for the briefest of moments as Shitara penetrated him and made his chilled sweat boil again.

“Nnnh, nghh—”

His hole had needed more when the fingers were withdrawn, but when it was given what it had truly wanted, it was enough to make his blood roil. There was an impatience that he couldn’t reach, couldn’t do anything about, and when it bit him and pinned him down, a guilty pleasure overcame him at his powerlessness to do nothing but let his body be devoured. And yet, Sakae revelled in a sense of superiority that he had made Shitara bare his desire.


“Ah, ahhh.”

Sakae felt like Shitara had been taking his sweet old time, but he certainly maintained his hardness. Even if Shitara ravished him mercilessly, it just made Sakae happier to suck his cock into him. He rocked his hips and invited Shitara in deeper.


Sakae could feel them connect perfectly up to the hilt, and at that very moment, he felt like Shitara’s gaze had darkened a little. His face seemed to be disappointed—that they had to stop here, that they couldn’t connect deeper than this. Maybe Shitara’s wish to be comforted by something that he could see and touch was stronger and sincerer than Sakae had thought. But it was probably just his imagination, and there was no need for him to confirm what he felt.

“God, you’re hopeless.”


Sakae reached his arms out and pulled Shitara into an embrace. This way, they could feel each other’s heartbeat and spirit. Shitara said nothing, pressed a quick but firm kiss to his lips, and started up a rhythm. Sakae matched his breathing to Shitara’s as he dragged his hands over his back.

“Aaah, ahhh, ahh…”

While Shitara was preoccupied with his movements, Sakae lifted his head a little, moaned and breathed right into Shitara’s chest. 

“…That tickles.” Shitara laughed and returned an embrace harder than the one Sakae had given him. He thrust his hips into him quick and hard while pressed in close.

“Nnh, ah, aaah.”

Sakae wished that he could leave marks on him with his breath and his voice—on this man’s sweat-covered skin, on his heart and his feelings that he rarely exposed. A mark that only Sakae knew about—one that couldn’t be seen, couldn’t be touched, but would never ever disappear.


Shitara thrust into an unfamiliar spot inside of him that he thought had been thoroughly ravished, and Sakae dug his nails into Shitara’s back. The marks were different from the ones that he secretly wished for, but this was enough, he supposed.

“Ah, ah, nghh…”

His body didn’t tire of the rhythm that repeated itself, and he would respond with each thrust, clenching down on the cock inside of him. The pleasure became a wedge that pounded into him continuously, and Sakae felt as if his breath was stolen from him over and over again. It made him realize that he was still alive even as he couldn’t breathe. The thrusts came with a surge of joy that almost made his body shudder. He received a pleasure that went beyond blood and flesh, more than he could ever physically feel. It was something that only Shitara could give him. And the pleasure that Sakae gave to Shitara, it fueled Shitara hotter inside of him, driving him to expand the impasse and monopolize it. Arousal roiled everywhere—underneath each other’s skin, on the outside—forming countless numbers of bubbles, and each time one burst, the inside of his head burned white for a moment.

“Aah… Ah, ahhh.”

Sakae felt like Shitara’s cock kept getting harder and thicker. And at the same time, he felt like his own body endlessly melted, all soft and tender. He needed to hold out for longer, but he also wanted to drown in this neverending embrace. However, an end would always come when it came to this physical act of pleasure.

“Sakae, I’m coming.”

With the brief utterance, Shitara shook off Sakae’s arms around him. He pinned both shoulders underneath his hands and stared straight down at Sakae as he pounded him with the sharpest and largest thrusts yet.


Come burst from the tip that thrust into him, and even the stream of arousal ravished him. When Shitara’s cock finally stopped pulsing, Sakae called him a pervert.

“Do you really want to stare at me that badly when I’m making you come?”


Shitara showed no ounce of shame or embarrassment and asked for an encore, urging Sakae to get up.

“What do you mean encore?”

“I mean, you haven’t come yet, Sakae.”


They slowly changed their positions, still connected together, and Sakae ended up straddled across Shitara’s lap facing him. He swallowed the cock deeper inside of him with the weight of his own body, and it had definitely hardened up again.

“I’m moving you, okay?”

“Aaah, ahhh.”

Shitara placed his hands on Sakae’s hips to rock him up and down on his cock. The come from earlier slowly slid down from inside his body, making wet obscene noises where they were connected, stirring up both mind and body. The descent was an incredibly short distance, but the pleasure was intense from his added weight. Sakae wrapped his arms around Shitara’s neck, and he could feel a fevered breath against his collarbones.

“That tickles.” This time Sakae was the one who laughed.

“It’s payback for earlier.”

“Are you a kid or something?”

Sakae dropped a kiss on Shitara’s forehead like one would do for a child. In response, Shitara dragged his tongue along the chest in front of him and licked a nipple that had hardened on its own and flicked it.


“Sakae, move for me.”

“Idiot, don’t talk over there… ngh.”

Shitara sucked at the little nub, and Sakae threw his head back a little while long fingers ran up and down along the groove of his back as if playing with him. Sakae rocked his hips in frustration to try to hit his good spot, grinding down on Shitara. He could have lifted himself back up, but in the end, Shitara thrusted up into him again.

“Aaaahh… Nnh, ahh.”

“Tell me when you’re about to come.”

“Ahh— What? Do you want to watch me when I come too?”

“Yeah, I do.”

Can’t you feel even a little shred of shame?


Maybe his body had gotten used to the movements in this position, but it twitched energetically, sucking on the cock that speared him. The pleasure that ran straight up his body could not find release—not through his moans nor through his breaths—it traveled to the ends of his hair, creating fever and heat.

“Nnh, ahh… I’m about to come.”


Shitara suddenly shoved his cock up, only to fall again, pounding into him over and over. A place where only Shitara knew—the deepest part of his depths where Sakae was opened. 


Sakae squeezed Shitara’s body and cock, holding both tight, and came.


After a while, after Sakae caught his breath, Shitara laid him down on the sheets again and pulled himself out. Sakae immediately sat up and reached for Shitara’s lap.


“You didn’t come yet.”

“It’ll settle down in a bit.”

“I’ll comfort you until the end.”

“I wouldn’t mind it if people betrayed me every day if I could get this kind of service each time.”

“Then how about I start off and betray you right now?”

“With work? Or in private?”

“Whichever hurts you more.”

“It’s hard to say which is worse. But anyway, please don’t do that. Seriously.”

Sakae didn’t answer him, but betraying his own man was the same as betraying himself, so he wouldn’t. He started pumping the shaft that until a moment ago had been inside his body. He decided to rub hard at the glans, up to the tip, and when Shitara lowered his eyelashes a little, he seeked out Sakae’s lips. They kissed silently over and over again until Sakae made him come with his hand.

“So boring,” Sakae grumbled as he watched a video in the middle of the editing process.

The director answered, “There’s not really a way to make a clip of the Prime Minister playing golf interesting though.”

“Can’t he hit a hole-in-one or plop it into a lake?”

“I doubt that we’d ever be that lucky.”

“Hmmm… I know. Let’s put a chyron on the screen at least. You know, one that says something like Hole 18, Par 4. It can be like a sports format.”

“Do we really need that information?”

“That’s what makes it funny. The chyron for some reason reports the Prime Minister playing golf like it’s sports news. Go call up a reporter and get information about the course and the score.”

“I’m not sure that they’d know that info…”

Oh right, speaking of sports news, yesterday’s baseball piece was too rushed and unmemorable. I should mention that.

Sakae got up to leave as he said, “Don’t forget to order the captions for the chyron.”


Shin ran up to him.


“I burned the special report from the other day onto a DVD and gave it to Motor Coil. They were really excited about it and said that it was great. They also told me to tell you that they can finally rest in peace now…”

Shin was quiet when he spoke the words “rest in peace,” but Sakae understood what it meant, so he gave him a brief nod.

“We’re going to rework that piece for a 30-minute slot and air it as a late-night special.”

“Really, sir?”

The viewership rating itself hadn’t been anything special, but apparently the share of the under-40 segment, most coveted by the networks, had done remarkably well. A quick glance at the reaction on the Internet was about 4 to 6 who had agreed with the piece, but it had seemed to Sakae that despite all the criticism, no one denied the things that were said in it. And that was enough for him.

“Will you be the one to work on it, Souma-san?”

“No. We’re going to announce it in today’s meeting, but whoever wants to work on it can work on it.”


“They can use whatever footage they want, come up with an outline, and if they want additional interviews, they can figure it out on their own.”

“Does that mean,” Shin asked hesitantly, “that I could potentially work on it?”

“It’s open to anyone. If there are multiple candidates, I’ll decide who gets it after I see the proposals and outlines.”

“Um, then I would like to work on it.”

“Do whatever you want.”

“Sakae,” a voice called out. 

There was only one person in the building who would call him by his first name here. Would there be more people in the future who would call him like this? No way, he immediately thought. There was a possibility that such a future would never unfold. And it was fine if it stayed that way. There was only one person in this world who could open or close Sakae up. 

“Oiii, Sakae. We have a meeting.”

“Shut up, I heard you the first time.”

Sakae gave a rude answer as he turned to head towards that very person.

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

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