Release: Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 4 Ch. 0

Volume 4: Connect It Together

This release contains pre-release short stories that go with Volume 4.

Click to go to Volume 4 Chapter 0.

More information was unveiled for the Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka Guidebook that will release in December. It will be titled “Color Bar”! Look forward to a new story from Ichiho-sensei, a new cover illustration from Takemiya-sensei, and parody manga from Oohira You, Kanai Kei, Kane Hikaru, Kano Ayumi, Kotou Sato, Narazaki Neneko, Tsurimaki Nodoka, Hayari Yamai, Yukimura, Yoshida Yuuko, and others. There will also be a character relationship chart, glossary, maps of important places in the story, story timeline, spotlight on the anime, and other special features!

Looks like I’ll be buying this and Volume 3 of the Bloodlines series at the end of the year!

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