Off Air – Vol. 2 Story 5.2 Update

Off Air 2 ~Yes, No, or Maybe Half?~

Kei and Ushio drive down to Shizuoka see Kei’s parents again.

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There are new Yes ka No ka announcements! There will be an official guidebook for Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka that will be released with the anime when it comes out in the winter! It will include information about the anime, an introduction to all the books, character relationship diagrams, glossary of terms, parody manga from guest artists, a new story, and lots of other special extras! I can’t wait for the release! The editors are taking requests and ideas for the guidebook at the hashtag until July 31st. I saw people submit requests for the characters’ Wiki pages! 😘 And a collection of Kei’s recipes, lol.

There will also be a new book of the spinoff! It’s tentatively slated for sale on August 10th! It’s called Tsunaide, and it will have the new story Tsunaide and the previous story Hiraite about Sakae and Shitara. So many happy announcements!! I’ll reveal a bit more after I finish translating Fusaide! There’s just two more chapters to go for the story.

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    1. Someone suggested that a flip book animation of Kunieda-san -> Owari be included in the corner of the pages, and I would love that so much!!!!!!!!!!

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