Release: Bloodlines Ablaze – Vol. 1 Ch. 6 Part 1

Mahoro goes to the Library to read books on Philosophy to try to find hints about Siegfried.

Click to go to Volume 1 Chapter 6 Part 1.

I hadn’t noticed this for the longest time until the other day, but you can see Mahoro’s magic wand on the cover of Volume 1. It’s slotted into Mahoro’s gun holster. You can also see outlines of the wands in the character introductions for Leon and Oscar. There’s also a peek of the sword they use on Noah’s intro page.

Volume 2 is delayed to May 11th for the paperback, but the ebook version is still on track for a May 11th release. The final cover art + previews (but watch for spoilers!) are also released!

Volume 2: Bloodlines Astorm

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