Off Air – Vol. 2 Story 4.1 Update

If you haven’t heard the news, but the light novel Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka has been licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment in North America. Congratulations to Ichiho-sensei and Takemiya-sensei! I hope even more readers can experience the wonderful love story between Kei and Ushio~

I’ve outlined my plans for what I will take down and what I will keep up in the post that I’ve linked above.

And to celebrate, please enjoy a new release from Off Air 2!

Click to go to Off Air – Volume 2 Story 4 Part 1.

4 thoughts on “Off Air – Vol. 2 Story 4.1 Update”

      1. I’m planning to buy the books.
        Storing them will be somewhat problematic though.
        (And then I can share the book with my one and only irl fujoshi friend huehehe)

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