Release: Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 1 Ch. 7

Shin has drinks and watches GoGo DVDs at Tatsuki’s apartment.

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Shousetsu Dear+ announced the new Yes/No story is a continuation of Fusaide (Vol 3 of the spinoff) called Hiraite. It features all the Asahi TV guys (Shitara, Sakae, Kei, Tatsuki, Shin, and Asou), and no spoilers, picks up the story directly from the ending of Fusaide.

I’m half disappointed and half relieved that the story isn’t about Kei and Ushio. Half disappointed because Kei and Ushio are my favorite and I always want to read more of them, but relieved because the way she concluded Where Home Is is perfect, and I don’t know how Ichiho-sensei can outdo herself without sacrificing what I love about them. I’m content with reading side stories about them where the stakes are lower, and she doesn’t have to ratchet up the dramatics to outdo Volume 3. Anyway, she is always writing doujinshi about Kei and Ushio, so I can always get my fix that way.

But I am excited for the new story! *prepares the tissues*

I’m toying with the idea of changing the title choice for Fusaide from Cover My Eyes (fill me in) to Block it Out. There is a big reason why I initially felt Cover My Eyes was a good choice, but hmmm, I will read Hiraite first before deciding how I might want to adjust the titles. Hiraite means Open Up or like Spread it Open.

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