Off Air – Story 8 Update

The next side story is a high school AU of Ushio and Kei!

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Ichiho-sensei had a meet and greet over the weekend, and she had a lot fun doodles that she got from Takemiya-sensei. The design for the mascot Asazou is finally revealed!

It’s an adorable baby elephant! NGL, I totally imagined something like an old man version of Anpanman, because the ‘zou’ naming is so old-fashioned and his face is round like the morning sun. 😂 But yeah, ‘zou’ also can mean elephant.

All the participants also got a booklet and postcard with a sketch of Kei and Ushio walking to the convenience store together at night. Apparently the sketch was an idea for the Off Air 2 cover, but they were able to use it here for the goodies. The short story in the booklet will be made available in a doujinshi at the end of the year.

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