Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 2 Extra 1

Extra 1: Secrets and Secrets (+ Afterword)

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

“So Kota, I heard that you had a dirty dream about me and Nacchan?”


“What? Hey! I told ya not to mention it to ’im!”

“Hnnn… So are you saying that there are no secrets between you two? Or that you share everything with each other?”

“No, that ain’t what I’m sayin’.”

“Sulk later and tell me what you dreamt about! Even if it’s only just touching!”

“What the hell ya doin’!?”

“…Fine, I’ll tell you a little about it. Turn your ear this way.”

“And what the hell are ya doin’ too!?”

“Okay… okay… Whoaaaa, oh my god…  Are you a genius?”

“I think so myself.”

“Hey, hey, hey!! What the hell did ya say!? No, wait, dun tell me! I dun wanna know!!”

“Aaaa~ I want to use the idea, but no. It’ll feel too much like a porno that Kota produced. Too bad~”

“You heard what he said, Nawada-san, so please relax. You’re able to avoid the experience precisely because I took the initiative to tell him.”

“Huh? Why ya soundin’ so proud o’ yaself for?”

“Oh, I see, so you’re a pretty shrewd tactician.”

“Unlike you, heh.”

Ugh, what the hell was this conversation? With everything between them, Shin could only think that these two idiots were actually really good friends, but he didn’t know whether or not he really wanted to hear the secret that they shared between them.


The main story, “Love Rivals and Irises,” is the sequel to “Side Profiles and Irises,” which was released in 2017 and tells the story of how Tatsuki and Shin first fell in love. The story of Kunieda-san and Ushio, who appear in “Secrets and Irises,” can be read in “Yes, No, or Maybe Half?” Volumes 1 through 3 and the side story collection “Off Air.” I would love it if you ever get to read them. Apologies for the over-the-top self-promotion.

It is thanks to all my dear readers, my editor, and the illustrator, Takemiya Lala-sensei, that I’m able to develop this series even further. As always, I thank you all so much. Every time I write a new story, I renew myself with ever more gratitude to you all. Please continue to watch over everyone from Asahi TV. I will give it my all as an author.

Thank you very much.

Ichiho Michi

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

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