Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 2 Ch. 18

Chapter 18: Secrets and Irises (5)

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“This morning our announcers went to Nishinomiya Shrine for a behind-the-scenes look at the Lucky Man race, however… Minagawa-san, what were you thinking? You even went all the way to Hyogo for the race.”

“I suppose you could call it a homing instinct? My feet just naturally headed towards a familiar face.”

“Oh, well yes, that very staff member is right here in front us. Can the camera get a shot of him? …And he looks like he’s about to die as he desperately crosses his arms to say no, so let’s give him a break, shall we? Let’s get a few words from Kunieda-san, the reporter for the story.”

“We are very sorry to all the staff and participants at the race for the commotion that we caused this morning. We promise that we will give them a stern lecture about their actions.”

“And so he says. That’s all we have for the show tonight. Thank you for joining us at The News. Good night, and we’ll see you again tomorrow.”

“Apparently people are calling me the Phantom Number 0 Lucky Man on the Internet.”

“Sounds like somethin’ an eighth grader would say.”

“What? I think it’s pretty cool! Oh, yeah, Nacchan, weren’t you going to blur out your face with a mosaic?”

“I tried addin’ it, but Shitara-san was right, it just made it look more questionable, so I left it off. Plus they already showed my face on the live broadcast— Anyway…”


“Ya dun seem tired at all.”

“I was, but now I’m wide awake again~”

Maybe Tatsuki had sustained his special travel mode through the day because he was more fired up than usual for the broadcast (even more so). And when they wrapped for the night, he promptly asked, “You’re coming over, right?” like the question was already settled, and brought Shin home with him. And now, here they were.

“But I feel like I’ll drop dead as soon as I hit the bed, so let’s fool around out here, okay?”

Tatsuki pulled Shin to him so that they faced each other on the sofa. He removed only the clothing on Shin’s upper body, stroking the bare chest there with his hands splayed wide, and asked, “You didn’t get any bruises or anything, did you?”

“I’m okay. But it did hurt a lot, like my chest was gonna cave in. It musta hurt for ya too.”

“I was too excited at the time, and I don’t remember feeling anything.”

Shin sat straddling Tatsuki’s lap, and his vantage point was higher than usual. The crinkled smiling eyes shone glossy and clear, as if they had become water and would spill at any moment. But his eyelashes soon hid them away as Tatsuki dropped his head against Shin’s shoulder.

“Ahhh… I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

“You mean everything with Kunieda-san?”

“Yes! I mean, normally, he would never ever do that sort of favor for me. I’m so glad that Tsuzuki-san was there.”

“Tsuzuki-san’s pretty incredible. He really ain’t angry with ya?”

“He chewed me out once and left it at that. What about you, Nacchan? Do you feel any jealousy or grudges towards Kunieda-san?”

Now that he thought about it, not really. He didn’t feel any sense of inferiority either—thoughts like how low of a hurdle Tatsuki had dropped to go from Kunieda-san to Shin.

“No, not at all. But I do wonder how ya coulda gone for such a person.”

“What? That he’s a flower on a peak, way out of my league?”

“If ya referring to his public face, yeah.”

“What about his private one?”

“…Kinda like Catch the Legendary River Monster of the Amazon! …I guess?”

Tatsuki hugged Shin tight and roared with laughter. “Oh my god, I’m totally gonna say it to Kunieda-san when I see him tomorrow, I know it. I’m gonna go, ‘Listen to what my Kitarou has to say about you~’”

“No! Dun ya dare say anythin’!”

“I don’t know if I can keep it to myself~ Maybe if you give me a bribe to keep me quiet~”

“What? Geez…”

At the very transparent solicitation, Shin responded with a kiss to his lips. As he pressed his lips to cheeks and ears, and felt lips on himself in return, Shin did wonder whether Tatsuki liked the flower or the fish, but he no longer cared and tossed the question from his mind. As long as Tatsuki only looked at Shin like he did right now, that was all that he needed.

“Thank ya for givin’ it ya all,” Shin said, rubbing his hands over Tatsuki’s back with just a thin T-shirt between them. “I love ya so much.”

“Is this part of the bribe to keep me quiet?”


Tatsuki teased him with that question despite knowing the answer, so Shin nipped at his earlobe.

“I’m just sayin’ how I really feel.”

His words completely turned on Tatsuki’s switch, and Tatsuki devoured his lips and tongue, all while he very clearly groped at Shin’s bare skin.

“Ahh… nhhh, ah.”

His body heated up, like matches had struck his skin wherever they could reach, until eventually he burned with a single large flame deep inside his belly. He was sure that Tatsuki was the same inside.


Pads of fingers squeezed a nipple, and Shin arched his head back. Tatsuki repeated his attentions to the other one, but then he caught Shin’s toes and tickled them, stirring his arousal. 

“Take your belt off,” Tatsuki whispered. “And mine too.”

Shin thought that Tatsuki probably didn’t feel like freeing his hands to do it himself. His impatience was so cute that Shin patted his head and said, “Ya such a dummy,” before doing as he asked.

Shin undid their belts and opened the fronts of their jeans, and this time Tatsuki instructed him, “Under the cushion over there.”


Shin reached over to search under the cushion and found a tube of lube. And of course, that was not where they usually kept it.

“When did this get here…?”

“It’s important to plan and be prepared, right?” Tatsuki laughed as he slid his fingers along the dips of his back and collarbone.

It made Shin even more embarrassed that Tatsuki could be so innocently playful at a time like this. “Ya such a dumb nut!” he said, lightly smacking his head.

“Nnh… ahh…”

His nipples had flushed red from the attention Tatsuki’s fingertips had given them, and Tatsuki leaned in to push his lips over one of them.


Tatsuki sucked hard at the nipple, and Shin bent backwards at the thorns of pleasure that prickled him.

“If ya gonna plan things out, then ya shoulda turned the lights off first.”

“I think it takes more planning to keep the lights on.”


Tatsuki swirled his tongue around the swollen little nipple and reached his hand slathered with lube under the loosened waist of Shin’s jeans down towards a very perilous area.


The cold, thick gel skimmed past his tailbone and moistened the little hole hidden deeper beyond it. A finger smeared the wetness at the entrance and eventually buried itself inside. His entire body stiffen in reflex, and Shin clung his arms to Tatsuki’s back. Tatsuki pressed kisses to the nape of his neck and used both of his hands to open Shin up. Two fingers spread open his hole as Tatsuki pushed a finger from his other hand inside, penetrating deeper and slickening the way.

“Noo, ahh, ahhh… ngh, nnnh…!”

Shin folded his upper body so that only his bottom stuck out, wanton and needy, taking all of Tatsuki’s touches. The same fingers on each hand took turns pushing in and pulling out, and Shin could feel his hole, as it swallowed the foreign objects, slowly soften and stretch to accommodate something much larger. The depth of penetration didn’t yet reach a certain particular spot, but he gradually heated up there.

“Nnh— Nooo, ahhh.”

The rising sensation that stiffened the inside of his body was painful, but counter to the pain was a joy that threatened to burst out through his skin. Shin writhed as he tangled his arms around Tatsuki’s neck, listening to a whisper in his ear.

“Touch yourself. In the front.”

“Nooo, I dun wanna…”

“Come on, please. If you do, we’ll probably finish faster. It feels good for you, doesn’t it, Nacchan?”

That sweet seductive voice purred, “Please,” over and over again at the hairline by his ear, and that temptation wrested away more of his agency than if Tatsuki had demanded or coerced it. Shin slowly reached his hand down, freed his already straining cock from his underwear, and started to touch himself.


Just with his hesitant strokes, from the root to the tip, he could feel his hole in the back squeeze down tight. Shin wanted to run away from this instinctive reaction of his, but Tatsuki happily encouraged him on.

“Oh, see? You’re reacting really nicely here.”

“Noo, dun, ya dummy…”

It was embarrassing, but he couldn’t stop, which made him even more embarrassed. Still, in the end, he would lose to his lust. Shin buried his face into the crook of Tatsuki’s neck and closed his eyes as he pleasured himself. What was different from when he normally did this was an additional pleasure that poured into him from the other side of his body. The dual indulgences were connected by an invisible circuit. Every time he stroked himself, and every time Tatsuki’s fingers pumped in and out of him, the connection would surge, and his arousal would multiply. When he thought about the shameful squelching sounds that came from the lube, he then realized that the sounds came from his own cock, dripping with fluid.

“Aaah… Ah, Minagawa—”

“Oh, that’s hot. I like hearing my name as you jack off. It’s like you’re using me as your fap material.”

His tone was light, but Tatsuki’s voice radiated an urgency that felt like it could scorch Shin’s hair.

“I don’t think I can hold back anymore. Is it okay?” Tatsuki asked, seeking coitus, as he pressed his fingers into Shin. It nearly made him come, as Shin tried to stave off his orgasm. 

He whispered, “Yeah,” and nuzzled Tatsuki’s sweat-matted forehead. “Come here.”

Shin briefly stood up on his knees and pulled his jeans and underwear as far down as they could go. He supported himself on Tatsuki’s shoulders and carefully lowered his hips.

“G-Go slowly, okay? Ahh— Aaah….”

“I know… I think…” 

With the worrisome answer, Tatsuki captured Shin’s hips and guided them down—to join them together and share the need that filled each of them.


“Oh, yes…”

Even the tips of his fingers trembled. It was neither chill nor fear, but an intoxication with a slight hint of both. When he took Tatsuki’s pulsing desire inside him, Shin pressed his lips together with a “Mnn” and looked at Tatsuki. Tatsuki also looked back at Shin. They drew together simultaneously for a deep, passionate kiss. They starved for one another while they satisfied each other.

“Nnnh, nghh… Ah—”

The frustration in his belly grew, and Shin reached over Tatsuki’s shoulders to grab the back of the sofa, and without waiting for Tatsuki, started to move his hips.

“Aaahh! Ah, aah.”

“Nacchan, yes, that’s amazing,” Tatsuki said, as he repeatedly touched with his fingertips the hidden place where they were joined. Shin could feel how aroused Tatsuki became groping that spot, feeling their connection. When he felt Tatsuki’s gaze on him, he suddenly became embarrassed and begged, “Close your eyes.” 

“No way,” Tatsuki refused. “It’s a nice view.”

“Ya can’t, nooo, aaaahh…”

His knees bobbed up and down on the sofa seat, the springiness slightly different from the bed. Shin was so dizzy, he felt like his body would be flung from the sofa like this, to some place he didn’t know.

“Nnn— Nooo!”

It felt good, but Shin was too unaccustomed to this, so even though he wanted to come, he couldn’t. Tatsuki wrapped his hand around Shin’s cock while he was in this incomplete combustible state.

“Ahhh… Noo…”

Shin was caught in a thick desire between his front and his back, and sparks surged up from behind his eyes. He only saw white, like no other colors even existed.

“No, I can’t, Minagawa, I’m gonna come.”

“Okay. Like this?”


Tatsuki timed the deep thrust of his cock to his twisting of his fingers on the tip of Shin’s shaft. Shin tightened down on Tatsuki, reacting to his own pleasure, and came.


Shin slumped against the chest in front of him, and Tatsuki comforted him with pats to his back.

“Thanks for your hard work.”

However, there was a hard arousal that was still lodged inside of Shin.

“And now it’s my turn.”

“Huh? —Ahh!”

Tatsuki forcefully scooped up the legs that Shin had collapsed on, bending his knees up in the air.

“No, nooo.”

It changed the depth and angle of Tatsuki’s cock inside of him, and the position pushed them deeper and closer, and made his hole gasp obscenely. Tatsuki held Shin in his arms and thrust up, and for a moment he couldn’t even think about the half-removed clothing that bunched together and bothered him. He could only cling to Tatsuki, moaning under his mercy.

“Aaaah… aaahh, ah…”

Shin was rocked into, spread open, turned into a puddle. Tatsuki’s precome coated his insides, and the obscene noises, together with their voices, tormented his ears.

“Ah, aaah— No, I’m gonna…”

“Me too… I can’t hold on any longer…”

“Ah— Aaah…”

Searching for his climax, Tatsuki pounded into Shin relentlessly. Each repetition before long sent Shin soaring.

“Noo, ahh, aaah, ngh.”

“Nnh, Nacchan, I love you,” Tatsuki said, going deeper and deeper, and stroking his desire. “Seriously, you’re the only one for me forever.”


Was Shin the one laid open and bared? Or was Shin the one coaxing, drawing more of Tatsuki? Their exchanges of passions blended together to create a vortex, and Shin even forgot that a boundary existed between their two bodies, and in that moment, Tatsuki found his release. Shin spasmed in his abdomen as he felt himself come, like something had burst somewhere other than his cock.

“Ah, aaah… ngh!”

“Ngh… Ahh—…”

After a brief silence, the sound of rough breathing filled the room. Tatsuki rested his chin on Shin’s shoulder, said “That felt so good,” and then chuckled as if he had remembered something.


“I was just thinking that we’re in the same position as this morning when I finished the race~”

“Dun say that!”

They took a shower and finally lay down in bed for the first time in two days, and Shin felt like he would immediately drop unconscious. But he didn’t want their short trip to be over yet, so he forced himself to talk.

“So ya fortune turned out to be right.”

“Gods can do some good things sometimes.”

“Why ya actin’ so superior?”

“Even if I don’t do the Lucky Man race next year, I’d like to go back again and draw another fortune there. I’m curious what I’ll get next time.”

If they were only walking around, then Shin could do that with him.

“But the new year only just started.”

“Oh, you’re right.”

It was truly a turbulent start of the year’s opening act, and his fears and worries would be endless, but things would probably work out no matter what obstacles came before them, Shin thought as he softly lowered Tatsuki’s eyelids that flickered open and closed. His prayer, that Tatsuki return to him safely, had reached the gods.

And so it was okay. His wish would come true.

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

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