Off Air – Vol. 2 Extra 14

Extra 14: Summer Dream

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“And next we have the weather. The heat today has continued to be quite intense, hasn’t it?”

“It sure has. The severity of this heat is due to a sudden high-pressure system over the Pacific Ocean. Kunieda-san, you reported outside today in the afternoon earlier. I hope that you were all right in the heat?”

“Yes, thank you. As for the weather tomorrow…”

“As seen in the illustration here, unfortunately, the intense heat is expected to continue.”

“I see…”

“Oh, do you have plans to head outside tomorrow?”

“Oh, no. I was just thinking about the illustration in the sketchbook.”

“Huh? O-Oh, does it look poorly drawn? I’m sorry, I don’t have much of any artistic sense…” 

“No, I could care less about that particular issue. What bothers me is that the sun is drawn so that it’s sweating and feeling the heat. I’ve seen similar representations of the sun like this, but I find it to be quite odd, and I want to ask the sun, ‘Why are you exhausted from the heat?’ Does a puffer fish ever poison itself with its own toxins?”

“Uh, umm…”

“It’s inscrutable to me whenever I see such a thing. I find it to be as incomprehensible as those signboards for barbecue places with a cow happily eating meat. I just don’t understand it.”

“Um, please pardon us for the slight digression during the weather segment just now. Announcer Kunieda appears to have been hit by the heat despite his cool, composed complexion. Everyone, please be careful out there! Now let’s change gears and make way for Sports~!”

“…So that’s how the dream went. Scary, right?”

“Don’t wake me up just to tell me that! It’s 3:30 in the morning! Screw you.”

“It’d be funny if the dream becomes real.”

“That would make it scary! And it won’t!”

“Hmm, I wonder if it’s because it’s too hot to sleep. Let’s turn on the air con and drop the temperature a little.”

And if it became chilly in the morning, and they started to feel cold, they could borrow the body heat that was right there beside them.

Translator Note: This is the last of the extras for now. I’ll update them as new ones come out, but for now, please look forward to “Color Bar,” the Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka Guidebook that will come out in December.

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

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  1. Aawwwww.. aaaaawwwww aaaaahhh so cute lol Ushio’s dreams with Kei are just hilarious xD

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

      1. I was writing a comment, re-read the chapter for more feelings and accidentally clicked on the reply bottom and the comment was gone ( ╹▽╹ )

        I can’t help but gush about how every ending phrase has something heartwarming like “I don’t have to be scared of cold because you are here”

        feels like those fables with a story and a main theme phrase thing in the end? idk I just love it (´ω`)

        thank you for the chapter! (I’m sad I was busy and couldn’t comment for so long…)

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          I love how Sensei finishes her scenes and short stories too. Especially when it’s cute like this. It just leaves you with a warm feeling to go on with the rest of your day.❤❤❤

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