Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 3 Ch. 35 Update

Kei is exhausted from thinking, speaking, and crying, but he has what he needs in his arms again.

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HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE OFF AIR 2 RELEASE!!! “Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka” is in talks for an anime!!!! How exciting is that!? And it so deserves it too!!

There’s also a mini-blurb hinting at the new story in December.

I don’t want anyone to know just how cute you can be.

Uh-oh, does this mean jealousy on Ushio’s part?

I’ve been holding off on this doodle from Takemiya-sensei that she did in response to the mini-blurb printed on the bottom cover sash for “Where Home Is”—If you lose your way home, I’ll come and bring you back.

What happened between Kei and Ushio makes me want to cry, but this doodle makes me want to laugh. I love it.

P.S. The sash that Kei is wearing says “Tokyo 1st District.”

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