Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 3 Ch. 33 Update

Kei does some sleuthing and pays a visit to Ushio’s grandmother.

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The cover for Off Air Volume 2 was released the other day! How adorable are Kei and Ushio??? Especially Kei! 💕💕💕 This time Kei is the one brushing his teeth~ And he has bed hair! 😂

From the looks of the special bonus announcements, the volume includes Fools Rush In, about Kei, Ushio, and Tatsuki getting pass-out drunk at Ushio’s house, Rose-Colored Pop, about Ushio and Kei taking a couple of trips together, and Just Like Honey, about the days after Ushio and Kei first get together in Volume 1. October 29th can’t come fast enough!

Off Air Volume 2 Cover

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        1. Very true! I’d love to have a better look at Ushio too. Maybe we’ll get something in December with the new story! *crosses fingers*

          1. T.T oh gahd I could only count for you nachte-sama.. TvT)/ pleath continue supplying us with eyecandies like this.. hnnggghhh i sure hope it comes.. it would be a great christmas gift :3

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