Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 2 Ch. 19 Update

Kei can’t help but to reserve a guestroom and buy a Shinkansen ticket to head over to Nagano. He plans to hole himself up in the room without seeing Ushio, however…?

Extra note: Hey, guys, I just finished up the first draft of Volume 2, and without comments, it’s very likely I’m not going to translate the spinoffs for the Yes/No series. So if you like the chapters, leave a comment and let me know! It’ll help keep me going with the spinoffs, and maybe, maybe even the doujinshi. (I own them all and they are good. They go on a trip to Hokkaido together! Ushio gets his sexy times with Kunieda-san! We get Ushio’s full perspective of Volume 1! They visit Kei’s parents again!) Otherwise I’ll just stop when I finish the main series and Off Air.

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6 thoughts on “Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 2 Ch. 19 Update”

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Yes/No series, thank you!

      I love the Yes/No series so much and I’m happy to keep translating everything as long as people like it! It just seems like people aren’t very interested when I don’t hear from anyone. But thank you for letting me know that you do like it~

  1. Oh gahd I’m so sorry from now on I’m gonna comment everytime I read (oh gahd I’m so sorry I got lazy over commenting huhu).. I just wanted to say that your translation is actually so easy to follow and that you’re doing very good.. huhu thank you so much for picking this up since it’s kinda rare that I like japanese bl novels hehe, i do like their manga very much but not much for their novels.. FIGHTOOOO

    Thanks for the chap~

    1. Ahaha, I probably picked the worst combination of Modern Day, non-ABO, and JP for my first novel to translate, but given how ridiculously good this series is, how could I not pick it up?

      But thank you for letting me know how you like my translations! It’s fine if you’re too lazy to comment when there are other comments, but when there are zero comments, I makes me sad when I love this series so freaking much. T_T

      IMO, this series is criminally under-read, but I promise at the very least to finish the main series and OFF AIR. Volume 3 is my favorite, omgggggg, watch out for your heart and the feels. But I really do want to translate the Tatsuki spinoffs! He is so good in them. <3333

  2. Really love this novel! You are doing a brilliant job with the translation, and I really appreciate all your hard work – please keep it up!

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! I’m glad you’re enjoying the novel so much! I haven’t been able to get this series off my mind since I read it, and I’m happy to see others love the characters and the story too.

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