Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 4 Ch. 5

Chapter 5: Open It Up (5)

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Shitara drew closer and pressed a kiss to his temple. He whispered, “If you’re really about to crash and fall, please come and tell me before it happens.”

Sakae couldn’t see the face that he made. Did that mean that Shitara would transfer him again if he were to raise a white flag and say that he couldn’t do it? Sakae couldn’t bring himself to ask.

Instead, Sakae wrapped his arms around Shitara’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss like he wanted to bite him. Sakae devoured the mouth more fiercely than before, and he could feel the fire that had calmed inside of his body whirl up again like the wind.

“…See? You’re out of whack.”

“Shut up and quit nagging me.” 

The words were meant for himself, unable to stop his mind from wandering over all these different thoughts whenever he was with Shitara. Shitara turned the comment aside with a “Yes, yes,” and dragged his tongue along Sakae’s neck near the base of his ear. It was a late night in the spring; it felt cold to lie somewhere without bedding with his skin exposed. That was why he sought the warmth in front of him without delay. He wanted more fuel, more desire to be added to him—from Shitara’s tongue, from Shitara’s fingers.


When Shitara touched Sakae’s nipples, the chills that ran through him in an instant immediately burned through his skin. It was when he had sex that he fully understood how very similar the sensations of heat and cold were to each other. The shivering tremors volatilized and gradually heated his skin. Sakae’s sweatpants were shifted out of the way with his underwear, and there was no time for his half-hard cock to wilt in the open air as Shitara rubbed it and made Sakae catch his breath.


The honest reactions from that part of him always gave Sakae more relief than shame or humiliation. He loved the raw sensation of excitement that boiled his blood and flesh from the caresses that he received. He relaxed into the touches—since it was useless to think about the things that bothered him anyway. In the end, they were both essentially animals after all.

“Ah, ahh.”

His cock strained under the actions of hand and fingers until Shitara switched over to pleasure him with his mouth. Wrapped up in the warm and wet flesh, the instinct to come surged inside him, and Sakae sensed that his cock was drawn to its limit. He went against the cry from his body that wanted release; he suppressed the impulse and indulged in the pleasure from the blow job. Shitara licked him thoroughly from root to tip before sucking down harder and wetter on the already drenched shaft.

“Nnh, nnh… Ah.”

He could feel Shitara’s throat, his jaw, the teeth that applied a slight pressure to the vein that bulged out from the surface. The excitement mixed with a sense of danger was so intense that it almost melted his body, and yet he could still hold out for more, but then the mouth removed itself from his erection and searched for a place that was much deeper.


It was a place that needed a different type of self-control. His body tried to escape; it was less familiar with this type of sex than when he was the one to penetrate, but when a single finger slid inside of him, he could no longer move around as if he was pinned down and helpless. His backside still lacked moisture, and the tongue fed it saliva as the finger probed around and soaked him through with wetness. The loud sounds from the mischievous movements were seductive with guilt.

There was pain from taking a foreign body into his hole that wasn’t completely loose yet. The distress of pushing back into his insides always felt fresh every time when it happened, and he couldn’t say that he welcomed it, but then all of a sudden, a lust would appear that would turn his skin inside out—and he knew this particular feeling too. Especially when the finger sought out the spot inside his body that seemed to be designed to give him physical pleasure, and in an instant, the discomfort inverted into exhilaration, causing his head to spin from the sudden rush of sensations and from the lust that grew inside his belly. With a taste for the sexual offerings bestowed upon it, his hole clenched down tight with no regards to his feelings on the matter.


He craved more oxygen, but he couldn’t breathe very well. Instead, only gasps and moans spilled from his mouth. There was nothing that he could do about any of it himself—not any of the distress or of the pleasure. Maybe the experience of sexuality was the realization that the body was something that easily betrayed the heart. 

Then what about when the heart betrayed itself?

“Nnh, nnh…”

It felt like the fingers twisted into his thoughts even, and his brain wouldn’t work. It made him feel relieved. Even at how Shitara’s saliva penetrated his stretched open depths—a sensation like his territory was invaded little by little. For just a moment, Sakae wanted to let go and surrender himself. Hatefully, there was only one person that he could allow himself to surrender to.

“You’re stretching out nicely.”

“Don’t… spell out… every single detail.”

“But it feels more reassuring this way.”

“If I was going to chicken out, I wouldn’t have done it in the first place.”

“No,” Shitara said, his voice turning soft. “I meant me.”

“I don’t get what that’s supposed to mean.”

Don’t lay the blame on me for your fear or uneasiness.

But it also irritated the hell out of Sakae to see Shitara give him that usual composed face of his. And it bugged him that Shitara raised an eyebrow at his deviation from normal even though it was all Shitara’s fault anyway.

“Aaah, ah, ahhh.”

Shitara rubbed him from the inside, and there was nothing that Sakae could do about his arousal—it swelled up so much that it just tumbled over. He couldn’t stop it. He couldn’t hold it back. He couldn’t take it anymore. He felt like a bunch of parts turning inside of him had increased their rotational speeds, and they were about to burn out.

“Ah, don’t touch me there.”

Sakae shook his head at the hand that stroked his cock that verged on the brink of explosion.

“I thought that it might be good to let you come for now.”

“It’s fine. It’s more tiring to deal with yours afterwards.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

Shitara calmly went to spread Sakae’s legs, and apparently he had no intentions to go easy on him.


Shitara’s desire touched his thoroughly fingered hole, and that was enough for Sakae to curve his head back as spasms reached the tips of his fingers. And though it was exceedingly modest, his hole twitched and asserted itself, swallowing down the full girth of the cock in a most salacious way. But before he could take it all in, Shitara started pumping in and out of him with about half of his length, and the shallow thrusts brought out his lust and anticipation.

“Ah, aaah, stop that, ah… ngh, ahhh.”

When Sakae squeezed down on the cock inside him, his arousal swelled open and found a release that felt endless to him. Just as Sakae finished and relaxed, Shitara didn’t miss the timing and thrust his full length into Sakae’s body.


Clips of white screens and black flickered back and forth inside of his mind. The sound of his heartbeat reverberated in heat throughout his body as something hard stirred him up inside. He felt like maybe even the shape of his heart could change.

“…Wouldn’t you be tired either way?”

Shitara gave a faint smile as he drew the tip within the tender insides. It was better than that shady expression of his that he always wore, but it still pissed Sakae off.

“Ah, you little…”


“…I can’t think of anything.”

What are you? Seriously, what are you? Yeah, you’re my man, that’s true, and I’m fine with it, but still.

“You sure become honest at the strangest things.”

Shitara suddenly leaned forward and pressed a loud kiss to an ankle that had been hooked over his shoulder. And then he reached for Sakae’s spent cock with one hand.

“Nnh, ngh, aaah…”

Sakae didn’t want to be touched there, and he almost felt like kicking Shitara off of him, but when the clever hand rubbed him with the same rhythm as inside, the stinging sensation of disgust underwent a chemical reaction and transformed into lust again. With his front hard and aroused, it felt like his back followed suit as it twitched in clear reaction to the ministrations, and Sakae could sense very well that this pleased Shitara. There was the over-swollen desire that got even harder, the blood vessels that expanded and pressed into his walls, the pulsations that quickened even faster. Come that had splattered onto his belly was still warm on top of the flushed skin.

“Aaah, ah, aah—”

Sakae held onto his man. His wet open hole held and sucked the thickness with defiance. And Sakae’s man thrust into Sakae, grinding into him, overwhelming him with arousal. It was like his heart was bared and exposed as Shitara fulfilled Sakae with a furious pulse, and Sakae shut out everything that wasn’t this man.

If there was a part of Shitara that Sakae could definitively say that he loved, then it was probably the way that Shitara put his all into the sex that they had. Not his skills, but his lack of hesitation. Well, even if Sakae were to compliment him for it, Shitara would probably say unembarrassed with a cool expression on his face, It’s just a waste of time if I do it half-assed. It was refreshing to Sakae who had never exerted effort into his sexual encounters. Maybe Shitara had always had this kind of sex with other people. Maybe he just stuck with what he knew when he did this with Sakae. But it didn’t particularly piss him off to think this. Maybe it was because he didn’t have a specific person in mind in his head?

“Sakae, what are you thinking about?”

“Nothing really.”

“Yeah? Then concentrate here.”

Shitara changed the angle and drove into him.

“Ah, I… am… ngh.”

Sakae was thinking about Shitara, so broadly speaking, it was true.

“Are you really…? Ah, I’m about to come. I’m going to go harder.”

“Aaah! Ah, wait.”

“I won’t wait.”

“Ah, nnnh… aah.”

Shitara thrust into him over and over again. However, the pleasure wasn’t uniform. The place was slightly different every time, and the changes in strength and tempo charged him with electricity. It felt good. Sakae had never known that these minute variations existed until he slept with Shitara. Nor had he known the sense of liberation or ecstasy that came with drowning helplessly in a pleasure that surged far above the draft gauges. Nor of the satisfaction that he could feel when his body made his partner aroused. 

It felt good.


“Ah… ngh, aaah, nnh!”

Even if what awaited him after they fulfilled each other was nothing but frustration that tried his patience again.

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

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  1. Ughh, I love the line when Shitara says, “If you’re really about to crash and fall, please come and tell me before it happens.”

    It’s like, Sakae, of course he’s worried about you! But he respects your space and automony as an adult, and he’s going to trust that you will come to him when you’ve done everything you can. Ahhh, I can feel so much love and trust in that line, even though we know how hard it had to be on him when he found Sakae collapsed the last time. o(TヘTo)

    Also “Then what about when the heart betrayed itself?”

    Sakae, your heart and mind has belonged to Shitara for so long now, you should know the answer to that question. (。_。)

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