Side Profiles and Irises – Vol. 2 Ch. 12

Chapter 12: Love Rivals and Irises (12)

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Shin left all the equipment and materials with Kotarou and headed over directly to Tatsuki’s apartment.

“Nacchan, you must be freezing. You should go ahead and take a shower first.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Shin accepted the offer and stepped into the bathroom, and when he turned the lever for the showerhead, cold water hit his feet and made him shiver, but he stood there and toughed it out, and the water warmed up fast, turning nice and toasty. He liked the moment when he could feel the heat of the water warm him up.

However, just when he was about to step under the spray of hot water, the door suddenly opened behind him.

“I take it back~!”

“Waaah! What!?”

“I couldn’t control myself any longer, so I decided to hop in too.”

“Whatta ya mean ya decided to hop in too!?”

This was Tatsuki’s apartment and Shin thought that it was probably too much to yell “Get out,” so he pointed the showerhead at him and said, “Go away!” The lights were too bright in the bathroom, and it was embarrassing how conspicuous their bodies were in this tiny space.

“I don’t wanna.”

Tatsuki easily took the showerhead away from Shin and returned it to the hook with the water still on. He then gathered Shin into his arms.

“…I’ve been wanting to touch you for so long.”

Chilled bare skin touched chilled bare skin, and it immediately gave Shin goosebumps, but once it subsided, he recalled a much different sensation.

“Yeah.” Shin wrapped his arms around Tatsuki and finally took a deep breath inside his embrace. “Me too…”

“I’m sorry, Nacchan,” Tatsuki whispered, running his hand up and down over Shin’s hair. “Just before you called out Kota’s name… You were smiling in your sleep, looking so happy. It made me soften, wondering what kind of nice dream you were having—that’s why my reaction was so angry.”

“No, it’s okay.” Shin rubbed his bangs back and forth against Tatsuki’s collarbones. “I’m sorry that I kept things from ya.”

“It’s fine~ …Oh, right.”


“About the person who I used to, well, um, like. I do want to tell you what you want to know about him, but I have some groundwork I need to lay, or rather a few roadblocks I need to clear—I don’t say it as an excuse, but I was wondering if you could give me some time…”

Tatsuki’s explanation didn’t really explain anything at all, but Shin no longer felt uneasy.

“Okay,” he said, slipping a hand over a shoulder blade. “Tell me whenever ya feel ready, Minagawa. I’ll believe in ya.”

Because Tatsuki did everything to let him do so.

“Thanks. Hey, were you crying just before I arrived at the beach?”

“…Just a lil’.”

“Was it because of Kota?”

“No.” Shin shook his head and looked up at Tatsuki. “It was ’cause o’ ya.”


Tatsuki smiled proudly and brought his head down. Shin wanted to look into his eyes, into those irises, into the deepest parts of their depths, but he closed his eyes like always. They stood in the steamy bathroom, the sound of water hitting the floor and the walls, as they held each other, kissing over and over again. Saliva moistened his lips, the viscosity much different from the water spraying them from the showerhead, and the intimate exchange between their tongues slowly and surely bewitched him.

“Nnh… ahh.”

As Tatsuki devoured Shin’s lips, he brushed back the hair along the sides of Shin’s temples, tracing his fingers along the exposed ears. Tatsuki teased him by tucking a finger inside, and the soft downy hairs at the back of his ears shivered with his arousal. They warmed from their feet up, their skin getting wetter as they brushed their desires together that had started to stir. The sensation of Tatsuki licking his palate from behind his teeth felt like a soft caress from inside his skull. Shin felt as if the orderly bundles of muscle fibers, blood vessels, and nerves slowly unraveled inside him for Tatsuki to seep into the crevices and fill him to the brim.

“Are you still cold?” Tatsuki asked, pecking at Shin’s lips like his curiosity would never be satisfied with enough of them. “Should we draw a bath?”

“Nnh… I’m okay, I’m already warmed up.”

Shin added in a low voice, “I wanna hurry up an’ do it,” and Tatsuki kissed the hell out of him, hard and haphazard and breathless. When Tatsuki laid him out on the bed, an arousal thicker than the shower steam had already filled his body.


Just the brush of fingertips over his nipples made them harden and turn red. Tatsuki took turns playing with each blood-infused nub, a sign of Shin’s arousal, over and over again. Every time the fingertips pressed them or pinched them, a tiny seed inside of him would burst into fire, spurring on his lust.

“Aaah… no.”

Shin unconsciously lifted his chest, and Tatsuki stroked the flat curve of skin with the palm of his hand as he sucked a round, pointed nipple in between his lips.

“Nnh, nnhh.”

That sensitive erogenous zone felt terribly heated and terribly cold under the stimulation of Tatsuki’s tongue. There was too much of it, and Shin trembled from the rawness of his skin. When Shin felt little nibbles of teeth, the tiny little nub swelled all naughty and wanton, and Shin felt as if he had fallen under an illusion where his heart tumbled into Tatsuki’s mouth, pounding out of control.

“Apparently, the skin on the belly is closest to your original skin color.”


“That would make you very pale, Nacchan.”

“Nnh… Everybody’s pale there.”

“No, not always. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is…” Tatsuki fondled the perky nipples with a twist of his fingers.


“You look dangerously red here. They don’t hurt, right?”

“Y-Ya should know…without askin’!”

“But it looks kind of painful… And yet it turns me on.”


Tatsuki ran his tongue up, down, left, right, and all around a nipple. It didn’t hurt in the slightest, but Shin was so aroused that it almost hurt. The pleasure given to him by this inconsequential little spot was so excessive that Shin felt a wave of relief when Tatsuki took a hold of his cock, which could actually end it all with its release. However, Tatsuki plied him with touches stronger than his own, and he felt like he would be flipped inside out with his excruciation.


But Shin wasn’t allowed to close his legs, no, Tatsuki spread them open even further so that they almost creaked out loud. Just when Shin thought that Tatsuki would touch the tip of his tongue to Shin’s very hard and straining erection, Tatsuki took the whole shaft into his mouth and sucked.

“Ahh, no, dun…” Shin grabbed Tatsuki’s hair.


“I-If ya do that, I’ll…”

“Hm? You’ll come? Go ahead, it’s not like you’re only allowed to come once.”

“Nnn, no!”

Although his come would get thinner and thinner the more times he came; conversely, his lust boiled down to become thicker and thicker, and Shin was scared that he would lose all reason and sanity. However, Tatsuki went down on his cock without any hesitation, like Oh, don’t mind me, tickling the bare impatience with his tongue, his teeth, and his breath. Tatsuki had very thoroughly toyed with his nipples, yes, but the spiraling ascent of his arousal happened fast. When Shin felt Tatsuki press the remarkably soft underside of his tongue to the tip of his cock, the tiny hole there, like it was carved by the tip of a toothpick, secreted beads of fluid.

“Aaah… Ahh, nooo… ngh.”

It was only a small amount, but there was no end in sight as Tatsuki played with the sensitive underside of Shin’s cock however he felt like, and every time he circled his lips under the ridge of the head and drew up on it, he would wring out even more from Shin as pleasure concentrated inside of him. A new droplet would form when Tatsuki sucked down on him, and Shin felt like it would go on forever. However, there certainly was a limit.

“Nooo… dun, ya can’t… Minagawa, please… ngh.”

“Nn, go ahead.”

Tatsuki fisted Shin’s cock, pumping it from the root to the head while stretching his finger up to the area dripping wet with fluids, digging into the little hidden divot where skin converged.


It was much too tiny and narrow, and Tatsuki was not so unreasonable such that he would try to force it open, but all the stimulation that Shin had received from him thus far seemed to indicate that Tatsuki understood how much farther he could take him and where his limits were. The sense of discomfort in his body transformed, and it did not take much time for it to dissolve into pleasure, which poured into him by the hand stripping his cock as it made a string of squelching noises.

“Nnh, noo, aaaah…!”

The lump of desire inside his body reached its melting point, and in a blink of an eye, shot to up to boiling. It all streamed out of him with the trails of his moans.


And without even a rest, everything that should have dispersed started gathering inside his belly again as Tatsuki added lube to his moistened hole to prepare Shin to accept him. Shin swallowed Tatsuki’s finger, the way all slick and pliable for it.

“Ahh, ah, ahhh… ngh.”

The thick lubricant coated his hole as Tasuki slowly stretched him open, moving deeper and deeper inside him. Shin felt like it had soaked into his bones, turned his hips into mush, and that maybe he could no longer get to his feet again. The clever maneuvers heated his body and heart until they disintegrated, creating dirty sounds as Tatsuki pushed up on the underside of his belly, unfailingly rubbing that spot like hardened lust over and over again.

“Aaah! Nooo, ahh… Nnh, no, dun… ngh.”

“Oh, amazing. You’re tightening up here.”


The pleasure that Shin received from that spot was like an inflammation that raged inside him so deep, so terrible, that every time that Tatsuki touched him there, Shin would think that he needed him to stop. But with just a single touch, Shin would want so much more that his entire body ached, and in the end, the only thing that he could do was drown himself in the sensations until the fear and guilt disappeared.

“Noo— Ah, ahh…”

Like bare feet sinking into smooth, wet sand, Shin felt as if Tatsuki’s fingers would spread open his tender insides and just keep going forever. Though in actuality, Shin was never opened past the length of Tatsuki’s fingers, but the bent fingertips grazed him in places, grinding and twisting him open, as pleasure reverberated down to the depths beyond their reach, making his abdomen surge with a throbbing temptation.

“What about here?”

“Ah, nooo!”

As Tatsuki bestowed upon him stimulation from the back, he once again stroked Shin’s cock that had slowly gathered blood. At the same time, the fingers that spread him open inside distinctly matched the rhythm on his cock, thrusting in and out of him. Shin was but a toy strung between the two locations of lust and need, tugged from each end like a string.

“Aaah… Ah, ah… Nghh, noo—”

Shin wanted Tatsuki to pound him rougher and faster with something harder and hotter—something that would fill him so full that he would overflow. He was all too aware of his shameful lust with the unintentional rocking of his hips. He was embarrassed, but he couldn’t stop.

“Hmm? Here? You want more?”

Tatsuki did not miss the delicate spot that begged to be touched.


“Should I not touch you here?”


Dun ask me that question with a huge smile on ya face, ya dumb nut.

Tatsuki withdrew his fingers as he impatiently fondled the place that squirmed from the incessant attention, and then he gathered up into his arms Shin’s legs that long gone limp. That bit of anticipation was enough to make the desperate little rim that had been lavishly tormented clench down tight.



It had been a while since they had last done this, and it hurt to be penetrated. But because it hurt, Tatsuki’s cock felt even more real to him. It was much harder than he had imagined, straining so much that he almost felt sorry for it. He loved this intimate act of accepting it into his body so dearly that there was nothing that he could do.


“Are you okay?”


Tatsuki stretched up a little as he buried himself inside of Shin—Shin writhed at the moment when Tatsuki filled him to the hilt—and Tatsuki pressed a kiss to the corner of Shin’s eye mixed with sweat and a little bit of tears.

“I’ll go slow, okay?”

“…I’m fine.” Shin looped his arms around Tatsuki’s neck and shook his head.


“Ya dun hafta go slow…Y-Ya can go harder… an’ faster…”

Shin’s cheeks turned even redder than they already were as he mumbled his request.



Tatsuki widened his eyes for a moment and then gave a slight frown. 

“Hmmm, it’s a tough decision. But I think I feel like going slow and taking my time right now.”


“So enjoy yourself, okay?”

Tatsuki’s cock invaded Shin much deeper than his fingers, and bit by bit he pulled it out. Just on the verge of its full withdrawal, his hole tried to suck it back in, but Tatsuki once again purposefully spent the same excruciating amount of time to push it back in.


His inner walls recognized that being pressed open to conform to Tatsuki’s shape was not something to be worried about. The thought that his body wasn’t truly his own created gentle ripples of shudders and pleasure that carried Shin to some place far, far away.

“Something like this… Does it feel good?”


“Do you like it?”

“I like it… ngh.”

The slick in-and-out motions repeating the same slow rhythm were not at all monotonous; each and every stroke brought with it a fresh burst of pleasure. The waves, each repetition as it were, crested higher and higher, and Shin felt like he was gradually floating off the bed, directed to a place where gravity didn’t exist. His hole learned the timing of Tatsuki’s motions, perfectly clutching down once every several strokes, and it felt so good from the top of his head to the tips of his toes that there were probably no cells in his body that didn’t feel it.

“Ah, Minagawa… ahh, I can’t… I’m gonna come…”

Shin clung to Tatsuki and threw his head back, savoring a release that felt more like drowning than an outpour, swept up by a surge that quickly overwhelmed him. His climax felt like it played in slow motion, even though it should have lasted only a moment, and he ended with little trembles that wracked his entire body.


Shin rested back onto the sheets again and looked up at Tatsuki, and he came back to his senses feeling bad that he had come without him, but before Shin could say sorry, Tatsuki opened his mouth.

“Did you see Kota’s face when we left?”

“Huh? …I dunno.”

Shin had said, “Thanks for your work today,” and then they went their separate ways, but why was Tatsuki bringing up the subject of Kotarou now?

“He was clenching his teeth so hard that it looked like they might break.”

“Oh, did he?”

“More specifically, his face looked like it said, ‘Dammit, I know that they’re going home and having sex when they get back.’”

“Ya dumb nut!”

It was way too specific, which made it harder to imagine the face. But then Shin remembered Kotarou’s confession from the other day, and his shame meter skyrocketed in an instant.

“Hmm? What’s wrong? Your face is completely red.”

“‘Cause ya said somethin’ weird!”

“No way, it can’t be just that. Wait, don’t tell me that you’re hiding something from me again?”

“I-It ain’t such a big thing to call it hidin’ somethin’ from ya.”

“Okay, so tell me what it is then?” Tatsuki said with a face where only his eyes weren’t smiling.


More than his own embarrassment, it was probably more of an embarrassment for Kotarou, which made it even harder for Shin to say. However, he lost to a very lenient warning when Tatsuki said, “I can still forgive you now if you say.”

“Megumi said that… he had a dream of you and me… doing things together… That’s all.”

“Ohhh?” This time Tatsuki looked at Shin completely amused. “Doing things together? What does that mean?”

“Ya know what it means!”

“Tell me, what acts, kinks, and things were involved?”

“I didna ask for details.”

“So did Kota get turned on from this dirty dream of his?”

“…How should I know!?”

His clumsy feigning of innocence could only be an affirmation.

“Seriously~? So even his personal fetishes have changed.”

“Dun tell ’im that I told ya.”

“Hmm, what should I do~?”

“Ya can’t.” Shin pressed Tatsuki’s cheeks between his hands. “Dun ya feel sorry for ’im?”

Shin was trying to reason with Tatsuki seriously, but Tatsuki dismissed it and said, “Not at all,” and this time he stared at Shin with a look where only his eyes were smiling. Even in the darkness that wrung out the light, Tatsuki’s eyes were bright like they were powered by batteries inside.

“So you said that you wanted it harder and faster?”

“Wha— Ahh!”

All of a sudden, Tatsuki sharply ground his cock into Shin, and fresh waves crashed over his body lying in the shallows waiting out the reverberations that he still felt. This time the intensity was like a ravaging storm.

“Nooo… Nooo, ya can’t, not now…”

Tatsuki was like a completely different person, setting an unrelenting rhythm that held Shin under his mercy. He cast off the seduction and the intimacy of their union, and it became a mere single-minded act of thrusting, claiming, despoiling.

“Aaaahh, ah, ah, Mina… gawa… Aaah—”

“Even if it kills me, I’ll never feel sorry for him,” Tatsuki declared, bending Shin’s knees back until they almost hit his chest and shamelessly exposed the point where they joined. “You’re no longer a fan if you try to abduct your favorite idol.”

“Ahh, ah, nooo, ahhh.”

“That’s why I’ll forgive you, Nacchan, but I’ll never forgive him… Even if it might make him happier about it.”

The male lust, sharpened to its limit, changed its angle and plowed into his gasping hole.


“From now on, I don’t want to hear you saying that you feel sorry for him in front of me. Got it?”

“Okay… I got it… —Nooo, stop.”


“Ah, nnhh, nooo.”

Shin could do nothing but to take the assault, and maybe the overload of his arousal needed a physical release of some sort because tears started to fall of their own volition. Ya so childish, he thought. What are ya actin’ so desperate for? he thought. It ain’t like ya. But Tatsuki would probably say that it was all Shin’s fault that he wasn’t acting like himself. That was why it made Shin happy.

“Aaah, ah, ah… ngh.”


Beads of Tatsuki’s sweat dripped down onto Shin together with huffs of his breathing that could only be described as rabid. His cock ravished Shin with an accompaniment of loud, filthy noises, and fingers dug hard into the backs of his knees, and when Shin thought, All o’ this is mine, he felt so aroused that he could hardly stand it. The thrusts pumping in and out of him grew harder and faster, and god, he couldn’t take any more of this, and he welcomed the inevitable repose and bonelessness afterwards.

“No, I can’t, I can’t—”

“Ah, Nacchan… ngh.”

Tatsuki shot inside of Shin all hot and sticky, and then released his legs to collapse on top of him. Shin caught and hugged the sweat-drenched body to him tight.

“Just stay like this,” he whispered. “Dun… Dun pull out yet.”

Shin nibbled all over Tatsuki’s ear like he was a baby animal teething, pressing kisses to Tatsuki’s cheek and temple over and over again. It was rare for Shin to show close physical affection, but right now he had an uncontrollable urge to do so.

“Minagawa, I love ya.”

“Yeah, say it again.”

“I love ya… —Nnh, hey.”


“I saidta stay like this.”

Shin could feel a restless dilation where they were still connected.

“You’re asking for the impossible.”

“Ya have no intention of holdin’ back, do ya?”

“Of course not.”

“Wait… Noo!”

Tatsuki roughly tore himself away from Shin, and the sensation of Tatsuki leaving his body made him freeze up, allowing Tatsuki to flip him over, grab him by the hips, and push into him from the back.


Shin should have finished tasting all of Tatsuki, given everything up to him, but his skin fluttered with excitement from this different position.

“Nooo, I can’t…”

“Liar, you’re tightening up harder even than before.”

The shaft was fully hard now, the tip curved slightly back inside of Shin, this time rubbing into the inner walls towards the lower back instead of his belly.

“Ahh… aaah, nnhh…”

Tatsuki thrust his cock all the way to the hilt, grinding his melted desire while he draped himself against Shin’s back. He wrapped his hands around to the front and started teasing Shin’s nipples. The pleasure given through those still pert little nipples ripened thicker and deeper than he had felt before.


“Where was the place that Kota kissed you?”

“I dunno, I forgot already…”

“Hmmm, well, whatever. It doesn’t matter if you’re lying or not. I’ll just rewrite everything.”

Tatsuki pushed aside sweat-matted hair with the tip of his nose and sucked kisses all over the back of Shin’s neck. The lower half stuck inside him, of course, rocked in and out incessantly.


The lips were soft, but there was a painful stinging like pricks from a needle scattered across his neck. Tatsuki had left marks on him.

“Hmm, I wonder if your hair can cover these up? But I think you should probably wear turtlenecks for a while.”

“Ya dumb nut… ngh.”

“But I can understand his feelings. It looks delicious here.”

What was the point of agreeing with him? Tatsuki kissed Shin on top of his shoulders, on his shoulder blades, and then he lifted himself back up to eagerly thrust back into Shin’s body. Shin clutched a pillow, and the only thing that he could do was moan.

“Ahh, no, ahh, ah—”

His insides squirmed fitfully, demanding Tatsuki’s cock and sucking it up. Something inside his body repeatedly burst, different from ejaculation, and the trembling convulsions that continued through his abdomen just wouldn’t stop.

“Aaah, ahh… ngh, ah, ah—”


Tatsuki wedged himself inside of Shin and came, and simultaneously, Shin could finally reach his completion.

The next day when Shin turned on the TV, it was playing the story of yesterday’s arrest.

“Oh, look, look, they’re playin’ it.”

“Cool, they are~”

“I wonder when Megumi’s leavin’ for New York.”

“Who knows. It might be before the end of the year.”


“Oi, don’t look so sad about it,” Tatsuki complained as he ate frozen nabeyaki udon that he heated up for breakfast.

“But it’s normal to be sad ’bout it… Ain’t ya sad ’bout it too?”

“Noooo way. He’ll be back after a couple of years anyway. Oh, but it looks like we won’t get to play a single baseball game together before he leaves. I guess that’s my one regret~”

“What number on his uniform did he get in the end?”

“56 ’cause he’s Kotarou. I made the decision for him.”

“Five an’ six are Gorou though.”1

“Don’t sweat the minor details~ Want to play baseball with us, Nacchan? Should I order you a uniform?”

“I’ll pass.”

If one of these days Kotarou returned and they could play a baseball game together, maybe Shin would bring a camera with him to watch the game. Not that there would be a request to film it, but Shin was sure that there would be tons of precious moments for him to capture.

“Thanks for the food~!”

Tatsuki gulped down his water and set the emptied glass on the table. The morning sunlight filtered through the glass and refracted on the table, shimmering gentle and bright in the same colors as Tatsuki’s irises.

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

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Translation Notes

  1. Go is a way to say 5 in Japanese. And rou is another way to say 6.

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