Off Air – Vol. 2 Story 5.3

Part 3: Rose-Colored Pop

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

“So I’m supposed to receive some kind of advertising award.”

It was supposed to be happy news, but the phrasing was decidedly vague.

“There’s an award ceremony for it at a hotel. How about I book us a room while I’m at it, and you can come over? It’s at that hotel, where we had our previous rendezvous.”

“Don’t say it like That pool!”

“That pool…?”

“Don’t google it!”

“Heh… You know, you never watch any porn, so how come you know that particular phrase?”1

“M-Minagawa mentioned it.”

“And out comes the word that calls for punishment.”


It had to be a fairly prestigious award for them to hold the ceremony at such an upscale hotel, but Ushio seemed only happy about the prize money that came with it.

“Do you hate awards or something?”

“It’s not that I hate awards, it’s just not for me. If people see my work and say that they like it, I’m truly happy and grateful for it, but everything else? I’m not used to dressing up for people and giving speeches, and it’s not like I submitted my work to a competition in the first place, but it’s like they decided to pick my work and tell me to attend this thing so that they can praise me.”

And to that end, Kei had been thoroughly lured in by the very transparent words that Ushio had issued—So if Kunieda-san waits for me at the hotel room, it’ll motivate me push through the ceremony~

Kei didn’t have any plans that Saturday, and at around 8 pm he stopped by the front desk to pick up the key for the room. He wouldn’t be interacting with people, and it was too much trouble to change, so he came in his “off” mode, wearing a T-shirt, jeans, face mask, and glasses. He figured that Ushio would be in a suit and tie, which meant that they would be reversed from usual.

Ushio likely had to socialize with others after the ceremony, and Kei didn’t know when he would be done. He thought very magnanimously that networking was probably very important for Ushio and his freelance work, and so he showered first and then raided the minibar. Old Man Eba had cleaned him out just like this before. Which meant that Ushio didn’t have to come back so early since he wanted to lounge around by himself however he pleased (with Ushio’s money)—but no, he didn’t think that at all.  

Kei had already eaten before he came, and there were plenty of nuts and snacks in the room. While he watched the large-screen TV, he emptied the cans of beer, a half bottle of champagne, and even the mini-bottles of whiskey and assorted liquor. He was in a great mood and flopped down on the spacious bed… It was paradise.

There were a number of pillows on the bed, each a slightly different size and softness, and Kei hugged the fluffiest one out of the bunch and exhaled a loud sigh. He realized that the prime time shows were almost over, and Ushio still wasn’t back.

Which reminded him, what video did Ushio win the award for? Kei pulled his cell phone over and did a quick search. He found his answer quickly and went to play it.

It was an animation of a goldfish. An orange-colored goldfish had escaped from its goldfish bowl and swam through a diorama-like world, floating through the air. Sometimes its body became flames, or fallen leaves, or even fruit. The film was beautiful, soft and ephemeral, like watching a word association game unfold in a dream. 


Kei made a sound that was neither a laugh nor a sigh. He felt as if the exhalation turned into tiny little bubbles, and they floated up to the tall ceiling of the hotel room. As always, Kei wondered what Ushio was thinking when he made this. This tiny little world that became anything that Ushio envisioned. Kei sunk deeper into the sheets, the sensation fluid and cold like water. Before he knew it, he felt like he had shrunk, dozing off in the goldfish bowl inside of Ushio’s head.

…Hurry up and come pay attention to me. 

He finished later than he had thought. It was because he had to go around apologizing to all the people he knew there for staying out of contact for so long. He wondered if Kei was already asleep. He pressed the card key to the sensor and quietly opened the door. Kei was laid out on the bed, hugging a pillow. He had to shell out for a more expensive room since there were no other vacancies at the hotel, but what suited this expensive-looking bed very well suited the bed—this beautiful face of a young sleeping prince.  

There was no sign of Kei stirring even when Ushio approached him, but when he placed his bouquet of flowers from the ceremony by the pillows, tossed his jacket on the desk and sat down on the mattress to whisper “Kei,” Kei slightly cracked open his eyes. His cheeks were red, maybe from drinking when he was waiting for him. The bed linens and his bathrobe were both white, and the color looked more brilliant to Ushio’s eyes than the roses that he had carried.

“I’m back.”

“You’re late…”

“Sorry, sorry.”

Kei released the pillow he was clutching, now lumped and misshapen. He stretched out onto his back and slowly folded his legs up. The bathrobe splayed open, exposing his legs up to his hips. Ushio naturally fixed his stare there, because he was a man and oh, it was a nice view, but Kei didn’t yell at him like he normally would, completely defenseless.

“…Did you have a lot to drink?”


For some reason, Kei snorted at him.

“Say a tongue twister for me.”

“Firenze ferrite Ferragamo filaria Ferrari Philadelphia.”


Kunieda-san, who loathed even alluding to dirty material, just said a string of dirty words.2 There were a few times when Kei had gotten dead drunk in front of him, but this was the first time he had ever swung into a gleeful mood of this particular persuasion. Maybe he had held such a strong suspicion around Ushio that he couldn’t let go before. 

Well, whatever, he’s cute.

“You thought of something dirty just now, didn’t you?”

Oh, so he was aware of what he was saying.


“You dumb idiot~”

“I think that it’s only natural.”

“I bet your head is just full of that stuff~”

“Full of what stuff?”

Normally when Ushio pressed him like this, the usual pattern for Kei was to snap back in anger, but instead he smiled, “It’s a secret,” like he was in complete control of the situation, and he pulled Ushio’s head closer.

“Come on, tell me.”

“…This stuff.”

Kei pressed loud, innocent kisses to his lips, and when Ushio tried to push his tongue in, Kei suddenly pushed his arm away.

“What is it?”

“…You smell sweet,” he complained, wrinkling his brow.

“Oh, maybe it’s from the flowers I got? Look, they’re right there.”

Kei turned his head to look over, and when he saw the flowers, his face turned even more severe. “Who did you get them from?” he grilled.

“Who? The person in charge of giving the flowers?”

“…More importantly!!”


“Why are you dressed up like that?”

“Huh? That’s where you’re starting?”

“You’re cheating on me…” Kei whispered, turning his face away in a huff.

“I’m not. How did you even make that leap?”

“You dressed up all nice, went out to cheat on me, got those flowers, and now you’re back.”

“Why would a man get flowers and come back?”

“Fine, you were cheating with a man.”

“I’m not you, okay…”

“Did you say something!?”

“No, nothing.”

Kei eyed him with a surprisingly serious face. And then he immediately crumpled it up.

“You’re etching…”

“I’m not imprinting anything.”

“I slipped up, you’re cheating.”

“Either way, I’m not imprinting anyone either.”

“Are they very fatty? With lots of marbling? Is their pattern very cute? Are they delicious even if you stew, grill, broil, or sear them?”

“That’s not even human.”

Ushio stroked Kei’s hair to soothe him and said, “I’m not cheating on you, okay?”


“Really, really.”

If things kept up like this, Ushio would have to play nursemaid until dawn. Well, whatever, that was fine too… As he said, “There, there,” and comforted him, Kei abruptly sat up.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“I need to make sure.”


All of a sudden Kei reached for his belt buckle, and Ushio backed away without thinking.

What? He needs to make sure down there? Alcohol sure is terrifying.

“…I knew it, you’re cheating on me.”

“No, no, I’m not.”

“You’re cheating on me with domestically produced A5.”3

“Seriously how is that supposed to work…? Well, fine, you can check all you want then.”


“You’re not going to sober up right before anything happens just to flip out on me, are you…?”

Kei took no notice of Ushio’s misgivings, and with an uncharacteristic smoothness, he unfastened Ushio’s belt and opened up the front of his pants.

Oi, what? Seriously?

If Ushio were to ask for a certain something that started with an “fe,” although he wouldn’t get an okay right away, he was pretty sure that Kei wouldn’t refuse him in the end. Ushio had never asked him for it because he was fine without it. But with Kei asserting himself here, it sort of made Ushio feel bad. Even though he hadn’t tricked Kei or anything, he did feel sort of guilty about it— 


Kei touched his lips to the fabric without removing Ushio’s underwear. That was what he wanted to do? Could anything be confirmed like that? (He was innocent though.) Ushio wasn’t sure if he felt enthralled or reluctant somewhere in his subconscious, but he wasn’t about to demand that Kei touch it directly, and he just let Kei do whatever he pleased. A warm breath blew onto his cock that was separated behind a layer of fabric.


Kei used his fingers to make the shape there clear and distinct, and then mouthed it softly with his lips. His hair made Ushio ticklish, brushing against his belly. He strained, confined in the underwear, all while Kei dragged his tongue up in a line, refusing to set it free. Ahh, Firenze—it was truly a ridiculous thought that crossed his mind. Kei’s saliva soaked through the cloth, and it clung wet and close to his hard cock. It was maddening how frustrating it felt to be sucked through a layer that seemed too thick and too thin, but it felt good. He wondered if condoms from a long time ago felt like this— 

Oh, right, the condom.


Ushio fished through the breast pocket of his dress shirt as he called out his name. His fingertips immediately found the thin wrapper that contained the contraceptive. Ushio had only mentioned that he had a room here, and an acquaintance of his at the party very kindly gave it to him. With the words: I designed it, let me know what you think.


“Let’s put this to use and see how it feels.”

Kei was kneeled down in his lap, and Ushio reached over to flip the back of his bathrobe up.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“I want to make sure too. That you haven’t cheated on me either.”

Ushio tore open the wrapper and rolled the condom over two of his fingers. It was covered entirely in a thin layer of lube, and the view was indecent with the way that it glistened in the light. He could tell that there was more loaded at the tip.


“If I’m cheating with A5, then it’s not unreasonable for you to be cheating with otoro fatty tuna, right?”

It was totally unreasonable, but with Kei’s current mindset now scoring about a 5 out of 100, he answered, “Maybe you’re right~” apparently satisfied with the explanation.

“It’s not unreasonable if it’s with otoro…”

Uh, yeah, it is.

Anyway, fortunately Kei hadn’t resisted, and Ushio shifted Kei’s underwear over to press the condom to his hole. The Prince’s services hadn’t been bad, but Ushio felt that a more proactive role instead of a passive one was more fun and suited him better.


A moist breath exhaled hotter than before on the wet fabric.

“It doesn’t hurt, right?”

“It’s… cold.”

“You’ll get used to it soon.”

It was easy to insert his fingers because of the wet, slick film. On the other side of the barrier manufactured to the thinnest possible specifications, Ushio could feel the heat from inside Kei.

“You feel pretty hot. Maybe because you’re drunk?”

“Nnh… Ah.”

Kei removed his mouth from Ushio’s erection and shook his head sideways.

“What’s wrong?”

“If you do that, I can’t do this.”

“Don’t say that and try harder. Here.”

Ushio pumped his fingers in and out with shallow movements, and Kei lifted his rear like a cat teased at the base of its tail.

“Noo… Ah, ahh.”

But Kei still tried his hardest to use his mouth to pleasure Ushio, but he basically did nothing but gasp and wipe his drool against the underwear.

“Nevermind, you don’t have to. I’m scared that you might bite down on me.”


He didn’t make it hurt, but he was a little rough in pulling out his fingers, and the loose-fitting condom was left inside of Kei’s body. Ushio pinned Kei down onto his back.


Ushio went on to spread open Kei’s legs, and he could see the loop exposed, as if the wet reddened hole had failed to swallow it up. It was incredibly obscene. He somehow suppressed the ache in his belly that wanted to thrust into that hole and instead picked up Kei’s hand.

“Sorry, the condom slipped off of my fingers. Take it out yourself.”

“No, I don’t wanna.”

“But if you don’t take it out, then we can’t do it. If we leave it there, it might get stuck inside you.”


“Right? So come on. Here.”

Kei had to take an even more risque position as Ushio guided Kei’s fingers to touch the condom. Ushio tried to tug it a little, but he could feel the hole squeeze down tight.


“If you squeeze down so much you won’t be able to pull it out.”

“That’s because… ahh… I-I can’t do it while you’re watching… Close your eyes.”

Kei’s shame meter hadn’t reached all the way to zero, but it should be much lower than usual. Ushio undid his necktie and placed it over Kei’s eyes.

“Here, now it’s okay.”

“No, it’s not…”

“Why not? It’s the same. Whether you do it without me seeing, or you do it without you seeing. How is it different?”

Even though Ushio had pushed this broken logic of his again, it seemed that Kei had no ability to think things through properly. His face still looked unconvinced, but with reluctance, he grabbed the end of the condom and slowly pulled it.


The twisted-up condom slowly inched out of Kei’s body, and the lube, melted by the body heat, dripped onto the sheets and stained them. Ushio’s arousal was off the charts. God, this is amazing, seriously, thank you—but strictly speaking, he wasn’t evaluating how the condom worked though.


“Good job.”

When the tip with the slightly pointed end was finally removed from his body, Ushio lifted Kei’s legs and shoved his cock in to ravish him.


It was hard to say that Ushio had carefully prepared him, but Kei was already soft and pliant inside, and Ushio pumped into him slick and wet. He pulled off the necktie that was in the way and locked eyes with Kei’s as he thrust into a rhythm. Kei’s cock hadn’t even been touched, but it had exposed its underside, curved back with desire.

“Ahh, aaah, noo…”

“Kei, does it feel good?”

“Nnh… It’s painful… I want to come, but I can’t… ngh,” Kei complained, sounding like he might cry.

A small puddle had formed on his belly, transparent fluid dripping down from his cock. The clutch of his insides was so intense that he could have come at any second.

“Maybe it’s from all the alcohol. Try rubbing yourself off.”

Ushio guided Kei’s hand to grip his straining cock, and this time he made no protest like earlier—he must have been really overwrought—and Kei started to beat off with wild abandon. Simultaneously, his hole became more bewitching, even more wanton, and tightened down on Ushio.

“Aaah, ah, ahh… What do I do? It feels good…”

“It feels good for me too.”



“Nnh… Then give me a kiss?”

Shit, the way he begs is too cute.

“I will, I will.”

Ushio kissed Kei with intent, while he thrust into him where they were joined deeply, searching for his pleasure point.

“Nnh, nh, mhh…”

“What else do you want me to do, Kei?” Ushio licked the half-parted lips with the tip of his tongue.




“You’re saying that now?”

Yeah, he fully had plans to feed him, but did his appetite not vanish even at a time like this? Ushio didn’t know whether to laugh or despair. His eyes were on the verge of glazing over when Kei wrapped his arms around Ushio’s back and hugged him tight.

“Because the other time you went away. You left me behind, so that’s why—”


That was when Ushio seriously wondered if it was okay for him to be this loved.  

“I’m sorry that I left you there. It was wrong of me. Let’s eat breakfast together.”



Whether it was the ramblings of a drunk, or the true feelings that spilled out from a drunk, or even his true feelings while pretending to be drunk—it didn’t matter. Because Ushio had no other choice but to hug him back and whisper, “I promise.”

When morning came, Kei was hiding his entire body in the sheets scattered with flower petals.

“Oi, morning.”

“Shut up.”

It was an incredibly brusque reply.

“Do you remember last night~?”

“…Just up to Firenze!”

“There you go again~ Should I play it back for you with your body?”

“No! Anyway, do you normally take advantage of people like that when they’re that drunk!? Have you no conscience!?”

“I would reconsider it if it was our first time, but we’re no longer at that stage, right? Wouldn’t I be closed off and distant if I held back? That’s what I hear all the time.”

“It’s only at times like these…!”

“Thank you for the meal, it was delicious. You can get smashed again any time you want.”

“Shut up.”

“Kei, let’s eat breakfast. I promised you, right?”

A breakfast that he couldn’t eat with Kei that one morning.

“I’m calling for room service. How do you want your eggs?”


“Okay, okay.”

“On the harder side! I don’t want anything oozing out! I hate it when it’s runny!”

“Okay, okay.”

Ushio stretched over to the bedside table. The sweet scent of roses wafted over at that moment. He pressed the room service button to order breakfast for two.

By the time the service cart arrived, Kei should probably, albeit reluctantly, show him his very red face.

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

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Translation Notes

  1. “That pool” refers to a particular indoor pool that appears very often in pinup shoots and adult videos. It’s become so recognizable that it’s become a meme.
  2. The ‘ferra’ sound is shorthand for fellatio in Japanese.
  3. A5 is the best grade of Japanese wagyu beef.

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