Off Air – Vol. 2 Extra 4

Extra 4: It Happens

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There were quite a number of words considered to be taboo for TV. There were banned words prohibited from broadcasts, terms in the gray zone that were better off avoided if possible, and topics considered off-limits for each individual celebrity (such as an actress’s underground idol work before her big break).

“Oh, I saw on the internet the other day that a reporter once said, ‘Please take your restroom breaks during the commercials,’ and their jobs pretty much dried up overnight,” Ushio said.

It was true. In this industry that was funded by sponsors and the commercials that they placed for their products and services, anyone who appeared on TV must not ever discredit the value of commercials or allude to the proportion of actual show content.

“That’s crazy~ Man, I wouldn’t know what to do if a guest were to suddenly say that in front of me on live TV~ It freaks me out~”

Personally speaking, he thought that this stupid junior colleague of his should be banned from the air 24 hours a day, but Tatsuki sat there drinking his beer without a care in the world.

“Idiot,” Kei snorted.

Tatsuki wasn’t perturbed in the least by the insult—it was as if a gentle breeze had blown by—but sitting next to him, Shin jumped a little in reaction.

No, Kitarou, it wasn’t meant for you. Well, the fact that you’re dating such an idiot, it makes you pretty stupid though.

“There’s a damn manual that tells you how to handle it. You should have already learned how to do it, you twerp.”

“Huh!? You’re kidding! I didn’t know that!!”

“You probably forgot about it with the dregs of tofu pulp for brains of yours.”

“Please tell me what I should do.”

“I refuse.”

“Wha—? Hmm, but I wonder what the correct thing to do is…? Nacchan, what do you think?”

“Huh? …Maybe just a normal apology? Like ‘I would like to apologize for the inappropriate comment that occurred just now.’”

Kei heaved a sigh at them.

“Not only are you wrong, but it’s so normal that it’s boring. What kind of suggestion is that, Kitarou? And you used to work for a variety show? Put some more thought into it.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

“Hmmm, I wonder why, but the phrase ‘bullying a young wife’ seems perfect right now.”

“I’ll murder you. Who the hell are you calling a mother-in-law?”

“Okay, next, it’s your turn, Tsuzuki-san~”

“I can’t think of anything. I don’t know, maybe you have to show a sign of good faith and like, cut down the broadcast time to show 3 times the number of commercials?”

Kei had heard of shows accidentally skipping commercials, and they had to compensate for three times the value of the commercial slot, but that answer was wrong too.

“Maybe you just shout ‘You’re out~!’ and smack them in the butt with a bat?”

“Why are you causing another broadcast incident on top of it?”

“Just cover it up and distract the original accident with another one~ If you want to hide a tree, then find a forest~”

And then Tatsuki suddenly started singing, like he had flipped on some kind of switch.

“Broadcast incidents~ It happens, don’t worry~ I wanna say one~ Broadcast incidents~ It happens, don’t worry~ I wanna hurry and say one~”

“Oh, something’s starting.”

“Broadcast incidents~ It happens, don’t worry~ I’ll say one now~”

“You don’t have to say it! Just scram!”

“You’re so impatient~”

“I’m normal!”

“Minagawa, ya drank too much. Let’s go home. Ya got a live broadcast tomorrow, right?”

“Even though it’s a Saturday? That’s gotta be tough~”

“I’ll be on around noon~ I’ll be introducing a special event at a department store, so watch me, okay~”

“Who the hell’s gonna watch you.”

“And here we have the Hokkaido Food Fair. It’s a bustling event with more and more customers stopping by to look at the offerings! After the break, don’t miss our introduction of the special gourmet items that can only be found here!”

Tatsuki faced the camera and waved his hand. That was when the rancher standing next to him at the display Delectable Sweets Made from Farm Fresh Milk was supposed to say for the cue to go to commercial, “Please come and see us.” However, maybe due to the guy’s nervousness on live TV, or maybe he thought he needed to say something more clever than what was given to him in the script, but this was what the guest said:

“Please use the restroom during the commercials, everyone!”

Ah, and there was the blunder. In an instant, his thoughts were spread wide open like the blossoming of an elaborate origami piece. 

Whenever it was announced, “This might appear on the test,” those questions did tend to appear later, yeah? It was something that happened. Anyway, there was nothing he could do about an amateur blurting things from his mouth. The show had just the one sponsor, so there was no need to go an elaborate apology tour to a bunch of different places. That part was lucky at least for the Programming and business operations… 

No, no, didn’t my senior tell me in the end how to handle this kind of situation? If I remember correctly, the right thing to say is…

“The commercials are also important information for our viewers, so it would be wrong to say that. All right, let’s go to commercial.”

Tatsuki, who had arrived at the correct answer, grinned even brighter than he had before.

“W-Wah, that scared me for a sec…!” Shin pressed a hand to his chest. He had been watching Tatsuki’s live broadcast while doing some work at the network.

“Tatsuki was incredible just now.”

“He was able to respond without even panicking~”

Well, yeah, he had just learned it by coincidence yesterday.

“But you could see that his face totally said ‘Jackpot~!’ afterwards.”

“Yeah, whenever Minagawa pulls something off, he tends to make a face that says that he hit on something good…”

“That’s Tatsuki for you. It’s what happens.”

“That damn bastard!!”

Kei sat thunderstruck on the sofa. He had been begrudgingly watching the TV (because Ushio had decided that he wanted it on).

“He profited off of the freaking knowledge that I gave him!!”

“That’s Kunieda-san for you. He’ll throw a temper tantrum regardless of the outcome,” Ushio said laughing.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“If Minagawa hadn’t said anything and let it turn into a big incident, you would have been angry that you just told him how to handle it, right?”

“…Shut up.”

“Things that Kunieda-san does, Number 2: He tends to cut off the conversation if he doesn’t like what he hears.”

“To begin with, it’s all your fault for bringing up that story yesterday!”

“Number 3: He tends to become unreasonable and attempts to shift the blame onto someone else.”

Kei decided to shut up since no matter what he said, Ushio would rib him for it, and then a kiss was pressed to his cheek.

“What the hell!?”

“Number 4: He tends to fix moods through his body.”

“Shut up with your stupid ‘tends to’ crap. Anyway, that’s not me! That’s something you do!”

“Oh, you’re right.”

No matter where it started, it tended to end with things getting handsy.

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

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