Off Air – Story 5.3

Part 3: My Sun

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Translator Note: Summer Koshien is usually held in August, so this side story takes place about a month after the end of Volume 2.

“And it’s time for our very popular corner this week!”

“That’s right, we be droppin’ the trousers of normal, everyday objects to uncover their secret, sexy side.”

“Last time we said we would issue our sexy reading challenge to a number of gravure idols to read a professional sumo wrestling rankings table. Unfortunately, the sports department at Asahi TV had objections to us using material that could give an official impression.”

“Told us we’d be trouble if we say ‘em. Too bad, eh?”

“And so we’ve prepared a challenge for today that won’t get us into trouble. Take a look at the board! It’s the periodic table of elements!”

“Y’all remember making up mnemonic devices to memorize the elements in school?”

“Well, if we get flooded by angry messages from Madam Curie or whomever, we can’t do a thing about it.”

“Reckon no one could do a thing if that happened. And the challenger reading the periodic table and making it sexy is… Asahi TV’s rookie announcer, Kunieda Kei-kun~!”

“Good evening. I’m Kunieda Kei, and this is my first year with the network.”

“Ooh, a dashin’ fine young man he is.”

“That he is.”

“Um, thank you…”

“Hmm, you look like you’ve never had to lift a finger to get anything you wanted in life.”

“Why the sudden chilly reception? Kunieda-kun, you have yourself a real smooth voice there for an announcer, but we’d like you to add a little sexiness to your voice today. Can ya do that for us?”

“Yes, I’ll try my best.”

“The judging criteria will be how hard you can make the two of us.”

“Shush up, you!”

“He’s not from a talent agency, so it’s okay, right?”

“Let’s steer away from the off-color jokes. I beg ya.”

“The producer said we could do whatever we want, yeah?”

“I’m beggin’ ya, please.”

“He also said that Kunieda-kun might not be happy with anything past Boron.”

“If he can’t handle Boron, then he’s not gonna like anything that comes after it. Awww, his face is getting darker and darker, so let’s get right to it! What shall we make him read first?”

“Hmm, let’s start with Period 5. Please go ahead.”

“Rub Sir Yates to zero. Noble moderation of tactics rusts each rhapsody paid.”1

“…Oooh, that’s quite nice.”

“Sounds very profound, dunnit?”

“By the way, Kunieda-kun, do you do a lot of rubbing?”

“Uh… I wonder…”

“Don’t slip in bits of sexual harassment, you. All right, next.”

“Next, hmm? Let’s do the famous one from the families. Group 2!”

“Beloved in magic, she captivated sorely bare and ravished.”2


“That’s the one, that’s the one~ Very sexy, isn’t it? Let’s keep it up with Group 13.”

“Bosoms and all, she gathers intelligence.”3

“That’s deep. Just what a man wants.”

“By the way, Kunieda-kun, are you a breasts kind of man…?”

“Are you tryin’ to send him on a marriage interview?”

“Just wondering if he had a taste for them that’s all.”

“Why wouldn’t he like them? He’s a real good looker, after all.”

“Actually, I think breasts would have a taste for Kunieda-kun more. He’s the type that nice things would get addicted to in return.”

“And what’s that supposed to look like?”

“The rainbow that appears after crying your eyes out?”

“I don’t understand where this is going no more.”

“All right, let’s proceed! Group 15.

“New porn aspirations, subscriptions bi-weekly.”4

“That’s good information to know. Hmm… Group 17.”

“The fevered clutch of a bra, an inside attack.”5

“Does anybody else feel like it veered into baseball territory? An inside attack? Are you tryin’ to get on base?”

“Well, you could say it’s one of the bases, getting your hands inside. Is it not poetic? Like a haiku?”

“Uh, it ain’t a haiku.”

“Let’s see… Can we say the next one on air? What? Can we really say it? Okay then~ The producer is giving us a smile, so let’s go! Group 16~”

“Open spent sex, teenaged poetry.”6

“Oh, and a risque word finally appears! That was pretty hot.”

“So hot it made our nipples—I’m talking nipples here—fully hard.”

“Speak for yourself!”

“By the way, Kunieda-kun. What’s the chemical symbol for hydrogen?”

“That would be H.”

“What about mercury?”

“That would be Hg.”

“How about bohrium?”

“That would be Bh.”


“That would be Ho.”


“That would be Hf.”

“You just wanna make him say ‘ecchi’,7 you dirty old man!”

“All right, let’s close the segment by having our guest read Group 16 one final time!”

“Open spent sex—”


His headphones were suddenly torn from his head. Oh, he hadn’t realized it was so late.

“Hey, you’re back from work.”

“And here I thought you were busy working! What the hell are you watching!?”

“I was looking for videos of Kunieda-san I could wank to.”

Ushio had just happened to see this video in his recommendations list based on his viewing history, but Kei was so bright red with anger that Ushio couldn’t help but tease him.

“You idiot!!”

“It was delicious seeing Kunieda-san ravished on camera. Thanks for the meal~”

“Shut up!! It was a dirty job they made me do when I was first hired!!”

“No, no, you were wonderful in your shy little performance, I was really impressed~!”

“I told you to shut up!!”

Kei had probably impaled him with 10,000 spikes inside his imagination by now. Although Kei was a guttermouth, he rarely spewed anything dirty or sexual in his rants, and Ushio figured that he had a particular revulsion to this clip that was different from the aversion that he felt for his other past variety show jobs. Kei hated being the butt of people’s jokes even though he had such an amusing personality for it.

The poor thing… they had subjected him to this torture, broadcasted it over the airwaves, and now it was preserved on the Internet for posterity. Ushio felt bad for him, but he also felt a kind of twisted sense of happiness. And at the same time, it pissed him off. The patterns shifted, ever-changing, like scattered pieces of jewels tumbling inside a kaleidoscope.

“Can I get this on DVD? I think I might buy a copy…”

“And the moment it arrives, I’m gonna smash it to pieces.”

“Fine then, how about I ask Kunieda-san to give me a special live performance~” 

Ushio smiled meaningfully as he stood up from his chair and lightly caressed Kei’s chin. Kei immediately shoved him away hard. 

Oh, he’s so self-conscious right now~

“What the hell are you saying, idiot!?”

“You’ll say some dirtier lines for me than those comedians on the show, right?”


“Well, your mouth gets progressively dirtier as you get close to your climax.”

“No, I don’t!”

“There was that one thing you said and the other thing you said… I’m too embarrassed to repeat it out loud.”

“I never said those things!!”

“Try your best tonight too, okay?”

“What’s there to try at, dummy!? Anyway, you’re not getting any tonight!”

“Oh, I see. Roger that.”

Ushio withdrew his hands without a care in the world, and this time Kei reacted with a betrayed expression on his face.

He is too amusing. It is really okay for things to go my way so easily? He’s basically falling into my lap.

…But Ushio knew very well that Kei was the one who allowed him to revel in this dynamic of theirs—that it was only one side of many of his different facets that Kei showed only to Ushio. But Kei showed him this face so often when they were alone together that he couldn’t help but to get carried away with it.

“Guess I’ll go to bed,” Ushio declared, cool and unbothered, and headed for the second floor.

Although Ushio hadn’t asked, Kei trailed after him and explained, “It’s because I have an overnight assignment tomorrow.”


“And it’ll be kinda hard.”

“Oh, harder than what I watched?”

“Not that kind of hard, dammit!”

“Well, whatever it is, do your best.” 

After delivering his very fake-sounding encouragement, Ushio abruptly turned around. He caught Kei off-guard, frozen and unable to hide his dejection.

“…I’m just kidding, dummy.” Ushio used the height advantage from the stairs to drop a kiss on Kei and whispered, “Of course, I’m disappointed. It’s finally the weekend, and I wanted to have sex with you.”

Kei normally had no shortage of things to say (mostly nitpicking anything that bothered him), but all his words left him when it came to times like these. In its place, the wavering irises in his eyes, his breathing, the heat of his breath—they all eloquently conveyed Kei’s feelings to him instead.

“…In return, when you get back, I’d like some extra special treatment. Such as dirty talk, or dirty talk, or dirty talk.”

“Go read Good Morning Sanspo8 if you want it so badly!”

After hurling his retort, Kei forced his way past Ushio up the stairs. When he got to the second floor, he immediately turned around.

“What the heck is this?”

“Got it from someone.”

“What do you mean you got it from someone?”

There was a hand-cranked shaved ice maker sitting on top of the table anointing the space. It wasn’t one of the small ones designed for home use and looked like a toy, but a commercial-grade one with a large handle wheel that could be used to run a stand or a shop.

“I loaned a friend some money and he asked me to take it instead of giving me cash.”

“Huh, how much did you lend him?”

“50,000 yen9… or maybe less? Anyway, I lent it to him with the expectation that I wouldn’t get it back. I might as well take it since he’s offering.”

“What? You gonna open a stand with it?”

“I’ll give it to another friend of mine who wants to use it at his bar.”

“For how much?”

“I can’t press him for cash like that. I’ll have him treat me to a number of free meals, and that’d be that.”


“But a guy I know who graduated from an art college might go back to open a stand at their school festival. You still feel like eating shaved ice in the fall, right? If he does it, you should come and attract customers to the stand.”

“It’ll be 10,000 yen per hour,”10 Kei answered brusquely.

Ushio didn’t know if Kei realized it or not, but whenever he detected any hint of Ushio’s outside relationships with people he didn’t know, it would always put him in a bad mood. Ushio wondered if it was because it made him anxious—that Ushio had a whole other world outside of this house.

If Kei became serious about it, he could build his own relationships with people without hiding behind a mask. There was Tatsuki, and although there were a lot of things that had happened with him, they seemed like they were now on fairly good terms as senior-junior colleagues. And Ushio knew plenty of people who didn’t care about sexual orientation and knew how to keep their mouths shut. But Kei would probably refuse, not wanting anything to do with other people. That what he had now was good enough. But Kei’s stubborn obstinance in his dependence on him didn’t bother Ushio.

“I’ll make some shaved ice for you.”

“What’s so great about it? You just shave some ice and pour syrup on it.”

“There are a lot of little things to consider, you know.”

Ushio pulled out a special ice mold from the freezer and placed it in the sink. Then he left it sitting there.

“Oi, make it.”

“It’s important for the ice to sit out at room temperature until it starts melting.”

Kei gave him a deeply suspicious look, like he didn’t trust what he was saying, but it was easier to show him than to explain. He’d understand it soon enough.

“By the way, where are you going for your assignment?”

“Koshien,” Kei replied, full of dread at the prospect.

“High school baseball? That’s unusual; isn’t Minagawa in charge of sports coverage?”

“I’m covering material that’s related to it, so it isn’t purely the tournament. They said it would be better to have someone who isn’t very knowledgeable about baseball… The director can drop dead. The announcer desk who put me on this can drop dead too.”

“You don’t like it?”

“Of course, I don’t like it! What fun is there sweating my ass off outside in the damn heat, watching a bunch of brats chase after a stupid ball?”

“Poor you. How about I bring my shaved ice machine and cheer you on?”

“Awesome, don’t go back on your word.”

“It’ll be 200,000 yen per hour,11 meals and transportation not included.”

“I could hire a servant and make him fan me.”

In the meanwhile, the ice had softened up to the point where it was ready to eat. First, Ushio made a cup of concentrated espresso. Then he set a small glass bowl under shaver, placed the ice block in the holder, and slowly started to turn the handle. There was a decent amount of resistance as it turned and shaved through the ice, producing a cool and refreshing sound.

After collecting a neat, mountain-shaped pile of ice, Ushio placed a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and swirled espresso over the whole thing.

“It’s an affogato12 version. The ice is already sweetened, but if it’s not enough I have condensed milk you can add.”

Ushio handed Kei a spoon, and he immediately dug into the shaved ice, toppling it (hey, you could be more grateful), and started eating.

“How is it? Soft and fluffy, right?”

Kei silently nodded his head. At times like this, he was always, well, cute and honest. Ushio had taken the time to dissolve sugar into the water, allowing it to freeze slowly while preventing as many impurities from forming in the ice as possible… It was a time-consuming process, but it was worth it.

“This would easily cost me 1,000 yen13 at a cafe, but I can have it free here…”

Oh, no, I plan to get collect my money’s worth later.

“When are you handing it over?”

“Monday, probably.”

“That’s quick.”

“It takes up a lot of room. And anyway, I already talked to the guy.”

Kei still looked dissatisfied, but Ushio said, “I’ll make it for you again Sunday night,” and Kei reluctantly accepted it, scooping up a spoonful of brown and white marbled ice.

The next day, Kei returned to his apartment in the morning to pack and prepare for his assignment. Ushio ordered a new mattress online—the old one was starting to wear out, maybe because of the increased burden it had been taking lately. He headed out for a meeting with a client, but then the client called to postpone it by two hours. As he wondered how to kill off some time, he headed into a nearby art museum, thinking it would at least be cool inside. There was a special exhibit featuring 19th century European artists that he was completely unfamiliar with.

“Would you like to use our audio guide?”

“Uh… yeah, sure.”

It was only on a whim that he decided to use one. He never liked listening to other people’s interpretations and explanations of art, and he would normally never seek it out. Maybe it was because he wasn’t all too interested in the exhibit itself that he decided to play the audio guide as background noise.

Ushio put on the pair of headphones and pressed the play button on the remote. After a soft piece of classical music played for the intro, the narration started.

“Wha!?” Ushio inadvertently shouted.

The museum staff gave him a few hard, cold looks, and Ushio hurried to cover his mouth.

Hey, it’s really not my fault here.

But no one here would be able to understand Ushio’s shock.

“Hello, and welcome to a very special exhibit. I will be your navigator, Asahi TV announcer, Kunieda Kei.”

It was a surprise attack in the closed environment of a pair of headphones; it would be impossible to hear this and not be shocked. Maybe Asahi TV was one of the sponsors or supporters for the exhibit. When did he do jobs like this? Ushio had never heard about it, so that probably meant that Kei didn’t want to talk about this job. It scared him how he had just stumbled upon this by coincidence. Chance and fate were two sides of the same coin, essentially.

Ushio figured that he had found new material he could use to tease Kei when he returned home from his assignment, and so he put the headphones back on and listened to the sound of Kunieda-san’s voice as he wandered around looking at the paintings. Ushio understood almost immediately why Kei hadn’t mentioned this job to him. The exhibit contained a lot of nudes and sexual themes. The paintings themselves weren’t so explicit to cause arousal, but coupled with the audio guide, Ushio faced quite a destructive force. Come on, it was Kunieda-san saying things in that smooth voice of his like in pursuit of expressions of sexual love or a nude of a woman accentuating the voluptuous curve of her hips. How was he supposed to remain calm?

“Freed from religious oppression, they painted canvases upon canvases overflowing with the ecstasy and carnal release found in the embrace of intercourse.”

Whoa, okay. This was even more dangerous than the periodic table reading challenge. Ushio wondered what expression Kunieda-san had made when he recorded this narration. What face did he make under that cool and composed expression of his?

Ahhh, dammit. 

Ushio’s body was becoming unmanageable with the auditory onslaught, and he thought accusingly at Kei in his head, What are you going to do about this? He didn’t have sex last night; he had a meeting with a client coming up shortly; and Kei wouldn’t be back until tomorrow night.

Don’t set off a bomb like this on me here.

Ushio wanted to bury himself from the head down in shaved ice.

His cell phone rang early in the morning. Incredibly early for a Sunday morning at 6 am.

“Hey, Tsuzuki-san! Good morning~! I’m going hydroflying at Zushi Beach in a bit today! Want to come along~?”

“You sure have a lot of energy this early in the morning…”

“I’m terrible at waking up early, so I’ve been up since last night,” Tatsuki answered casually.

Ushio was also up until dawn working on a project, but he couldn’t muster up the energy to enjoy any water activities.

“I’ll pass,” he answered, yawning.

“What, really?”

“Invite me some other time.”

“Kunieda-san… would never come, huh? Oh, he’s probably lining up at Koshien right now.”

“Why? There’s still time until the first game.”

Besides, if he had permission to film, he shouldn’t have to line up for tickets.

“Well, technically, he’s not covering the high school kids for his assignment,” Tatsuki said. “Do you know how there are always these weird old men sitting behind home plate at the tournament? They don’t look like they’re school officials or parents of the kids.”


“They seem to be the same people sitting in those seats. They’re high school baseball nuts, pretty much. Apparently, they follow their local teams from the regional tournaments, and they watch all the games at Koshien from the beginning until the end. They line up in the middle of the night to get their seats and spend the whole day watching the games…”

“Hmm… So what about it?”

“So that’s why he’s covering this Superfans Behind Home Plate! special report thing.”

“Who wants to see that kind of report?”

“Dunno~ But that’s the assignment that was approved, you know? We just do whatever work we’re assigned. Anyway, I’ll invite you to something else sometime.”

“Sure, sure.”

It was early in the morning, and yet the house was already hot and stuffy from the heat. Ushio got up out of bed, opened the curtains, and the light from the summer sun felt like it could blind him. Yesterday’s weather report had said something like the entire country would be sunny today, and so Koshien was probably seeing the same kind of weather. Just thinking about filming outside under this sun was enough to depress him. It’ll be kinda hard? More like insanely hard. Ushio never looked at Kei’s work with a sense of pity because it was rude, but today, he felt entirely small and inferior in the comfort of his own home where he could reach for the A/C remote and feel a nice, cool breeze.

He had been at the receiving end of dirty jokes. He had narrated content featuring sexual themes in an elegant manner. He covered stories outside under the scorching sun. They were all equally Kei’s work. Ushio thought that Kei was truly incredible.

Seriously, my boyfriend is amazing.

His cell phone rang again at night.

“Would you like to go out for drinks?”

“I know I said to invite me out again sometime…”

But this was too short of a time to be asking again.

“But he should be getting back pretty soon.”

“Oh, he should be exhausted by now. Did you hear from him?”


Apparently what was exhausted wasn’t simply physical exhaustion.

“Well, I heard that his assignment ran into trouble.”


“Something about the tournament committee raising an objection over it…”

“But didn’t they already approve it? Why else would the TV crew go all the way there?”

Ushio had heard that the conditions for covering high school baseball were notoriously strict. If anyone did anything out of line or without permission, they would ban the entire network from the premises.

“Hmmm, well, I’m pretty sure that we told them up front that we weren’t able to define the limits to our coverage. But maybe they’re telling us to make a guess anyway?”


The tournament committee really did seem like a complicated party to deal with. But they were the ones who held all of the power over what could and couldn’t be done, and so there was nothing that anyone could say or do. Ushio had dealt with a number of clients who were similar to them before, but all he could say was that it was a tough position to be in.

“Yeah, so the committee said it to them again when the crew went to give their regards after wrapping up. That was after Kunieda-san had watched three games straight back-to-back.”


“Yeah. The director tried to stop him, saying that such rabid fans were out of the norm and that he didn’t have to go so far for the coverage, but Kunieda-san insisted, saying that he wouldn’t understand them unless he went through the same experience as the people he was covering.”

“I see…”

Kei would be angry if Ushio called him awkward, but there was no other way to describe him. No matter how much he cursed or complained, he refused to ever take shortcuts or loopholes when it came to his work. At any rate, Ushio hoped and prayed that Kei wasn’t too dispirited when he came back.

“Die!! That damn, lousy committee!!”

Oh, good, sounds like he’s plenty spirited.

Despite being a young man in good health, Ushio was worried that being outside in the heat all day might have taken its toll on Kei’s stamina, but maybe it was better to be exploding with anger than the other way around.

“Welcome back.”

“They’re gonna pay me 300,000 yen14 per hour, and I’ll hire Chono.15 Then they’re gonna line up real nicely so he can give them all a good slap. Hard enough to turn their heads 180 degrees.”

And then there was this sense of inexplicable woe of his. Kei was absolutely serious in his grievances, but listening to him made Ushio laugh uncontrollably. Kei definitely possessed enough power to be able to raise schemes from behind the shadows, but what was this natural disposition to default into a comedian all the time?

It was really simple. Being with Kei, he just somehow made Ushio feel better.

“It’s not something to laugh at!”

“Yeah, I know.”


“Oi, I love you.”


Kei’s slightly sunburned face twisted up in embarrassment more than usual. When Ushio placed his hands there to touch him, Kei’s face was burning like it had stored an entire day’s worth of the sun’s rays.

Ushio pulled Kei into his arms and smelled the scent of soap.

“Did you take a shower before coming?”

“Yeah, since I was at a day-use hotel. I was covered in sweat, sunblock, and dust. It was the filthiest I’ve ever been in my life.”

It’s great when I don’t go on air because I’m covered in sweat, Kei had said. It seemed that it was more important to Kei to preserve his prince-like image than to feel dejected about being passed over for an assignment. When it came to Kunieda-san, he didn’t feel the slightest need to have people watch him as he overcame his struggles.

“What did you do that for? You should have come straight home. What a waste.”

“Don’t say something so gross!”

“All right, let’s sweat it out some more, just like the high school baseball kids.”

“What the hell are you even saying!?”

“Aww, come on now.” Ushio was happy to see Kei, and so he smiled. “Let’s indulge ourselves in some of that ecstasy and carnal release found in the embrace of intercourse too.”


Kei stiffened and immediately turned so red it was like he had swallowed the sun.

Ushio’s new mattress had already arrived, and he figured he could work the old one through its final moments as hard as he wanted. 


Every time the mattress dipped, Kei released a shout.

“Nnnn, noo— W-Wait… it’s too much…”

“Yeah, me too…”

“I don’t… mean it… like that…”

The air conditioning was running, but it was set in eco mode for 28°C16 and not nearly enough to cool them down from their activities. But Ushio wanted to have hot and sweaty sex—to sweat out all of their irritation and exhaustion through their bodies.

“Here, drink up.”

Entangled together, Ushio passed a bottle of Pocari17 from the side table that he had pulled over next to the bed. Kei took a mouthful from the bottle, lying face-up, and it was a challenge not to choke and spill everything before he gave the bottle back. It seriously reminded him of a sports meet.

“It’s hot…”

“It’s good sometimes, right?”

“It’s not.”


Kei was covered everywhere in sweat. Ushio forced one of Kei’s legs up and gave a hard thrust with his hips.

“Nhhh, noo, ahh—!”


Maybe the tip of his cock buried inside of Kei had struck something there, because powerful convulsions bore down on him like ripples of waves. It was proof of Kei’s orgasm—deep and intense, marred down into his flesh. How was this body, thoroughly familiar with his own body, so precious and dear to him? With Kei squeezing down on him tightly, Ushio found his own release.

Ushio downed a few gulps from the bottle and kissed Kei, feeding him the drink, just as Kei tried to catch his breath.

“Nnnhhh… Nnh, nhh…!”

Ushio had taken it slowly, transferring a small amount at a time, but Kei groaned low from the back of his throat and complained, “I’m gonna drown.” But with that same mouth, he sought out Ushio’s lips and sucked on his tongue, removing all traces of that slightly sweet sports drink. The lukewarm temperature did nothing to cool down their bodies.

Ushio licked the side of Kei’s neck, and it seemed saltier than usual to him.


Kei’s nipples were hard and dangerously red, like they were tired and sore from the summer, and Ushio nibbled lightly at them. Maybe the heat was making it hard to breathe—Kei’s chest heaved up and down in shallow breaths, sweat clinging to his skin, and Ushio couldn’t help but to lap that up too.

“Nnh, noo…”

A little further down his body, Kei had spilled come all over himself, and it dripped heavy and thick, soiling his stomach. Ushio licked it clean like a dog—but maybe it was more accurate to say that he got it ready to be dirtied again. Especially as Kei whimpered, “Noo,” with his voice trembling.

“Ah, Ushio, ahh, noo…”

Kei had just come, but Ushio was determined to bring Kei’s cock back to full arousal with his hands and his mouth. Ushio pressed his weight on the hips that were writhing fretfully, and he forcefully applied himself to his task until he overwrote the post-orgasmic numbness with a brand-new desire.

“Noo, aaaah… I’m exhausted…”

“I know,” Ushio answered, stroking Kei’s cock as it caught the light—shiny, obscene and smeared with all sorts of fluids. “But I want you.”

Ushio could feel blood rushing to fill the hardness swelling in his hand, and it was as if his words aroused Kei more than any touch or caress could offer. God, what was with this honest reaction from his body? He was too cute. As Ushio pleasured Kei with his hand and his mouth, he inserted a finger inside of him where he was filled to the brim with Ushio’s come.

“Aaah…! Noo, don’t…”

“But you seem to want it still.”

His insides were a hot, sticky mess, and Ushio didn’t know how much filthier Kei could get—he had already poured everything into him, and yet Ushio watched him twitch for more, still yet to be satisfied. As Ushio spread open the hole, making obscene sounds in the process, salty pre-come from the tiny slit of Kei’s cock spilled slow and thick into Ushio’s mouth. He sucked mischievously at it, demanding that Kei spill even more, and a tiny interrupted rhythm, shy and bashful, emerged.

“Ahhh, I can’t hold on anymore, I want to put it in.”

Kei was seducing him, all soft and writhing—this was okay, right? Ushio pushed his cock against him so that it didn’t slip from the sweat. The hole was flushed red with blood, filled and dripping with a thick milky white, and it was a filthy and beautiful sight.


Kei ripened further than before as Ushio penetrated him once again, and Ushio was almost scared that he might melt and dissolve inside of Kei’s body. It scared him, but that was what made it enthralling.

When they finished drinking from the 2-liter bottle, Ushio tossed it away onto the floor. All that was left for them was to seek each other out, tangling their sweat-soaked limbs like they had lost all coefficient of friction. The sweat that Ushio licked off of Kei’s body re-emerged from his skin, only to drip back down on to Kei again. The sheets were soaked with wet, distorted shapes of their bodies.

“Ahh, aaah, aaahhh…”


“Nnh, ahh, Ushio—”

More than any words that Ushio could tease out of Kei, a simple “I love you” uttered in an intoxicated fervor was all it took to utterly and completely annihilate him. And although it bothered him a little, Ushio would never say a word about it.

Ushio took a fresh, clean shower, changed out all of the bedding, and made his special dessert for the night. After everything, he was more than happy to do this. He piled plenty of peaches around the dish and topped it off with a dollop of yogurt.


Kei looked a little absent-minded as he took a bite of his dessert.

“See, doesn’t it taste better after working up a sweat?”

“I don’t want to put my life on the line just to eat shaved ice.”

Kei sulked and offered up a spoonful of shaved ice at Ushio. The cold fruit and ice slid down past his throat, quenching the tiny fire that was still burning inside him.

But it would never disappear.

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Translation Notes

  1. Period 5: Rb Sr Y Zr Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd – The original Japanese translates to A child toyed with a straw on the roadside. Pots in hand, frenzied elderly found paradise. The beginning uses vague enough words that it could give a dirtier meaning similar to A beauty caressed a straw on the roadside.
  2. Group 2: Be Mg Ca Sr Ba Ra – The original Japanese translates to On the bed, a beautiful pink bloomed under the girl’s hitched up dress.
  3. Group 13: B Al Ga In Tl – The original Japanese translates to She has a rack, and she’s smart too.
  4. Group 15: N P As Sb Bi – The original Japanese translates to Daily porn, on sale tomorrow.
  5. Group 17: F Cl Br I At – The original Japanese translates to A soft bra’s real nice on contact.
  6. Group 16: O S Se Te Po – The original Japanese translates to A youthful sex, shy, it pops.
  7. Ecchi, which can also stand for H, can refer to sex or anything erotic or lewd.
  8. Ohayou Sanspo is Sankei Sports’s adult contents page. There are typically articles, photos, columns, gossip, and reader submissions about sex, celebrities, pin-up models, and other salacious topics. You can think of it like a GQ/Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue/Gossip Tabloid, but in the form of a daily newspaper. The impression is that it is a trashy, soft-core porn section of the paper.
  9. 50,000 yen – Approx. $500 USD.
  10. 10,000 yen – Approx. $100 USD.
  11. 200,000 yen – Approx. $2,000 USD.
  12. Affogato – An Italian dessert-type beverage with espresso and a scoop of vanilla gelato.
  13. 1,000 yen – Approx. $10 USD.
  14. 300,000 yen – Approx. $3,000 USD.
  15. Chono refers to Masahiro “Masa” Chono, a retired professional wrestler.
  16. 28°C – Approx. 82°F.
  17. Pocari is a sports drink.

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6 thoughts on “Off Air – Story 5.3”

  1. Ahaha, that was filthier than I expected. Although we were treated to lots of sexy talk from Kunieda-san, I feel cheated that there was no dirty talk! And the surprise attack on Ushio at the museum though. He springs enough surprise attacks on Kei that he deserves a few himself. 🤣🤣🤣

    It was really simple. Being with Kei, he just somehow made Ushio feel better.

    This line!! After reading through the entire series, I feel like this line gets to the crux for why Ushio loves Kei so much. Ughh, my heart. Come back for a re-read of this after Volume 3. It doesn’t seem like it holds too much meaning, but it does.

      1. Despite how red from embarrassment Kei got, he still whispers I love you to Ushio and offers him a bite of dessert. So adorable~ 😘

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