House of Sweets – Part 24

Part 24: House of Sweets ~un petit nid~ (24)

Agi tossed his shirt off. Kase was captivated in an instant by the gorgeous blooms of red on his shoulders. He could only see parts of the tattoo from the front, but in the faintly dim room lit by just the single floor lamp, the fine intricate design looked beautiful to Kase’s eyes.

As Kase looked on in fascination, Agi went for the buttons of Kase’s shirt. Kase accepted a kiss as Agi removed all his clothes. As the situation progressed, Kase felt restless as the one doing nothing. When he let his gaze wander, he could see the cat at the edge of the carpet and for some reason he had to turn his face away.

“What’s wrong?”

Agi’s face was right there when Kase looked up at him, and his cheeks flushed. He shook his head once to show that it was nothing. He had experience as a top, and this was merely switching the positions around. Nothing unexpected or out of the ordinary would happen. He knew this, but he was anxious.

Agi showered him with kisses, as if to loosen the lips that Kase had bitten in nervousness. The angle changed again and again, and then the kisses drifted over his cheek, to his earlobe, and surprisingly, even to his eyelashes. The lips took a roundabout path down to his neck. Gradually, a different kind of restlessness was born.

The way that Agi took the lead was different from his own. It was far too gentle. It somehow didn’t feel right to him. While he was flustered, Agi kissed diagonally down the left side of his chest. Then the right side. And further down. He knew what was there even without looking. Agi used his lips to carefully follow the ugly scars of his burns.

“…A-Agi-san, you don’t have to do that.”

He finally got some words out.

“Do what?”

“Be so gentle—”

“I’m not doing anything special though.”

Kase was confused. Really? This was normal? He wasn’t quite sure. His mind was scattered all over the place, and then his hips jerked up in the air when Agi kissed his slightly erect cock. 

“A-Agi-san… Nnghh.”

Kase squeezed his eyes shut at the sensation as Agi slowly swallowed him down. Kase had given blowjobs before, but he never had it done to him. He knew what the act entailed, but actually experiencing the sensations firsthand left him utterly wrecked. 

When Agi’s tongue prodded a sensitive part, it was enough for beads of sweat to form on his forehead. All his blood seemed to rush between his legs. As the fierce pleasure assaulted him, his body cowered with a shudder.

A fingertip had borrowed the wetness from the blowjob to trace back and forth along the crevice before it stopped at a hidden little area and traced circular movements there. It gradually loosened up, and the finger pushed inside.

Kase clamped his eyes shut. It was just the one finger, so it didn’t hurt. But it felt incredibly strange and uncomfortable, and he couldn’t form any words. The finger pumped in and out of him as he desperately tried to withstand it, and Agi sat back up, said “Wait here,” and left the living room for a moment. When he returned, he had a small bottle with him. Kase had a slight idea of what it was, but he had never used it before.

“Agi-san, that’s something that I…”

“You’ll cry in pain if I shove it in you without using anything.” Agi opened the cap of the bottle and dribbled the thick liquid onto his hand.


Agi fit himself in between Kase’s feet, and Kase couldn’t bring himself to keep refusing it. Agi pressed against his knees to urge them apart, and Kase timidly spread his legs for him. The finger covered in slick touched the narrow constriction.

“I’ll be gentle, so relax yourself.”

Agi kneaded the place that was slightly loosened to stretch it open further, and Kase grimaced at the fierce discomfort and shame that he felt. He hadn’t known that it left him so vulnerable to open up his body and entrust it to someone.

As the finger pushed inside, he held his breath without thinking. The sensation was unpleasant, like his internal organs were being directly prodded, and there was the fear that he could easily be hurt there. This wasn’t something that anyone could do unless there was a lot of trust in the person. A question suddenly flashed through his mind as he tried to bear through with it. Had he ever opened up his ex’s body as gently as this?


His body shuddered from a sudden intensity that burst inside of him.

“Is it here?”

Every time Agi rubbed up against a certain spot, precarious feelings coursed through him like he wanted to cry or to fly apart—this sensation of discomfort and of pleasure. Little by little, the feelings trended towards pleasure between the two extremes.

“Stop… not there… nghh.”

His inner thighs quivered when Agi pressed hard into that spot. His hips writhed and squirmed. It was his own body, but it wouldn’t listen to him. He didn’t like this. It scared him. He wanted it to stop. Kase shook his head desperately.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Leave everything to me.”

Agi soothed Kase gently, but the finger buried inside his body didn’t stop its movements.

“…Nnhh, nnnh…”

Kase pressed the back of his hand to his mouth and somehow suppressed his voice. He could tolerate pain and distress, but it surprised him how little resistance he had for pleasure. And he wasn’t used to exposing himself like this.

“If you hold your voice back, it makes me want to hear it more.” 

Agi added another finger with the whisper. He also applied more lubricant, and the smooth caresses made loud wet noises. The narrow area gradually stretched open more, and the fingers became bolder. Pleasure swirled even to the soles of his feet, heating him up, and he rubbed his heels into the carpet.

“I-I can’t take anymore…”

“We haven’t done much of anything yet, you know,” Agi said, a little concerned. His fingers continued its ministrations in that sensitive place, spurring Kase further. Bursts of pleasure came one after another. It was too much for him to take, and he no longer knew what to do anymore.

Kase clinged to Agi tightly and begged, “No, hurry it up… ngh.”

In response, Agi pulled his body away. He removed his fingers and replaced it with something else that pressed against him there. It startled Kase. Although Kase had been the one to put it in before, when the moment arrived, fear rushed through him. Little by little, the pressure pushed into him, and he started to open up to take it in.

Kase gasped for breath the moment he swallowed part of the tip. There was pain, but more so, it was distressing. Then all of a sudden, it unexpectedly became easier. He had gotten past the biggest part apparently. Maybe because it had too much at first that it now felt easier in comparison. It didn’t change the fact that it made him distressed though.

“Are you okay?” Agi asked, the two of them deeply connected. His voice was hoarse, and his breath was ragged. Kase could see that Agi had been restraining himself so that he wouldn’t overwhelm Kase who wasn’t used to this.

Agi had taken his time to be slow and careful with him.

And because of those efforts, it was his first time, but Kase felt almost no pain. But still, it was stressful to accept a man in a place that wasn’t designed for it, and he couldn’t breathe very well.

Gasping hard, Kase remembered when he had done this with his ex.

Far from being careful, he had raped him out of anger when he didn’t act the way that he wanted him to. Now that Kase was on the receiving end, he realized just how much pain and suffering he had inflicted on his ex. It had been wrong of him to do that. No wonder his ex hadn’t loved him. He understood this deeply now with Agi taking him.


Agi wiped a finger around Kase’s eyes. 

“Does it hurt? If it’s too much for you, we can stop.”

Before he knew it, he had started crying, and Kase shook his head.

“It’s not too much. If it’s with you, I want to do it even if it is.”

When Kase wrapped his arms around Agi’s, Agi gave him an indescribable look.

Agi brushed away the hair stuck with sweat against Kase’s forehead and gave him kisses to spoil and pamper him. Agi gave a light rock with his hips, and goosebumps broke out indulgent all over Kase’s skin. He clearly recognized it as pleasure.

“Does it hurt?”

Kase shook his head. It didn’t hurt. It felt good. And yet he couldn’t be honest and surrender himself to it. He had done something horrible and cruel to someone else, and it felt wrong to him that he was treated so gently.

Agi took the hands that hesitated over what to do and pressed his tongue into Kase’s slightly opened mouth. Agi slowly rocked into him as they kissed, and it was like he was swimming through warm honey, or like gum syrup had been poured all the way into his head, and he felt like he would drown in this sweetness that could burn up his chest.


Agi hit his tip into Kase’s weak spot. He rubbed at it hard, and Kase couldn’t hold back his voice. Agi pinned down Kase’s arms that tried to struggle, and he continued to attack that same spot.

“…Nhh, ahhh, ah, ah, ah.”

The intense pleasure swung the needle of the gauge in his head all the way to one side. When Kase cracked open his eyes, he saw Agi squeezing his eyes shut like it overwhelmed him. Lust appeared to control his movements, but it wasn’t the case. Although it was intense, it didn’t hurt. All Kase felt was pleasure.

“Stop… ngh. I’m… gonna go crazy…”

Kase felt like he would melt to his core in an instant like sugarwork exposed to heat. Agi twisted his hips and ground into him deeply where they were connected, and the contours of the pleasure became noticeably stronger. He approached his climax in the blink of an eye.

All the blood in his body seemed to gather in one spot, and in the next instant, he flew apart.

Even the place that swallowed Agi full, it convulsed with his release. Kase sunk into a sea of pleasure, and it was hard to even breathe. He would drown. He would die from the excessive pleasure.

Kase let his body rock to the rhythm when Agi suddenly stopped his movements.

Something hot shot deep into his body. 

His heat didn’t seem to dissipate very fast, unlike when his cock was directly stimulated. While Kase sank in the sensations of a thick warm honey, Agi thrust back deep into him, as if painting him over with his release.

“…Ah, not yet, ahh, aaah.”

As the release spread inside him with the thrusts, the entirety of his hips started to throb in heat. Just when he had reached the surface for air, another wave crashed over him again, submerging him under with his reason.

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  1. Kase hasn’t understood the full magnitude what he had done to his ex until now, and he’s starting to see difference the between possessiveness and love. It’s a missing piece that he probably needs in order for him to truly change.

  2. Agi is so tender with Kase. His gentleness is bewildering to him – hope Kase gradually accepts he’s worthy of such attention. It was disturbing to read about Kase’s emotional and physical abuse to his past lover but with sleeping with Agi he’s now more self-aware of the harm he caused. He’s got quite an emotional development ahead of him.

    1. I hope so too. He truly feels remorse and empathy for his ex now. Maybe he can’t forgive himself right now, but he doesn’t deserve that same abuse that he had inflicted. That only perpetuates it.

  3. thank you for the chapter!

    why do I have a feeling the story is ending soon;;;

    his whole situation is so complex, he never truly knew what was love until he met Agi…

    1. There are 3 parts left and an extra, so yeah, it’s almost over.
      Kase really needed to meet someone like Agi.

  4. Thank you for the chapter! I hope Kase is able to forgive himself as he continues to learn and grow emotionally. Agi is really good for him.

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  6. Kase always knew what he did was wrong but didn’t understand just how wrong. But deep down his kindness prevailed when we walked away and set someone whom he loved free. He may not fully understood the meaning of love then but he understood well – what it wasn’t 💝💜💓

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