Bloodlines Ablaze – Vol. 1 Ch. 8 Part 1

Chapter 8: Darkness of Truth (1)

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Little by little the weather turned chilly, and the seasons changed from autumn to winter. His Magic lessons see-sawed back and forth, and Mahoro continued to receive supplementary lessons in Physical Combat and Swordsmanship. Examinations would be administered at the beginning of December, a mere month away, and if he received poor marks, he heard that he would be given mountains of assignments over the winter holiday in addition to the supplementary lessons. Every day Mahoro threw himself desperately into his lessons to keep up.

It was then one day Mahoro received a letter from Lord Samuel.

“I appreciate the report. There is no need to further investigate the matter into Sieg. Do continue your endeavours at Loewen Military Academy.”

The letter was written in beautiful penmanship, and Mahoro stared at it for a while.

Mahoro had sent Lord Samuel a letter that expressed his speculations that perhaps Siegfried was still on the island. Mahoro was not satisfied by this response to his letter.

There is no need to investigate Lord Sieg? Why would he write that? Did he happen to find Lord Sieg? No, if that was the case, he would have written that in the letter.

Mahoro was thoroughly perplexed by the strange letter. He didn’t understand it, but if Lord Samuel told him to remain at the Academy, then he would have to strive with all of his might to raise his marks.

“Mahoro, if you have free time today, do you want to come with me to the Magic Society?”

It was a Sunday afternoon, and Mahoro was dressed in regular clothing, carrying his textbooks, when Zach came up to talk to him. Zach still continued to invite Mahoro to the Magic Society. Zach insisted that he could join temporarily, but Mahoro did not want to see Noah. Albion, who acted as his monitor, wasn’t with him today, and Mahoro had planned to revise at the Library. The Commandant had stopped by a short while ago. She had told him, “I must perform maintenance on Albion,” and took Albion with her. She had ordered Mahoro that under no circumstances should he use magic.

“Sorry, but I really need to revise today.”

Mahoro turned down the invitation as always, and Zach crossed his arms behind his head in dejection.

“Aww, but Noah will be disappointed. He’s always telling me to invite you to come.”

Mahoro was flustered to hear Noah’s name. So Noah would not give up even though Mahoro had turned the invitation down so many times? He could not predict Noah’s behaviour, and it made him anxious. Noah had suddenly kissed him with no warning and propositioned him too. Mahoro was afraid to be alone with him.

“Well, I’m glad that I get to talk to Noah, so it’s fine.”


Zach stuck out his tongue. “Noah talks to me a lot, so it feels pretty good, you know? Since he ignores pretty much everyone. But still, we only talk about you, Mahoro. Such as what things you like and what hobbies you have—he asks about every detail that he can think of. You’re seriously popular. If that beautiful of a person ever approached me, I’d probably agree to anything that they asked.”

Mahoro was stunned speechless.

“W-W-Wha… What did you talk about?”

Mahoro didn’t know that Noah had been seeking information about him from Zach, and his heart beat wildly. He hadn’t been on his guard in front of Zach, and he knew that he should never tell this room-mate of his that Noah had kissed him.

“It was all harmless stuff. You don’t have many hobbies anyway. I told him that you seem to like sandwiches, I guess.”

Mahoro was relieved that Zach answered without any hesitation. It was true that he liked sandwiches. He could eat many different kinds of sandwiches here, and he was never tired of them.

“Keyes gets into a bad mood whenever Noah talks about you. It’s pretty great when it happens. Man, it sure feels nice to see his honourable Lordship burn in a jealous rage from his high horse~” Zach clapped his hands as he laughed, and Mahoro felt bad for Keyes. He warned Zach not to say anything weird to Noah and then left the Blocks.

But I don’t hate Noah…

Love was something that wasn’t necessary to him. First and foremost, right now it was imperative that he raise his marks.

Still, I can’t believe that there’s no need to look into Lord Sieg any more. We still haven’t determined the reason for his disappearance…

When he started to think about Siegfried’s disappearance, even though he didn’t want to, he would remember that person from the file that he had found in the sealed room. Alexander Valentino—he shared the same face as Siegfried. What if Siegfried had entered that same sealed room and saw that file too? What would he have thought?

Lord Samuel had told Mahoro that his investigation wasn’t necessary, but it was impossible to stop his imagination. If he could enter that sealed room again…

Mahoro headed towards the Library with such thoughts running through his head.


Someone called out to him in the middle of the hallway, and Mahoro turned around. Dr Mary was standing behind him. She wore a dress that emphasized her large bosom with a doctor’s coat over it. She peered into Mahoro’s eyes and smirked.

“You’re revising on a Sunday? You mustn’t forget to rest, you know. Oh, I was able to get some lovely tea. Would you like to come with me to the Counselling Room?”

Dr Mary took Mahoro’s arm and gave him an alluring look.

“But I need to revise…”

Mahoro didn’t want to be alone with her, and he spoke evasively. She exuded too much sex appeal, and he wasn’t comfortable around that type of person.

Dr Mary breathed over his ear and whispered, “I have something important to tell you. It’s about your master.”

Mahoro stiffened. His master? Did she mean Lord Samuel? Or did she mean—…

“Come with me.”

Dr Mary slipped her fingers from his arm and turned around. She was confident that Mahoro would follow her. Mahoro did not want to be near her, but he had no choice but to follow.

She entered the Counselling Room and sat Mahoro down on the sofa before locking the door. There was a lovely citrus scent in the room; perhaps she had heated some scented oils.

Dr Mary retrieved a tin of tea leaves from a shelf in the back of the room and smiled. “I will brew some herbal tea for you. You ought to relax more.” 

She placed a glass teapot on the table, and with elegant movements, added tea leaves inside. She poured in hot water, and the scent of chamomile drifted over to his nose.

Dr Mary sat down next to Mahoro, and watching the tea leaves slowly open in the glass pot, she spoke up. “Oh, I hear that… Siegfried has cherished you very dearly?”

Mahoro answered as he fidgeted, clenching and unclenching his fists. “Oh, err, yes… He has been very kind to me.”

“I see. But in the end, your position is to follow and obey, is it not?”

Mahoro was confused at the question, as if she required his confirmation, but he nodded. Dr Mary seemed acquainted with Mahoro’s circumstances—that he had lost his parents and had been taken as a ward at the Baldwin estate. 

Dr Mary gave a satisfied-looking smile. “As long as you understand your position. You must devote yourself to Lord Siegfried.”

She poured the tea with elegant motions.

Mahoro felt as if something was strange and murmured, “Lord… Siegfried…?”

Siegfried had only been a cadet at this academy, but the reason that Dr Mary used Siegfried’s name with a title was because she held special affections for him.

“I am a devoted adherent of Lord Siegfried. In that sense, would that make us fellow believers? I had told you about the sealed room because I wanted you to learn about him. And what I specifically wanted you to learn is that of your position in relation to our Lord. You may be an important existence, but ultimately you are Lord Siegfried’s tool. Don’t expect anything more from him, all right?” Dr Mary sipped the tea that she had poured and raised her chin aloofly.

Mahoro felt disdain in her gaze, and he knew that Dr Mary hated him.

“I wouldn’t… presume to expect anything more…”

Mahoro was baffled. What did it even mean to be a devoted adherent of Siegfried?

Dr Mary gave an alluring smile. “Good. Lord Siegfried is on his way here very soon,” she informed him.


Siegfried would be coming here? Mahoro grew even more confused, and it showed on his face. Why was he coming here? Could he have been on this island the whole time? But if he was already on the island, she wouldn’t say that he was on the way. Did this mean that Dr Mary had personal communications with Siegfried?

Dr Mary murmured with her face enraptured. “We have been delayed in our schedule, but we have finally completed the preparations. How exciting. Mahoro, your tea is getting cold.”

Mahoro was about to ask her for more details when a knock on the door sounded. There was the voice of a cadet behind it, and Dr Mary headed over to unlock the door.

“Oh, what’s wrong? Please, come in. I’ll listen to anything that you’d like to talk about.”

A cadet whom Mahoro had never seen before was standing in the hallway. Dr Mary placed her hand on his shoulder and turned to Mahoro.

“Mahoro was just about to leave. Right?”

Mahoro had many questions that he wanted to ask her, but he left the counselling room like he had been chased out.

What was that just now?

Mahoro was bewildered, and he could only look at the door that had been shut on him.

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

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