Bloodlines Ablaze – Vol. 1 Ch. 7 Part 2

Chapter 7: Shift in Relationships (2)

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The following week they had Magic tutorial, which was held at the training grounds under a clear autumn sky. The training grounds were located beyond the Library on the north side of the island. A lawn covered the open space, and Mahoro and the other new cadets formed a single row holding their magic wands. Beyond the training grounds were forests and mountains. Apparently survival training was conducted in those mountains.

“I will hand out the magic stones. Everyone except the St Johns bloodline, please come up and get one.” 

Professor George called out to the cadets, and Mahoro and the others went up to get a red magic stone. The magic that could be used depended on the colour of the magic stone. Red magic stones granted the use of fire magic, and the St Johns bloodline could use fire magic without them.

“Your magical powers will vary depending on the person. When you exhaust your magic, you may feel fatigued, and you must immediately report your condition to me. Also, on occasion there are cases when a cadet’s magic goes out of control, and so for this first tutorial we have brought cadets with advanced-level magic to manage any potential situations.”

At Professor George’s cue, thirteen cadets appeared at the forest. Mahoro guessed from the commotion that Noah, Oscar, and Leon were among them. It was a line-up of the best and the brightest cadets. Most of them were Third Years, but there were also a few Second Years. The older cadets lined up behind the first-year cadets, and if anything happened, they would step in to stop it. The First Years’ magic was likely insignificant to them. There were also cadets chatting with each other.

“Whoa, my heart is racing~” Zach was trembling with excitement as he inserted the red magic stone into his wand. Mahoro also inserted the red stone into one of the holes of his own wand. It made the sound of a click, and the magic stone was set.

“Magic stones are consumable items. A stone of this size will likely last a hundred uses before it breaks and can no longer be used. And of course, advanced magic will use the stones up faster.”

Mahoro listened with awe at Professor George’s explanation. Because they were so special, the supply of magic stones were directly managed by the kingdom. They were too valuable, and with their military applications, the general population could not acquire them.

“All right, each cadet shall go one at time and start using magic. To use fire magic, visualise yourself summoning the Spirit Ignis and borrowing its power. Power lives within words.” Professor George placed his hand on Jack’s shoulder, who stood at the beginning of the row of cadets. “Please take your wand and produce a flame from the end of it.”

Jack nodded and pointed his wand in the air, shyly reciting the incantation. A small flame popped up at the end of his wand before disappearing again. The cadets around him started laughing at the dainty little flame that they saw.

“It seems pretty hard.” Without smiling, Zach studied the other cadets as they waved their wands.

Mahoro suddenly felt a gaze on him and turned around. Just as his eyes met Noah’s, Noah waved at him. This difference in his attitude was probably the reason Keyes was so unhappy with Mahoro.

It was Zach’s turn to attempt the magic, and he nervously summoned the fire spirit. A long and narrow flame flickered at the end of his wand. He did a reasonably good job, and Professor George praised him for his aptitude.

Next was Mahoro’s turn, and he raised his wand in the air. He went to visualise an image of fire in his head, but he wondered in a daze what kind of image it should be. Mahoro remembered that when he was young, Siegfried had shown him a photograph of a man engulfed in flames. It had been a black and white photo, but the image of a person in flames had been so terrifying that he wasn’t able to sleep at night…

Mahoro recited the incantation. “O Spirit Ignis, heed my call and release the flames.”

A fierce, giant ball of flames emerged from his wand and engulfed the area before his eyes. Professor George had been standing in front of Mahoro, and the cadets around them screamed as the fire consumed him. Mahoro had been so shocked that the intensity of the flames forced him to cover his face with his arm. The flames shot across the grounds like a creature, torching the large trees a short distance away. The trail of flames had engulfed several cadets, which flared brighter and erupted into pillars of wildfire.

“Idiot! Stop the fire!” Someone restrained Mahoro’s body as he yelled at him. He realised that it was Leon’s voice, and Mahoro was so terrified that his teeth chattered. He wanted to stop it, but he didn’t know how. Even though he tried to release the wand, his hand was frozen stiff and he couldn’t let go of it.

“O Spirit Aqua, heed my voice and suppress the flames!” Noah raised his voice with great force and urgency, and a spray of water hit Mahoro on the cheek. A torrent of water crashed into the flames spilling from Mahoro’s wand before transforming into a coiling snake. The snake attacked the flames, and it continually grew larger.

Noah muttered quizzically as he waved his wand to the side. “This is weird. What is this?”

The snake that was made of water split into two and aggressively swallowed the flames. Leon tried to pry the wand from Mahoro’s clenched fingers. His heart hurt like it was being squeezed. His consciousness grew hazy, and his limbs turned rigid. If Leon hadn’t been restraining him from behind, Mahoro would have collapsed.

“O Spirit Aqua! Heed my voice and extinguish the fire!” Oscar jumped out and waved his wand in large motions, releasing a giant vortex of swirling water. It surged up into the sky in an instant, and like rain, dropped water over the area as far as the eye could see. The sea of flames went out in an instant, and everyone became drenched from the water magic.

“What the!? What just happened…?”

With a voice of astonishment from Oscar and the water that had poured over his head, Mahoro could finally relax his body. His wand wasn’t shooting anything out of it any more. The area was a state of disaster around them. The lawn was scorched; large trees were barren. There were cadets who had been burned and cadets who had collapsed.

Mahoro stood in a daze in Leon’s arms.

“Oi, Mahoro…” Noah grabbed Mahoro’s chin and forced Mahoro to look at him. He stared at Mahoro with excitement and shock, like he had seen something unbelievable. Oscar and Leon were the same. Oscar dropped the hand holding his wand and peered over at Mahoro.

“What was that power just now…? That was the first time I’ve ever used such powerful water magic.”

Oscar’s eyes pierced through him, and Mahoro shook his head in confusion. He didn’t understand anything either. Why had the flames gone so out of control?

Noah interrupted the confrontation. “Let’s save the discussion for later. We should see to the injured and the situation.”

Leon finally released Mahoro. He didn’t know how this had happened, but Mahoro was the one who had injured the other cadets. What do I do? he wondered. His eyes were darkened with confusion as he slowly started to move.

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

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