Bloodlines Ablaze – Vol. 1 Ch. 6 Part 3

Chapter 6: The Sealed Room (3)

“Oi, are you all right?”

Mahoro came back to his senses when he was suddenly shook. Noah was looking at him with a worried expression. Mahoro had forgotten where this place was.

“I-I’m sorry…”

When Mahoro hung his head, Noah pulled him up by his hand and led him over to the sofa.

Noah sat down next to Mahoro and spoke up. “Siegfried has a secret.”

Mahoro looked up in response, and the beautiful face made a slight frown.

“I’ve felt it from him ever since we first met—that he’s… not normal. He never trusted anyone, and he never truly looked at anyone. Perhaps I’m not one to criticise, but given my observations and having seen that file, I feel as if everything makes complete sense now.”

“That person has nothing to do with Lord Sieg!” Before Mahoro realised it, he had shouted out loud. It was inconceivable. Siegfried couldn’t have been related to someone listed on the dangerous persons registry. Mahoro rose to his feet, his fists shaking, whilst Noah gazed at Mahoro, his eyes filled with a quiet light.

“But wouldn’t it be a very good explanation for his disappearance?”

Noah’s words pierced through Mahoro’s heart.

Mahoro did think that. He didn’t know what kind of relationship Siegfried had with the man listed in the file, but if they happened to be related, it could be a reason why he had disappeared. If he had learned that a close relative of his had instigated a coup d’etat…

“Nghhh…” Mahoro imagined the shock and pain that Siegfried must have felt, and he started crying, overwhelmed by his own powerlessness.

“Oi, is it something to cry over?” Noah said in an incredulous voice. He tugged Mahoro’s arm to pull him back down on the sofa and wrapped an arm around his shoulder, stroking his head.

Noah murmured at Mahoro as he sniffled. “Siegfried’s a lucky man. But honestly, I don’t understand your adoration for him…”

Mahoro tried to say that Siegfried was a kind person, but his words failed him when he remembered how Siegfried had treated the servants. Siegfried had only been kind to Mahoro. He had taken so much of a liking to Mahoro that he would always keep Mahoro by his side and even looked after him. There were times when Mahoro faced the jealousy of servants and children of nobles who had admired Siegfried, and Siegfried would make them suffer if they had done anything to bully Mahoro.

Mahoro had wanted Siegfried to speak kindly to others too, and there was one time he had spoken up to voice this opinion. Siegfried had smiled and uttered a single remark: “Are you telling me what to do?” Fear had run through his body, and his hair stood on end. Siegfried was by nature an absolute monarch who expected his every demand to be satisfied, and anyone who dared to speak up against him deserved certain death. Fortunately Mahoro had escaped punishment from him, but from thereafter, Mahoro had been careful to mind his words around Siegfried.

“What do I do…? Should I report this information to Lord Samuel?” Mahoro wiped his tears, at a loss for how to respond. He had finally located information that could possibly explain the reason for Siegfried’s disappearance, but if he were to report it to Lord Samuel, Mahoro was afraid that something truly awful could come to light from this entire ordeal. Could Lady Margaret have been unfaithful…? His imagination ran unpleasant thoughts through his head.

“You should probably report it. It doesn’t change the fact that Siegfried is still missing,” Noah stated plainly. 

Mahoro pondered his words as Noah brushed his fingertips through Mahoro’s hair. Noah stared at the crown of Mahoro’s head, curiously lifting locks of hair towards him. He traced his fingers where the roots had turned white and asked, “Have you dyed your hair?”

“Um, yes. I need to dye it again soon… If I don’t dye it, my hair would be all white.”

Mahoro recalled that it had been about three months since he last dyed his hair. He had packed hair dye in his suitcase. Perhaps he should re-dye it tonight.

Noah exclaimed, “You’ve gone grey prematurely at your age!? Have you suffered that much growing up!?”

Mahoro blushed as he batted Noah’s hand away from his hair.

“I haven’t gone grey. I’ve had white hair ever since I was young…”

Mahoro told Noah how he had always been known as a “white child” even during the time he was at an orphanage. Noah studied Mahoro’s head intently, his curiosity piqued.

“So you lost both of your parents. It couldn’t have been easy to grow up like that. But your hair is awfully white. I suppose it must be hereditary.”

“Oh, and I end up fainting if I stand out under the sun for a long time. My skin will turn bright red.”

Noah rolled up Mahoro’s clothing to expose his arms and legs, and Mahoro flinched away from him. Noah studied the bare skin as if he had discovered a new toy.

“You should stop dying your hair.”

Noah seized an ankle to lift it up towards him, and the force tipped Mahoro backwards onto the sofa. For some reason he held onto the slim ankle and removed Mahoro’s shoe.

“Huh? But I draw too much attention when it’s white… Um, why are you taking off my shoes?” Noah had removed both of his shoes, and Mahoro was baffled as to why.

“Why not? I think you’ll be much cuter if you leave it white. No, wait, maybe you’ll be too cute, and you’ll attract others like me to you… No, I don’t want that to happen,” Noah muttered, reaching for the buttons on Mahoro’s dress shirt.

Mahoro frantically pushed the hand away and grimaced. He had forgotten that this person had propositioned him before.

“Don’t be so stingy. Show me some of your body.” Noah tugged at Mahoro’s cardigan.

“I’m not showing you anything! What are you even saying!?”

Mahoro sensed that his chastity was in danger and moved away from the sofa. His shoes had been tossed to the corner of the room. If Theo were here, he would run to get his help! He needed to escape from this room, and he rushed to put on his shoes before searching the walls, but nothing happened. Mahoro remembered that he had only found this sealed room by coincidence. So how was he supposed to leave!?

“You want to chase each other around this small room? I don’t hate the idea of it. Sure, we can play. You want to give me the thrill of chasing you?” Noah smiled devilishly and slowly stepped towards Mahoro.

“W-We have more important things to consider here! We don’t even know how we can leave this room!”

Mahoro brushed Noah aside when he approached and ran his hands haphazardly over the walls. Again, nothing happened. Noah must have recognised the seriousness of their situation, but he didn’t lift a finger to search for the exit.

“It’s quite convenient if we’re unable to leave. Come, just undress yourself a little. I want to see all of you.”

Mahoro was desperately searching for the exit, but Noah easily lifted his body and deposited him down on top of a rug. Mahoro panicked and tried to escape, but Noah pinned him down on top of his stomach, and he was unable to budge.

“No! I don’t like this!”

Mahoro struggled, his face flushed red, but Noah’s body was too heavy and he couldn’t escape. Noah had a slender appearance, but his body was well-toned with muscle. He gleefully stripped Mahoro of his cardigan.

“Don’t struggle so much. I don’t want to have to use magic on you. Even I understand that it’s bad to restrain you with magic.”

Noah slipped past Mahoro’s hands to undo the buttons of his dress shirt and pulled it open. The open air touched Mahoro’s bare skin, and he let out a shriek.

“Wow, you’re skinny… Your stomach’s so white, and it feels nice and smooth.”

Noah ran his hands over his belly, and Mahoro shuddered. Mahoro tried to push the hands away, but Noah didn’t seem to care about Mahoro’s resistance and placed his hands wherever he liked.

“Your nipples are pink. Shit, that turns me on.”

Noah groped Mahoro’s chest. Fingers pinched a nipple, and Mahoro jumped with a start. He flailed his legs, but it didn’t do anything; Noah just engrossed himself with playing with his nipples.

“P-Please stop…”

Mahoro had never paid any attention to his nipples before, but he started to feel strange as Noah relentlessly fondled them. He glared up at Noah with flushed cheeks, and Noah stopped his hands, staring back at Mahoro.

Noah brought his face down to Mahoro’s, his voice husky as he rasped, “…Fuck, I’m hard.”

Mahoro held his breath, freezing up. Noah was hard…? Because of him…? In this situation…?  He was so frightened that his body shifted in reflex, and he felt something hard press against his abdomen. T-That was… 

“Don’t make a face like that. I’m the most surprised at myself. I can’t believe I’m hard just from looking at your body. I was never like this even through puberty. It seems that I’m seriously in love with you.”

Mahoro panicked and cracked his voice as he shouted, “W-W-What…? It can’t be.”

Noah smiled at Mahoro. “Can we continue on like this?” he asked, watching his reaction.

“No! I-I don’t like this! You’re harassing me!” Mahoro shouted as loud as he could, hoping to somehow dissuade Noah from continuing.

“You’re right. Even I know that rape is bad. How about this? I will stop, but in exchange, can I kiss you?”

Mahoro’s mind went blank at the unthinkable terms for this exchange.

“I’ll control myself if I can get a kiss.”

Noah placed his hands on either side of Mahoro’s head and brought himself closer. What do I do? What do I do? Mahoro panicked and darted his eyes around. If he were to say that he didn’t want to, would Noah force him to have sex with him? Anything would be better than that…?

“Question: How do you explain what a kiss is to someone who doesn’t know what it is?”

Mahoro’s head reeled at the sudden question.

“Um, demonstrate it to show them…?”

Noah smiled and touched Mahoro’s lips with his own. Mahoro had thought that it was another philosophy question, but it looked like he was wrong. Mahoro stiffened at the soft sensation covering his lips. He thought that it would end with just the one time, but Noah licked and sucked at Mahoro’s lips as if he were inspecting them.

“Open your mouth.”

Noah massaged an earlobe as he gave his order, and Mahoro opened his mouth in reflex. Noah pushed his tongue in, and an unfamiliar sensation rose up inside Mahoro.


Noah sucked on Mahoro’s tongue and lips before running the tip of his tongue along the inside of his mouth. Mahoro was flustered; this was the first time he had felt such a sensation, and he could barely catch his breath. He never knew that a kiss could be so domineering and relentless. So it wasn’t just a touch and a press of lips together. Their saliva mixed together, it became harder to breath, and his heart pounded in his chest. Noah’s lips were hot and soft; they stuck to his own and refused to leave.

Noah grabbed the back of his neck and whispered in his ear. “…Is this kiss your first too?”

Mahoro breathed hard as he tried to catch his breath now that his mouth was freed. Noah sought out his lips again, shifting the angle to devour him. He sucked on his tongue, the noises wet and loud in his ears, and Mahoro’s whole body went limp. Mahoro didn’t understand what he was doing, and every time he heard a wet sound, his eyes would see spots.


Noah indulged himself on Mahoro’s lips, with no sign of his interest flagging. Mahoro was in a daze as tears welled up in his eyes. Noah suddenly reached for his chest to pluck at his nipples again, and Mahoro trembled from the shock and pushed Noah’s body away.

“Tch. So that’s a no.”

Noah noticed that Mahoro had frozen up, and he gave up and pulled himself away. Mahoro scrambled awkwardly to a corner and hugged his knees to his chest. His heart was pounding, and he felt overheated and feverish. He could not believe that he had kissed Noah. So passionately even.

Why am I… hard…?

His head started spinning, unable to process the change in his own body. His first kiss had been too intense for him, and it spilled over to manifest itself in other ways.

“—Hey, didn’t you say that you lived at Siegfried’s estate? So he didn’t lay his hands on you?”

Noah’s gaze turned probing, and Mahoro shook his head.

“Lord Sieg would never do that… He isn’t so starved that he would lay his hands on someone like me,” Mahoro blurted out with condemnation in his voice, but he suddenly recalled an old memory, and it unsettled him. Siegfried had never once made sexual advances on Mahoro, but when someone else had tried to approach Mahoro, Siegfried hadn’t spared any mercy in his retaliation. It was an old, old memory. He needed to forget about it.

“You’re a pervert…” Mahoro glared at Noah, who was lying sprawled on the rug.

Noah lightly waved his hand in dismissal at him. “Pervert? There’s not much difference between doing it with a woman or doing it with a man. Though I am surprised that Siegfried hadn’t laid his hands on you. That’s a happy miscalculation on my part. Anyway, just give me a moment, I’ll dredge up some dark memories from the past, and that’ll get me to wither in an instant.”

Noah closed his eyes to ponder something and gave a hard frown. Mahoro watched him nervously and noticed for the first time that Noah was wearing a choker. It was a shiny silver band that sparkled with a diamond at the centre. Mahoro wondered if Noah had always worn it under his uniform. He had never noticed it before.

After a short while, Noah sat up abruptly as he held his head, looking as if the world was ending.

“Okay, I’m soft again. I didn’t want to have to remember that though.”

Mahoro didn’t know what had happened in his past, but apparently the memory was enough to make Noah’s face twist up. He saw that Noah wouldn’t force himself on him again, and he was relieved. Those sorts of acts should only be done between people who loved each other; it wasn’t something that should be done out of compulsion.

Mahoro stared at Noah’s throat and said without thinking, “Noah, you’re wearing a choker…” 

“Oh, this? Yeah… There’s a bit of reason for it.” Noah touched the base of his neck and gave a vague answer. Apparently he didn’t want to talk about it.

“All right, let’s look for the exit.”

Noah was finally in the mood to start searching, and he ran his hands along the walls. Mahoro had also calmed down, and after fixing his clothes, he helped Noah search for the exit.

After about thirty minutes of searching, they had found nothing, and Noah pulled out his wand. “We’re not getting anywhere. Let’s just use magic.”

Apparently wands were carried in the inside pocket of the uniform.

Noah turned to an empty space and chanted, “O Familiar Bull, hasten over with your presence.”

The tip of the wand emitted white smoke, and before their very eyes, it turned into the shape of a dog—a pit bull with a limber body, its coat black and lustrous, wearing a vicious look on his face. This was Noah’s familiar. The familiar eyed Mahoro sharply and bounded over to him, rabid to sniff him out. He prowled around him in circles as he growled and drooled, and Mahoro was frightened from the bottom of his heart.

How can such a beautiful person have a dog like this!?

Now that Mahoro knew Noah’s true character, he could understand it, but he would no doubt be surprised if he hadn’t.

Noah pulled the familiar away who had been poking his nose at Mahoro and ordered, “Bull, find the entrance to this room. If you can’t find it, then find anything that feels out of place.”

So the familiar’s name was Bull. Bull obeyed the command and went sniffing out the walls and shelves. After he finished a turn around the room, Bull went over to a spot at the wall and barked.

Noah searched the area, but nothing happened.

“You try it,” Noah urged him.

Mahoro placed his hands on the wall, wishing very much to leave this place.

“Open up,” Mahoro said, almost as a prayer, and suddenly the wall warped against his touch. This is it, he thought and stretched his hand out to Noah. Mahoro tumbled out of the wall as he held onto Noah’s hand.

Just as the distortion of space disappeared, Mahoro and Noah returned to the office behind the reception desk. Fortunately, the librarian Mrs Anne wasn’t around, and they hurried out of the Library. The clock tower dial showed that the time was 4:30. Mahoro was relieved that they hadn’t stayed later than he thought.

“Hey, you know…” Noah called out to him in the hallway, and Mahoro blushed as he hurried to distance himself from Noah.

Mahoro remembered what they had done a little while earlier, and he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t look at Noah’s face. 

“I’m never doing that with you again!” he shouted.

“What? It wasn’t like you hated it.” Noah caught up to Mahoro’s quick pace and sidled up next to him. Bull followed after Mahoro, who had broken into a trot, and Bull growled liked he wanted to bite him.

“I hated it! I really hated it!”

“Liar. I saw you enjoying yourself.”

“How can you say things like that!?”

As Mahoro ran and argued with Noah, cadets who were passing by started staring at them. Just as they reached the Main Building, a figure appeared in front of them, and Mahoro frantically stopped in his tracks. Bull, who had been following behind him, crashed into the back of his knees, and Mahoro stumbled.

“My, my, what do we have here? What’s with the commotion?”

Noah’s mood suddenly turned tense, and Mahoro looked away. Dr Mary, in her white doctor’s coat, was standing there.

“I-I’m sorry,” Mahoro apologised.

She was telling them not to run through the hallways. Behind Mahoro, Bull was barking rabidly at Dr Mary. His eyes twitched upwards, and he looked like he might jump out at her. Apparently Bull hated Dr Mary.

She looked down at Bull with cold eyes. “Don’t summon your familiar recklessly.” 

Bull growled and bared his teeth at her. Noah pulled out his wand, and Bull disappeared from the spot.

“My apologies. Mahoro, let’s go,” Noah said in a monotone voice as he walked past Dr Mary. 

Today under the white coat, she was wearing a low-cut dress that exposed her cleavage, and most men wouldn’t be able to tear their eyes from the sight. However, Noah seemed to hate her. He gave her a cold glance and quickly walked off.


Mahoro had tried to leave after giving a nod, but Dr Mary easily grabbed his hand and detained him.

She gave him a suggestive gaze as she whispered in his ear and smiled. “If anything happens, come see me at the Counselling Room. You are always welcome there.”

Mahoro felt dizzy as the scent of her perfume seemed to cling to him. He nodded, feeling nervous.

“Mahoro, come here.” Noah was waiting for him in aggravation at the end of the hallway.

Mahoro sensed the mood awkward and thick between Noah and Dr Mary, and he started walking.

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