Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 3 Ch. 35

Chapter 35: Where Home Is (11)

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They entered Kei’s apartment, and when Kei heard Ushio lock the door behind him, he slumped down to his feet at the entryway.


“…I’m exhausted…”

He was tired from thinking, tired from his nerves, tired from speaking, tired from his agitation, tired from crying. If he fought a hamster right now, he would lose. His strung up nerves were torn to shreds, and he had truly turned into a puppet with its strings cut. His entire body was filled with lactic acid.

“Oi, are you okay?”

“Of course I’m not okay! Your old man is terrifying as hell! It’d be easier to be on TV for 24 hours straight—not that I’ve ever done it!”

“Ahh, yeah, sorry, he’s a shitty old man.”

“Seriously, he should watch and learn from my dad. Ugh, I’m starving. Fat, I need fat…”

“Should I make something?”

Ushio went into the kitchen, but he immediately returned to the hallway.

“You don’t have much here except for instant or frozen meals. Should I go to pick something up?”

“It’s fine.” Kei grabbed Ushio’s hand. “…Don’t ever leave me again.”

Ushio leaned over and laughed. “That’s something I said to you before.”1

“Technically, I didn’t physically go anywhere.”

“Yeah, but it was pretty rough on me when it happened… but yeah, I won’t go anywhere.”

“I’m not going to save you again next time.”

“I won’t leave, so will you carry me to bed like a princess?”

“What more do you want from me, bastard? I don’t even want to lift a Wii U controller.”

“Well, given the positions, you’re the prince here.”

“Like a real prince can lift anything heavy in the first place.”

“Then I’ll carry you.”

“Huh, wait—”

“Hold on tight, my prince.”

Ushio threaded his arm under Kei’s knees, and when Kei realized that Ushio was being serious, he wrapped both arms around Ushio’s neck and held on for dear life. He felt stable enough as Ushio lifted him up, but it had been a while since he was held in the air, and Kei freaked out and shrieked, “God no, god no, god no, god no!”

Any princess who can remain calm in this situation has to be fearless.

“It’s just a short distance away, so stay still.”

“You drop me, you’re dead, you drop me, you’re dead, you drop me, you’re dead!”

“Such a bloodthirsty prince~”

In the end, Ushio carried him to the bed and placed him down all gentleman-like, so Kei supposed that he could forgive him.

“Shall I help you undress, my prince?”

“No, I’ll do it myself… so…”


“…Undress yourself too,” Kei ordered, pulling a petulant face. 

Ushio placed a kiss on Kei’s forehead, singsonged an “Okaay~” like a child, and shed his clothing. Two sets of clothing fell to the floor.

“Next you should say, ‘Come closer, I shall grant you the honor,’” Ushio teased.

“That would make me sound like a feudal lord. Now the setting’s all messed up.”

On top of the bed, with no one and nothing to interfere with them, they clung to each other fully naked.

“…I had so much that I wanted to tell you earlier,” Ushio said, “but right now I can only say I’m sorry, thank you, I love you.”

“And you get the death penalty.”


“You left out one very important thing.”

“—Oh.” Ushio hugged Kei fiercely. “I’m home.”

“…Welcome home.”

A brief farewell. A brief journey. A brief adventure. It was all for the sake of this single moment.

Ushio kissed Kei gently over and over again, as if trying to make up for the fear and loneliness he caused when they were apart. The brief, featherlight touches made it feel like he had just woken from a dream, like he doubted that any of this was even real. Or perhaps this was the first time they had met, because Ushio gazed down at him on the bed with bright, shining new eyes, like he had fallen in love at first sight, and it made Kei incredibly shy and embarrassed. They were kisses that said, I’m sorry, thank you, I love you, and I’m home.

Ushio dropped so many kisses that it was too endless to count. He touched Kei’s arms, shoulders—all the innocent and chaste places as he said, “Don’t be nervous.” His face looked young and tender as Kei gazed back at him. Kei answered with a brief “Nn.”

Stop that, you’re gonna infect me.

“I wondered if it would be better to break everything off completely, if I should ask you to break up with me without explaining anything, if I should tell you to find someone else. I thought that maybe I could do it.” Ushio brushed the tips of their noses together like a cat. “But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I hated everything about it. I was only thinking about myself. I’m really, really sorry.”

Kei reached up to hold Ushio’s cheeks between his hands and withdrew it a short distance. He gave Ushio a smile.

Then Kei raised his head and dealt a headbutt right at Ushio.


It was probably more that Ushio was unguarded than the hardness of the blow, but he collapsed face first into a pillow and groaned.

“There’s no way in hell I’m forgiving you, you fucking dumbass!” Kei made his declaration as he grabbed a fistful of Ushio’s hair and pulled. “You think I’ll forgive you for everything you did? Not a chance! I’m gonna throw it in your face all I can! I’ll drag it up 7 days a week! I’ll drag this up until the day you die!”

That way you never think about leaving me again.

“…Why do we always resort to violence whenever we fight?” Ushio complained as he held a hand to his forehead. But on the verge of giving Kei a serious kiss, he whispered, “Stay with me until the day I die then.”

Kei didn’t have the chance to answer as Ushio covered his mouth with his own. Their lips parted and met endlessly, and Kei felt like maybe a layer had peeled off his lips, they were so sensitive. Just a little intense nibble sent electric shocks spreading through his body, and when Ushio traced his teeth and jaw with his tongue, Kei’s arousal coursed through him and turned his mouth into an immediate tropics zone.


His entire body soon became heated. His nipples wanted attention and they perked up on their own. When Ushio lightly bit and sucked on them, they flushed red like a drop of dye dripped from a syringe.


Arousal condensed inside the little pebbled nipples, covered in just a thin layer of skin, and when Ushio didn’t lick them directly, they burned brighter and deeper in dissatisfaction. Ushio finally doted on them, with his tongue and his fingers, and pleasure burst within Kei like a fiery ball of sparklers. The fingertips that flattened each nipple seemed to embed a fevered heat inside him.

“Nn, no, ahh.”

Kei’s body was exhausted, pushed to the limit between crushing anxiety and the sweet taste of relief, and yet every touch aroused him beyond belief. He was seriously worried that after this he would fall asleep without waking for three days straight.

But he couldn’t stop now.


His cock was already hard and erect, baring its weak and sensitive underside to Ushio, and Ushio granted the desire that it wanted there with his lips.

“Nhh, ah, ahh…”

Ushio sucked him deep down into his mouth, and Kei shamefully bent backwards to lift his hips up. The urge to come surfaced two, three times like a fish leaping out of water.

“Hnn… nnh, ngh, no…”

Ushio massaged the bony areas at the base of Kei’s cock and rubbed the tip up against the roof of his mouth. It was warm and wet inside, and the short back-and-forth movements between the stiff boundary of his palate and the softer flesh in the back filled him with a pleasure that flooded his entire lower body. Kei shouted quietly, “I can’t.”

“What can’t you?”

This time the inner side of Ushio’s lips brushed the blood-swollen head of his cock.

“Idiot, don’t talk.”

“What do you mean by you can’t?”

Ushio traced each little ridge with the tip of his tongue.

“No, no… I can’t… hold back… anymore…”

“I never asked you to hold back.”

“But… ah, nooo!”

Kei would feel bad for coming inside Ushio’s mouth, and he would feel too ashamed for coming so quickly, but Ushio prompted, “Here,” and sucked so eagerly that even Kei’s protests slipped from his reach. Kei was in no condition to calm Ushio’s lust for him.

“Don’t! Nhh… ahh, aaaah…!”

Kei was drawn almost to the breaking point when he burst and splashed thick streams of come from the tip of his cock. His climax overwhelmed him; his hips seized up and froze in the air for what seemed like forever. He felt lightheaded. His semen was so thick, he might have lost a little weight after his release. Kei sank back into the sheets, and the burden of gravity on his entire body etched through his mind. He could feel just how heavy and fatigued he was.

“You always cry ‘no’ whenever I tell you told hold back, but you like it just fine when you hold back on your own?”

“Shut up!”

What was this? It wasn’t like Kei wanted Ushio to stay in that gentle and sweet mode of his forever, but he recovered far too fast.

Ushio effortlessly caught the foot that tried to kick him, pressed kisses along his calf, and took the opportunity to push the knee up to Kei’s chest.


“Hold back, hold back.”

“That’s not what I meant—”

Ushio devoured the sight of Kei bared open and wide in front of him. He pressed his fingertips against the entrance and massaged it in circles. It was already wet from their mingled fluids, and the tight little ring visibly loosened as it immediately responded to the outside solicitation. It was an extremely primitive part of the body—weak and susceptible to the direct pleasure that it knew and had experienced before.

“Ah, aaah… ahh.”

If Kei allowed Ushio inside him even a little, it would be the same as surrendering everything to him. God, he already worked a single finger inside, and Kei accepted it easily. Ushio kept at it until Kei was ready and stretched out—with a dexterous finger that slid in and out with a delicious friction, with an enthusiastic tongue that got him so wet and sopping that he almost wondered if he did it himself naturally.

“Aaahh— Ahhh, nooo, ahh…”

The two very different sensations competed for dominance as they filled the narrow channel. His inner walls wanted them both, clenching up tight, twitching and surging to stick closer and closer. Heat immediately replaced the shivers that accompanied his lust, and his entire body became a sensitive mass of nerves, as if he had received an electric shock.

“No, aaah, nhh.”

“Kei,” Ushio called as he continued to soak Kei’s hole with fluid. “Let’s do this together.”


Kei didn’t understand what Ushio was saying at first, and when Ushio pulled Kei’s hand over, he thought that Ushio would make him touch his cock. It was starting to harden up again. But Ushio guided his hand much lower—over towards the hole making satisfied, obscene noises from the finger currently fucking it. 


“It’ll be okay.”

“No, I don’t like it, stupid.”

Kei’s fingertips brushed the area he was trying to avoid, and he could tell that it was Ushio’s finger pushing into him. And that his rim, clutching the finger, had softened to the point it was like the flesh of a fruit.


“What don’t you like?”

Kei had curled his fingers in fear, and Ushio bit sweetly at each one as he asked his question.

“It scares me.”

“It’s not scary. I’ve done it for you countless times now, right? Look how soft you’ve already gotten.”

Ushio pumped his finger in and out of the docile little hole to show him.


There was no resistance, no pain. Only the churning of pleasure.

“No, nhh, no… Ushio… do it yourself…”

“No, behave and listen to me.”

“Why? No, I don’t want to. It’s embarrassing.”

“That’s why it’s good.” 

Kei thought that Ushio would tease him mercilessly like usual, but Ushio gazed back at him with open, earnest eyes.

“You’re adorable when you’re embarrassed. You were so cool and dashing a little while ago, but when I see you now, I can barely contain myself. I want everything about you all to myself, even when you’re feeling embarrassed.”

“…You’re so unfair.”

Kei gazed at a pair of darkened, black eyes. They weren’t the black of despair from a certain time ago; they shone and glittered with desire, open and clear without any hesitation. It wasn’t his body needing to satisfy its physiological needs; it was a craving that came from the depths of his soul. They were beautiful, and Kei could only do as he was told.

“Ah— Nn, nhh…”

Ushio guided a slack and loosened finger inside of Kei.

“Yeah, slowly… Can you feel your finger slipping in by itself? I love this feeling.”


Kei’s finger pressed against Ushio’s, and Kei pumped shallowly into himself. He could feel his finger being swallowed up, his walls doing the swallowing, and it slightly distracted him.

“How is it?”

“I-I… don’t know… It’s… kinda hot.”

“Yeah. It’s hot and tight, and it makes the fingers feel so good. I love how greedy and erotic your body is.”

When Kei’s finger was halfway buried inside, Ushio gently guided it like he was helping Kei with some handwriting practice.

“No… What are you doing?”


Ushio pressed his finger down over Kei’s to push it into the inside wall, seeking the crux of his pleasure. 


“This is where you like it, Kei. Can you feel it?”

“Ahh, aaah, noo…”

Kei couldn’t see it, but he knew it was there—a source of his arousal. Whenever Ushio touched him there, he would melt endlessly in want and pleasure. His entire body felt like a puddle, but a hardness remained resolutely between his legs.

“No, don’t, that’s…”

“It feels good, right? Whenever I play with you here, you melt further inside.”


The inner wall that swallowed their fingers seemed like a large tongue that belonged to a creature that wasn’t himself. But it was unmistakably him, and he was touching himself there, writhing from the pleasure. It was him—moaning endlessly, unaware of how loud he was being. And it was him—masturbating somewhere that wasn’t his cock.

When Ushio slickly withdrew his fingers, Kei didn’t follow suit—he continued to pump in and out of himself, in tiny little movements, focusing on the spot that throbbed and ached.

“Ahh, aah, nhh.”

“Does it feel good?”

“Nnh… it’s good, so good…”

His wanton little hole gasped honestly, desperate and needy, waves overtaking him, and he twisted against the sheets, crumpling them.

“Do you want to come one more time for now?”

Kei’s cock was dribbling thick fluid all over his stomach. He was probably close to his limit, but his lust for something inside of him overpowered everything right now.

“No…” Kei shook his head. “It’s fine, so… hurry up… nhh.”

He spread himself indecently with his own fingers, his hole twitching and begging, I want to come with you inside me. Under Ushio’s gaze watching him there all wet and flushed, he slightly cowered in on himself.

“I want you…”

It was embarrassing, and Kei knew he would regret it. But above all else, he wanted Ushio to feel this body of his that craved him so desperately that he could probably go insane. To feel exactly how the fire that Ushio lit inside of him burned and scorched him.

Kei heard the sound of a deep gulp.

“…God, I swallowed back a ton of saliva.”

Ushio seemed on the verge of burning up himself, and he pressed his thick cock up against Kei.


The heat and the hardness skimmed past Kei’s fingers, kissing the wet hole, and it was enough to intoxicate him.

“I’ll make you feel so good it blows your mind, so make me feel so good it blows mine too.”

When the thought that they were having sex crossed Kei’s mind, he was so happy he could hardly stand it.


It even made him happy that his body, strung out from the wait, accepted Ushio with delight. The supple, heated shaft spread his hole open and pushed its way past the wet, slick entrance.

“Aaah, ah, aaah…!”

The pleasure burned him from the inside—it was far too much to bear, but Kei didn’t want to let go of it.

“Nn, Ushio…ngh.”

“Ah— Shit, oh god, I’m gonna come in an instant if you do that…”


When Kei clenched down fully on Ushio, Ushio drove his hips in and spilled deep inside Kei. It filled him thick and heavy, and oh, so filthy, that Kei followed suit and came soon after.


But he knew that neither of their bodies were done yet. His fevered hole tightened on Ushio’s cock, and it immediately filled back up again, spreading and smearing the viscous come inside him.

“Ahh…ah, ah, no, don’t… don’t pull out…”

“Then what about this?”

“Nhh, nooo…!”

Ushio sent a sharp thrust inside of him, and Kei thought for a moment that his heart along with his breathing stopped.

“No, not that either… ngh.”

“So you want me to hold still? That’s impossible even if I train to be a monk.”


“Especially with this filthy, needy body of yours.”

As Ushio slowly rocked inside of him, Ushio couldn’t come again just yet, so he licked at Kei’s still swollen and flushed nipples.

“Ah, ahh, ahh.”

Kei wiped and wiped at his sweat, but it continued to blur his vision. And then he realized that it was actually tears instead.

“Does it hurt?”

Kei shook his head. His bangs stuck to his forehead and didn’t swing loose with the movement. His entire body was wet and melted and tangled—he could never do this with anyone but Ushio. He didn’t want to do this with anyone but Ushio. 

“It feels good…”

“Okay, I’m glad.”

“Don’t stop.”

“As if I could stop.”

Ushio gathered Kei’s legs and held the back of his knees to keep them up. He penetrated Kei at more of a vertical angle than a horizontal one.


Kei’s head and body were filled entirely with Ushio, and he had nothing to spare for anything else. It was a pure, wholehearted happiness. Just the thought of, Don’t ever leave me, made him tighten up, and Ushio responded in kind with his rhythm.

It was all here. The one thing that Kei wanted, it was all right here. No matter where or how he was touched, there was nothing but pleasure, and every time the tip of Ushio’s cock drove deep into his recesses, he felt tiny short bursts going off in his core. Ushio was drenched in sweat at the way that Kei tightened up on him.

“…Are you coming?”

“No, but, it’s weird…ngh.”

He hadn’t ejaculated again yet, but he felt a sensation similar to his climax, and yet different, bursting incessantly through his abdomen.

“Ah, aah, Ushio, Ushio…”

Kei somehow lifted his limp, powerless arms, seeking Ushio’s embrace.

“It’s good…but I’m scared…come here.”


Ushio released the legs in the air and gathered Kei closely against him to hold him tight. Kei could feel the racing of a heartbeat pressed up against him.

“Like this?”

“Nn, ahh, aah… closer, come closer…”


They held each other as Ushio pushed deeper, much deeper where they were joined.

“Aah, yes…!”

“Kei… I love you, I love you.”

“Yeah… nhh.”

“Aah, I’m done for, I’m coming… I’m coming…”

“Nn, come here, hold me close…”

They clutched each other so tightly it felt like they might leave marks with their arms.



They would hold each other tight. During sex, when they came together, when they slept, when one of them had nightmares—they would never let go.

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

Translation Notes

  1. This refers to the time when Kei recovered his memory in Volume 2.
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