Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 2 Ch. 23

Chapter 23: Center of the World (10)

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Kei had hit his head, and when he woke up, he was at Ushio’s house watching the closing scene for Cinenight. It was like he was in a dream, and nothing bothered him no matter how irrational things seemed—just like how he hadn’t realized that he had missed nearly a week of his life.

The words I know, right? appeared to be the keywords that toppled the dominoes inside of his memory, spiraling all the missing pieces into their rightful places in an instant, and Kei was able to find himself again. Rather, it was Ushio who seemed to have been thrown for a loop by the sudden and abrupt nature of Kei’s recovery, and he looked at Kei like he could barely believe his eyes.

Kei thrust a finger at the completely stunned Ushio. “You bastard, you tried to reject me!”

I was so pure and earnest with my feelings… no, wait, something’s not right.

“No, actually, you tried to cheat on me! You tried to reject me, but if my cell phone hadn’t rung, you would have slept with me! Asshole! Now we’re even, and you can’t bring up what I did ever again! Got it, you damn cheating traitor!?”

As Kei decried triumphantly, Cheater, cheater!, Ushio grabbed Kei and pulled him into a fierce hug. Kei was bound inside his arms, and he thought he was going to suffocate.

“Hey, I can’t breathe like this, idiot—”

Kei started to struggle, thinking his bones would break if this continued, but then he felt Ushio’s hands shaking—little tremors as he clutched Kei’s back—and Kei froze in his movements. Ushio’s breathing was harsh and ragged, as if mixed with hiccups. Locked up inside of Ushio’s arms, Kei realized that maybe it was Ushio who had needed to be held at this moment.


At long last, Kei couldn’t help but want to show him some kindness, and he softly whispered an I’m sorry—at least that was what he had planned to say.


Ushio suddenly released Kei from his arms and pressed the knuckles from both of his fists into Kei’s temples.

“Oww!!” Kei yelled, as the knuckles ground into each side of his head.

“How much grief do you think you gave me!?”

“Hey, ow, that hurts! You’re gonna dent my skull! I’m going to forget everything again, seriously!”

After Kei flailed his limbs and yelled, finally Ushio released his fists and held both of Kei’s cheeks between his hands.

“You worried me so much…”

“But you were being all lovey-dovey!”

“I guess it did feel a little like newlyweds, which wasn’t bad, I admit.”


“But you’re the one who I needed…” This time Ushio gently wrapped Kei into his arms. “Welcome home.”

“……I’m home.”

I’m home, Ushio, I’m home.

Kei had found his way back to the space where he always felt safe.

As Ushio pressed Kei down naked into the sheets, Kei grabbed his arm.

“What is it?”

“…Do you prefer that better?”


Dammit, why are you giving me such an exasperated reaction? You were acting like a completely different person too up until 10 minutes ago, you know.

Ushio had always been kind and gentle, but when Kei recalled the sweet and tender moments between them when he had lost his memories, he noticed not a single trace of acidity in the sugary sweetness, and he became irrationally jealous of himself.

Ushio had fussed over him so much.

“I’m asking you if you like it when I offered to help around the house and stuff like that. Do you like it better or something…”

“Didn’t I make my choice a long time ago?”

“But you were wavering.”

“Well, I do like it,” Ushio confirmed readily, stoking Kei’s uneasiness. “I never thought I’d be able to see Kunieda-san again like when we had first met. It was a lot of fun. But I can only say that now after you returned back to yourself.”


“Does it still bother you?”

“Y-You know, I can probably do it for you sometimes…” 

Kei had mustered all of his courage to put himself out there, but Ushio just frowned at him, hamming it up.

“What? I couldn’t hear that.”

“I’m saying I’ll use my mouth if you wanted it!!”

“Thank you, but no, thank you.”

Kei had shouted his proposition in full desperation, but of all things, Ushio had to refuse him in this extremely business-like manner. How much shame was Ushio going to put him through?

“Why not!?”

“Kunieda-san would never do such a thing.”

“Don’t tell me that with a straight face.”

“I’m being serious. I don’t want to sully the memories, you know? Oh, there’s that upstanding moral virtue that you mentioned that I wouldn’t want to ruin.”

“Then what am I!? A filthy harlot!?”

“Anyway, you don’t seem like you’d be any good at it, so I might as well pass.”

It was also unthinkable for Kei if on the other hand he was told that he looked like he was good at it, but Kei took pride in scoring high in all character attributes, and it made him irrationally angry to be looked down upon with no solid basis to the fact.

“What the hell? I enunciate very well, and I can move my tongue a lot.”

“Hmm, I’m not sure if that helps at all… But fine, I’ll let you try it.”

It’s called servicing someone, you know? You should be grateful or embarrassed about it, dammit, not giving me this face like you might as well grant me your permission.

“Here,” Ushio said, placing his index finger up against Kei’s lips. “A test to see if you can really do it.”

How far was he going to take this high and mighty act? But since Kei had zero experience, it was probably better to practice beforehand. He opened up his mouth and let Ushio’s finger inside.

“Oi, I can already feel your teeth.”

So bossy, dammit. I’ll do it properly for the real deal.

Kei pursed his lips and sucked on Ushio’s finger. He twisted his tongue around the fingertip, brushing it against the soft, fleshy underside before guiding it back onto the flat of his tongue. He licked the pad of the finger and teased the cuticles that surrounded the nail. When Kei sucked down on the full length using his entire mouth, he felt an arousal that captured an alluring warmth that could only belong to another living being.


As Kei moved his tongue haphazardly, the base of his tongue started to stiffen from the movement. But he would be okay, he had to show Ushio how different his training was from all the other amateurs.

“Mnn, mmnh—”

Ushio’s finger had behaved itself up until now, but it seemed to have become restless and started to play with the inside of Kei’s mouth. It stroked his tongue and palate, and Kei moaned wantonly from the back of his throat without thinking. Ushio then slipped the finger against Kei’s cheek, running it along the row of teeth as if faithfully taking stock of each and every one of them, and eventually a heat ignited inside of his mouth. The throbbing sensation grew stronger, like a limb going numb and falling asleep, while Kei tried to swallow down the saliva that seemed to overflow from him.

Huh? This is different from what I thought.

Ushio’s finger started to pump in and out between Kei’s lips and sealed away his hesitation.

“Nhh, mnnh…”

The length reached the back of Kei’s throat, but Ushio was careful to never let it cross the line into choking. As the finger slid in and out, it would mischievously tap along Kei’s tongue or sneak into the space between his lips and his teeth. Kei only grew hotter and wetter at all the places where they touched. When Kei imagined that this was like their usual sex, he was overcome with a desire that made him lick and swallow Ushio’s finger like a mouth-watering treat.

God, it would be so good. I want it.

Kei hollowed his cheeks to suck down on the entire length, like he was wringing everything he could out of it.

“Ow,” Ushio said, sounding not the least bit serious. “I feel like you’re trying to suck me out to fill your stomach.”

Kei released the finger and smiled, his lips plump and moist like a juicy piece of fruit, peeled and ready to eat. “I’m good, right?”

“Mnn… I shall follow up with your results at a later date.”

“What was wrong with it!?”

Ushio cut off Kei’s objections with a kiss. Kei’s lips throbbed with heat where they joined and touched. Ushio’s tongue revisited all of the places that his finger had teased mercilessly, and Kei felt like he was on the verge of collapse like his insides had completely turned into whipped cream.

“Today I want to touch and lick you all over until I’m satisfied. So let’s save it for another time.”

Ushio had placed his forehead against Kei’s, staring directly into his eyes as he whispered his explanation, and Kei was utterly unable to run or look away. It was completely unfair how defenseless Kei was to him. It made his entire body shudder, the nerves yearning and waiting for the touch that Ushio had promised.

“…There’ll be no next time.”

“That would be far too unfortunate in my opinion.”

Ushio slipped his tongue between Kei’s lips, and when Kei nibbled on it, Ushio stroked his head like he was a well-behaved child.

But suddenly, Kei found a hand sliding down towards his lower body.


“But won’t you be too occupied to focus on my needs right now?”

Ushio dropped short little kisses on Kei as he stroked him, his grip light and soft, but Kei responded with a pulsing thrum that was full of life.

“Shut up, ahh, ahhh.”

Ushio placed his lips on bare skin, worshipping Kei’s body, his nipples, and they immediately flushed under his touch. It was as if Ushio was sucking away something only he could see. Or perhaps something was buried there under his skin. 

“Nhh, ahhhh…”

As Ushio teased a nipple with the tip of his tongue, it turned into an electrode that sent currents of arousal straight to his heart. Normally Kei never took notice of them, but right now, he could feel the perky, little buds swelling and stiffening on top of his chest, well-acquainted with the tongue and fingers teasing him, so aroused that it almost hurt. But they remained preciously delicate and immature no matter how swollen and reddened they became—two little peaks straining in the air—and it was a sexy and tantalizing sight.

“Ahh, aah, no!”

Kei’s entire chest curved upward as Ushio sucked hard at the indecent little nipple. Ushio had lavished all of this attention with his mouth that it became like a little cherry pit soaked in syrup.

Kei’s cock wanted the same attention that Ushio had paid to his nipple, and it became even more insistent in between his legs.


Ushio pressed his lips countless times over the taut skin below Kei’s belly button, like he was enjoying the tension that he felt there, and then finally, finally, he dragged his tongue over Kei’s more than full and straining cock.

“Ahh! Aaah, aaahhh…!”

It was like his nerves and muscles were directly injected with a terrible drug and all of his tension and apprehension drained out of him, his limbs refusing to listen. He was stretched out all at once between the negative and positive poles of shame and pleasure. His cock reveled in the raw, naked warmth inside Ushio’s mouth, and it inflamed his desire. Kei recalled the practice blowjob from just a little while ago, and he grew doubly aroused from the assault to his senses.

“Ah, aaaaah— Ushio, I can’t… anymore…”

“You’re about to come?”


There were times when Ushio would be mischievous and say, Yes, yes, try harder not to come, an unreasonable demand from the instigator who had made him like this, but today Ushio calmly used his hand and mouth to finish him off.

“Aaaah, ahhh……nhh!”

His heart pounded in his ears and refused to quiet down, just like his spent cock that had spilled all the come that it had to offer. Ushio kissed the little divot between Kei’s legs—a pale, little hollow that dipped where his legs met his body. From there, Ushio dragged his tongue back up, lingering over the network of veins that swelled and pulsed beneath skin. Ushio licked and sucked and mouthed Kei everywhere: the places where only Ushio had ever known, the places where only Ushio had ever touched him—and Kei hardened once again, not even aware of his surging emotions.

“Ahh, no, not again…”

“Do you feel good?”

“Ahh, mmhh, yeah…”

His lust took off on a smooth and steep ascent. He had just come, so why? Kei wondered to himself, embarrassed and ashamed, but it only accelerated his desperate need for more. And Ushio gave it all to him in kind.

“Nooo, aaaaahh…”

It was hopeless to stop the honesty of his body as he responded to the wetness of Ushio’s tongue and the delicious friction under his hands. There was nothing for anyone to see, but the fingers rubbed the blood-flushed tip of his cock, dipping into and spreading apart the shallow, little slit there, and a bead of translucent fluid swelled up, precarious and ready to spill. Ushio licked it up with his tongue and more trickled out, and it was an endless repetition until he was covered in a wet and sticky mess.


Ushio grabbed Kei’s knees that bracketed his body and thrust them up against Kei’s chest. Kei was already on full and open display, but Ushio’s fingers reached down to his hole to spread him open further.


Ushio stroked the narrow strip of skin leading down to his hole, and fluids had already dripped down and soaked the clenched little entrance, softening it. When Ushio inserted his finger, Kei swallowed it up, sucking it down to the first knuckle. His cock had already been thoroughly pleasured, and his hole demanded the same treatment.

“Ahhh, ah, ahhhhh…”

Ushio’s other hand stroked the side of Kei’s fevered cock as he simultaneously lapped his tongue on the underside of the exposed head. His residual stamina must have been reset, because Kei was ready to come again, just like this. Ushio traced his lips there repeatedly, like he was teaching him where to find each bump, ridge, and wrinkle, but then he dipped his head back down to press the tip of his tongue into the hole below.


The sensation of something soft, warm, and wet penetrating him raised goosebumps all over his body. He felt like he even had goosebumps inside of his blood vessels. The tongue, together with the hard length of finger inside of him, twisted and stretched him, opening him further.

“No, nooo, Ushio, don’t… that’s…”

“No, I already told you,” Ushio vetoed back, using his saliva to insert a second finger deep inside Kei.

“No, not this, ahhh…!”

“Didn’t I say I was going to do this until I’m satisfied?”

“B-But… I didn’t say… that it was okay.”

“But it is okay,” Ushio asserted in a strong tone of voice, and Kei almost wondered if he was angry. “Everything I want to do to you can only be okay.”

Kei became overjoyed at Ushio’s words to his dismay.

“Ah, aaaaahh…”

His hole happily accepted the foreign sensation that pushed into him, obediently opening up without the need for any jostling. The deeper it reached, the deeper the pleasure reverberated inside him. It was a different type of arousal than he had received earlier; it swirled like whirlpools in his abdomen, and Kei felt like he had a typhoon inside of him instead of his internal organs.

And the eye of the typhoon, swirling furiously, caught on the fingers twisting inside him.

“Nhh, aaaaahh…!”

His cock went off by accident—80 percent of the come dribbling lazily onto his skin and taking its sweet time with seemingly no end in sight. The semen that stained his chest had already cooled, and yet his desire hadn’t dropped in temperature by a single degree. After Kei slackened after his second climax, Ushio timed his fingers to tease him from the inside once again. His hole twitched around the fingers completely exposed and indecent.

“…You’re so red here, like you’ve been burned,” Ushio said after running his tongue along the sensitive, wet rim. “Do you feel overheated?”

“Ahh, no, I’m scared… nhh.”

“Of what?”

“I’m scared… of feeling too good… Please, Ushio…”

He was afraid of his body, unable to pretend any longer how he didn’t want this—afraid of his desire that seemed to flow endlessly, like a cork that had been removed, never to close him back up again.


Kei was being serious with feelings, but Ushio kept grinding against and torturing his weak spot.

“Nhh, nghh, it’s too much, please…”

“You’re the one who’s too much.” Ushio got from his position on the bed and held both of Kei’s legs up. “Even if you slip and fall a hundred times, I’m going to make you unable to forget me, even if you wanted to.”


Ushio pressed the tip of his hardness up against Kei’s entrance, and Kei slowly melted inside, welcoming him in.

“Ahhh, aaaah, ahhh—”

Kei could distinctly make out Ushio’s size and shape inside of him. He could feel his heat, his fervor, his desire, his hunger. His body writhed and shuddered, invaded by another.

“Aaah— Ah, no, it’s too tight…ngh.”

“Dummy, that’s my line.”

Just as Ushio’s cock was fully sheathed inside of Kei, it shivered from all of the tension, unleashing an arousal that violated his depths where it couldn’t reach.

“Aaahh… ngh, nnhh, nnhh!”

Ushio was as fierce before pulling out as he was after, almost like nothing had happened. And then he thrust his cock, with no signs of it flagging, back into Kei so hard that their hipbones almost crashed into each other. Rather than never forgetting this deep and painless pleasure that Ushio wanted to engrave into his body, it felt like his head might actually go completely blank instead. Just as Kei thought Ushio would devour him as hard and deep as possible with hands gripping the back of his knees, Ushio released his legs and planted both hands above Kei’s shoulders.

“Hold your legs up yourself.”

“I don’t… wanna…”


Ushio’s thrusts urged Kei to move faster, but Kei could barely find the strength to move his arms—all he could do was lie limp against the sheets, bunching them up around him.

“I can’t reach deeper inside of you.”

“Ahh, hold on, wait…ngh.”

Ushio’s wrists blocked Kei’s body from further riding up the bed with the rhythm of his thrusts, and a dull, heavy desire tortured him where he was joined, refusing to let him escape. Kei slowly pulled the back of his knees towards him, the position showing off their most intimate union.


And at that moment, Ushio drove his cock deep into the hypersensitive recesses of Kei’s body, like Ushio needed it right then and there. Kei felt like his insides had been scraped until all of his nerve endings were exposed.

“Ahh, aahh, ahh…ngh.”

The tip of Ushio’s cock ground into him in circles, spreading Kei’s inner walls wider and deeper, trying to bury itself as far inside him as possible. Kei drowned inside the pleasure, enraptured with even the sensation of his own hands, fevered and sweaty, digging into his skin.

“Ushio, Ushio…”

“Kei,” Ushio whispered, beads of sweat dripping onto Kei’s skin. “I love you. I love you and only you. …Don’t ever leave me again.”

“I know.”

“You don’t have to do anything for me. Just tell me that you love me.”

Ushio would normally never pester him to confess like this, but here he was, looking fiercely masculine and yet begging to be spoiled. He was too cute. Too stupidly cute. Too cutely stupid. God, his heart was racing so fast, it had to be bad for his body. 

Damn you, Ushio, for making me feel like this.

“I love you. I love you so much.”

Kei wrapped both his arms and legs around Ushio’s body and held on tight. He rocked his hips, matching Ushio’s movements, welcoming the end as they found each other’s pleasure points.

“I’m about… to come… ngh.”

“Nnnh, ahh, yes, yes, aaah—”

Even when they completely spent themselves, Kei didn’t let go of Ushio. He held on tightly to the body lying on top of his, embracing him as if to say, I’m not going anywhere.

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