Yes, No, or Maybe Half? – Vol. 1 Extra 1

Extra 1: No, The Appearance Fee Isn’t Half (+ Afterword)

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The TV studio was on the 15th floor, but the hair and makeup departments were located on the 2nd floor. Kei had to go down at least 30 minutes before air time.

“Oh, Kunieda-san, are you heading to hair and makeup? I’ll go with you.”

Tch. Kei had tried to sneak out, but Tatsuki caught him at the elevator.

“You were furiously pressing the ‘Close Door’ button, weren’t you?”

“Shut up, don’t talk to me.”

“I heard you stopped by the hospital today? Did you catch a cold?”

“Shut up, don’t talk to me.”

“Did you have a long talk with Tsuzuki-san?”

“Shut up, don’t talk to me.”

Tatsuki paused for about 3 seconds and whispered, “…Makeup sex?”

“Shut up and die!!”

“Oh my god! You really had makeup sex! Really really good makeup sex too, it seems like!”

“I’m seriously gonna kill you—”

Unfortunately, Kei didn’t have the time to make good on his word. The elevator arrived at the 2nd floor, and Kei removed his hand that went to strangle Tatsuki with his necktie. He calmly recomposed himself.

“Oh, hello. Good luck for tonight’s show.”

“Hello. Thank you very much.”

Kei smiled warmly at the staff standing outside of the elevator door. He held down the “Open Door” button, offering Tatsuki a kind “Please, after you.”

“Oh, thanks!” Tatsuki replied brightly, unfazed and undaunted. He waited until the hallway became empty before he bemoaned, “Now I don’t know if I can trust people anymore.”

Kei ignored him and entered the makeup studio.

“Good evening. Thank you for your time today.”

“Good evening. Oh, I see the two of you came together. Let’s start with Kunieda-san first, since he’ll be going on earlier.”

Kei sat down in front of the mirror, and the makeup artist exclaimed, “Oh, my,” as she stared at Kei through the mirror.

“Oh, is there something on my face? How embarrassing.”

Pay up if you’re gonna keep staring, Kei thought as he pretended to be embarrassed.

“Oh, no… I was just thinking that your skin is exceptionally beautiful today.”


That was when he heard Tatsuki sitting at a station behind him burst into laughter.

“Wow, I’m so jealous. It’s almost a shame to cover up your skin with makeup. Did you do something special to get it this way?”

Shut up. Like I can say it out loud.

It took all of his acting skills to pull it off, but Kei replied nonchalantly, “No, not particularly.”

And so the “half” that secretly worked himself tirelessly around the clock, prepared once again to go on TV that night.


Yes? No? Or maybe half? It was always a choice that baffled me, but I feel like I had those options a lot as a child. This story is about rejecting the premise of choosing only half, but since becoming an adult, things aren’t always so black and white, and a lot of times the situation gets worse regardless of one option or the other. Sometimes I just want to say, “Half of each, please!” but if someone were to say that to me, I’d be like, “Stop being so wishy-washy!”

The way that Takemiya-sensei draws Kei and Ushio feels very adult yet cute at the same time. It makes me want to shout, “Yes, yes, yes!” The front illustration inside the book makes Ushio look so manly but gentle; she’s so good at making his face look so soft, like she’s a barista with amazing brewing skills supplying me with all the deliciousness in the world! And then he’s paired with Kei’s shy little face, his heart all a flutter… C’est un mariage parfait!

Thank you all so very much.

Ichiho Michi

—–Translated by daydrop. Please read on the original site at

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