Release: Bloodlines Ablaze – Vol. 1 Ch. 7 Part 5

Volume 1: Bloodlines Ablaze

Mahoro makes no progress with his magic.

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Sorry for the bad news, but I’ve decided to drop Bloodlines Ablaze after I finish translating Volume 1. Volume 2 has a pseudo-underage scene (Mahoro is transformed with a de-aging spell, but he’s normal on the inside), and I do not want that kind of content on this site. I took a gamble with this brand-new series, and unfortunately it didn’t pay off. It’s too bad, because I really like the world-building in this series. I will post a summary of Volume 2 when I finish up the translation for Volume 1.

My quick impression of Volume 2: Lots of dramatics. And also no, why, fix this please. (But there’s no fixing some things.)

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