Off Air – Story 6.3 Update

This part contains miscellaneous ficlets for Yes, No, or Maybe Half. They’re not tied to a particular timeline within the main books.

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And this is the last of the extras from Off Air for now. I hoped you enjoyed angst, hilarity, sweetness, and smut so far. The next release will be from Volume 3! Brace yourselves!

Off Air – Story 5.3 Update

This is the final part for Story 5 of Off Air. Remember the sexy periodic table of elements reading challenge? We get to see it in it’s full glory! Be warned, this part contains a very, very, very NSFW scene.

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Updates will slow back down to a more normal pace, but I had a big buffer, so why not treat everyone to more chapters?

Off Air – Story 6.1 Update

Skipping Story 5 for now because it deals with Volume 2 of the main series.

Story 6 is a collection of ficlets published in blogs and bonus papers, and this first part contains the stories released with Volume 1. This is the last bit of the side stories for now, and I’ll start releasing chapters from Volume 2 with the next update!

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Off Air – Story 4.1 Update

This is the Christmas side story found in the first half of the doujinshi “No Need For Anything Else.” It directly follows the previous side story “This Little Light of Mine.” Expect a lot of flirty banter, a little bit of wistfulness, a good dose of fluff, and delicious, delicious smut.

This is also a long post, clocking in at 13,000+ words.

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Off Air – Story 2 Update

This is a quieter piece where we get a glimpse into Kei’s and Ushio’s day off. It takes place after Volume 1 Chapter 8, but it might be quite late in the year around November/December, given the references to the stove and cleaning it for winter.

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